. These stories and more this week in crypto. Hi, Im Nate Martin from 99Bitcoins.com and heres whats happened this week in crypto., Asset management, giant BlackRock has filed for an exchange traded fund that would focus on blockchain technology.. The iShares, Blockchain and Tech ETF would enable investment in a number of companies involved in the development, innovation and utilisation of blockchain and crypto. Technologies. BlackRock currently has more than 10 trillion dollars under management. Crypto is Happening and regulators should be hyperventilating over its rise, says. Former Goldman Sachs, CEO, Lloyd, Blankfein. Speaking on CNBC this week, Blankfein explained his view of cryptocurrency has changed after watching large ecosystems form around cryptocurrency over the past few years. Regarding investment, Blankfein said that he would certainly want to have an oar in that water. Facebook, founder And Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to be abandoning plans for a digital currency. In the face of growing regulatory pressure., The company will be selling its stablecoin technology to Silicon Valleys, Silvergate Capital for 200m.. The departure of David, Marcus Metas force behind both Diem and the Novi wallet was the most recent blow to the project.. After the Bank of Russia last week proposed a wide, ranging ban on crypto usage and mining. President Putin appeared to be keeping the nations options. Open. Speaking in a video conference, he spoke of competitive advantages in crypto mining, referring to Russias surplus energy and what he called well trained. Mining professionals. Visa revealed that its customers made 2.

5 billion in payments with its crypto linked cards in its fiscal first quarter of 2022.. That number is equal to 70 of the companys crypto volume for all of fiscal 2021.. The cards are typically linked to a users. Crypto exchange account and allows them to instantly spend those funds online and in store.. The International Monetary Fund has urged El Salvador to reverse its decision to make bitcoin legal tender by stressing the risk to financial stability associated with bitcoin.. However, El Salvadors President Bukele shows no sign of a reversal rebuffing the warning with a mocking tweet that portrayed the IMF as Homer Simpson, desperately seeking attention while being ignored. Concerns about quantum computing. An emerging technology considered so strong that it could threaten the security of the Bitcoin network seem to be wildly exaggerated.. In a recent study, the University of Sussex in the UK has found quantum computers would need to be about a million times larger than they are today. In order to break the algorithm that secures Bitcoin. McDonalds took to Twitter to playfully poke some fun by asking how crypto investors were handling the recent price dips playing along with a long running joke that, when prices drop, investors resort to getting a job at a McDonalds.? Microstrategys Michael Saylor responded by posting a picture of himself in a McDonalds hat, while Geminis CEO, Tyler Winklevoss tweeted about buying the Big McDip. Grab your 4 character NFT domain and use it across 90, integrated, dapps, wallets and exchanges with this limited offer from Unstoppable Domains.

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