I forgot some good ones. Oh no, and i actually did i forgot cardano. How did i forget cardano? I did a video about him. I loved the ceo hes, actually my favorite ceo and i completely forgot, but i am bringing it back because i believe cardinal ada will also be one of the strongest cryptocurrencies to own in. It is actually a smart buy right now. In this video im going to show you its actually probably the best time to buy before i go up, im lando success and lets get right into the video black cross. Black bros black rose Music of beautiful people. I am lando since thats your favorite motivational teacher. The goal is, whenever you come to my page, to leaving on something that you didnt know before you came here. So do me a favor and press that, like button press, subscribe button to help out the youtube algorithm and help the channel out a lot. I greatly appreciate it so charles hopkinson is the ceo of cardano. Dude is a genius. You look at his page, its hilarious, no thumbnails just sitting down and talking and lately hes been given some crazy game on whats to come. When i want to come down to cardinals, so if you want to listen to a genius that can articulate his thoughts well on this project, just check some of them up now at the time of recording this video cardinal price is at 1.

36. The market cap is at billion. Look at the trade, and volume is over 1 billion. You see on coinbase, they say its a 70 buy right now. Typical holding time is 74 days, which is great, and the popularity is at number five of all cryptocurrency in the world, so theyve been doing something right and the last day has been trading sideways. That means something real, probably is about to happen when its trading like that, but unless day has been down because crypto markets been down last week, its been a two percent, the last month is actually down. The last year is still up over 641 percent, since it was created in 2018, starting at 2 cents, but it is up over 7 000 right now. The reason i say this is the best buying time look at this right here. So you see cardano started off with some excitement and traded sideways for a while. Then it got some traction and went over a dollar. Finally, and then recently you see cardano literally hit over three dollars. That was in august september, so september. First, it hit over three dollars, but ever since then its been crashing down to a perfect support level right here. In my opinion, i dont believe cardano is gon na go down any further under a dollar thirty to a dollar twenty five cents. I dont see it going down that low. This is a project that is so smart that is so ahead of his time.

I can easily see this hitting ten dollars just in 2022 20, and i am riding with the ceo when he say something is big is about to happen. I am riding with him for the people thats not hip to cardino. I did a video not too long ago breaking everything down. I will have that link at the end of the video, so you can check it out, but basically, cardano is a blockchain platform for change makers, innovators and visionaries, with the tools and technology required to create possibility for many as well as few and bring about positive Global change, cardano is a proof of state blockchain platform, the first to be founded on peer reviewed research and developed through evidence based methods. It combines pioneering technology to provide unparalleled security and sustainability and decentralized applications, systems and societies. With a leading team of engineers, cardano exists to distribute power from unaccountable structures to the margins, to individuals and to be an enabling force for positive change and progress. You can check out the video i did to break more down. You go to the website, its cardonal.org. It is really science with technology mixed together. They do a lot of science of everything, theyre doing so thats. Why theyre number five, because they have researchers that research, the research that they are doing to basically move to blockchain 4. overall im riding with charles. He says about to go to ten dollars, hes breaking down his plans in 2022, exactly what he want to do, hes very transparent about it.

I actually think its a great time right now to buy in before we start the new year. I want to know whats your thoughts about cardinal about ada. Where do you think the price will go in 2022, where you think the price will go in the future? Everything is documented from years ago when he first had a ted talk talking about cardinal everything he said he would do.