Crypto BOOM Coming! What You Need To Know About THIS WEEK!

I want to talk to you about why we are not headed towards a crypto bear market and why things are actually looking up right now. This is coming from one of the richest people in crypto and ill go behind the scenes and show you some of the reasons why he might be saying […]

The Coming Crypto Boom (proof)

theres a couple of brand new reports that came out that really give us some insight as to whats going on behind the scenes with institutions and what we should be Doing with our money right now were gon na look at historical trends were going to look at some technical analysis, but also a […]

L'agresseur de Hasheur Crypto a été retrouvé ! / Actualité crypto monnaie

Un petit update en nous indiquant que lagresseur avait bien t, arrt par les services de police, je vous diffuse tout de suite lextrait de son tmoignage quelques lobjectif ctait justement du coup. Dextorquer de la crypto monnaie et que ce ntait pas une arme balles relles que lobjectif tait simplement dintimider pour essayer dobtenir […]

The Crypto Market GETTING CRAZY! (HUGE SOLANA NEWS) | Ethereum NFT Collection REVEALED!

The reason why you subscribe to our channel is because, on a daily basis, we drop one video every day, keeping you informed, clueing you in to the entire cryptocurrency market. If there is a coin or a project that you wish us to cover going forward, comment that coin below ill be looking ill, […]

Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022! Tonic Crypto News Today Ready to Pump to the MOON!

The coin to stake in the coin to using that credit card for black five credit card to get rewards back in bitcoin. All kinds of awesome stuff today were going to be talking about a cryptocurrency tonic, yeah its way down deep over 3 000 on coin market cap. But this coin is up […]

Biden Crypto BAN? (Inside SECRET Government Plan to DESTROY Bitcoin in 2022)

My mission is to empower you to find financial freedom through crypto assets. If that sounds good hit that subscribe button, all right guys lets talk. We got some really interesting stuff going on right now in the world of politics when it comes to bitcoin – and you know this doesnt really bode well, […]

CRYPTO WINTER? – What Investors NEED To Know (CRITICAL!)

Now, from my display, you can clearly see that we are still within a sea of red across the market natives line the screen. Now, of course, due to this, we are having a major downtrend. Almost at this moment, around 45 down from the all time highs of bitcoin and at the low is […]

Stocks down. Next moves and why I sold Crypto

This is after selling 50 of my leveraged etfs right before the crash ive been busy putting my volatility management strategies in full force. Lets talk, hey friends, welcome to think finance and thanks for tuning in its been pretty rough out there, i have lost more hair in january than my entire life combined. […]


We have some breaking news, as well as the truth being exposed about cryptocurrencies and with the market going down for the last two months straight. There may even be a very slight glimmer of hope for the crypto markets and markets in general. So if you like, all coins, cryptocurrency and multiplying your money […]

🔴 Crypto is Happening | This Week in Crypto – Jan 31, 2022

. These stories and more this week in crypto. Hi, Im Nate Martin from and heres whats happened this week in crypto., Asset management, giant BlackRock has filed for an exchange traded fund that would focus on blockchain technology.. The iShares, Blockchain and Tech ETF would enable investment in a number of companies involved […]