We have some breaking news, as well as the truth being exposed about cryptocurrencies and with the market going down for the last two months straight. There may even be a very slight glimmer of hope for the crypto markets and markets in general. So if you like, all coins, cryptocurrency and multiplying your money exponentially this market, and this video needs your support now more than ever so lets smash up that like button to a new all time high. If this video gets to 5 000 likes within the first 24 hours, i will do a very special giveaway for this community, so smash up that like button and lets get started. Welcome to the youtube channel. My name is joe and every single day i make videos teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency. So if you like money and you like crypto click, the subscribe button also hit that notification bell to be notified every single day. When i come out with these new videos, they are very time sensitive and youre not going to want to miss out for time sensitive alerts, giveaways and breaking news make sure to follow me over on twitter. And if you want to ask me your questions, make sure to follow me over on instagram and click on my instagram stories. I will answer as many questions as i can and for even more content. Make sure to follow me over on tiktok. Also. Please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice.

These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure. I do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video all right so lets dive right into todays video. We have some news, as bitcoin has returned right around the 38 000 to 37 000 mark. There have been warning signs that the bitcoin price actually needs to go lower. Now, of course, this is not financial advice. You need to do your own research and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose. However, one popular analyst says we would need to claim 40 000 for bitcoin to flip full bull and data from coin telegraph. Market professionals and trading views show that bitcoin usd has returned a little bit to form after dipping below 33 000. However, there is a lot of levels and resistance at 40 000, which would be the ultimate level to claim with one technical expert, saying only after a convincing reclaim of 40 000 will i be full bowl. As we know, at the time of this, recording bitcoin is staying right around 38 000 as the rsi breakout challenges for a boring week, bitcoin, which is circled right around 38 000 on january 30th, could potentially be a very trappy weekend, but still offering a chance of A solid weekly close as weve seen in the last couple of days, choppy waters for bitcoin with many experts saying looking at the 37 000 level, is where we need to sustain if not im assuming were going to test lowers for the daily bullish divergence.

But if we do hold, we may see another break above 38.5. Now. The rsi, though, is showing and giving bulls some hope. You can see this chart from matthew highland. You can see that we are breaking this resistance and the last two times we did. This were back here and back here and after we broke this resistance on the rsi you can see. We had amazing bull market pumps towards the upside, as weve mentioned in the last few videos. The rsi has recently hit the most oversold levels, all the way since the crash of 2020., so who is going to win the bulls or the bears drop down in the comments below? Let me know what you think, but we also have some massive breaking urgent news that the state senator of arizona has introduced a bill to make bitcoin legal tender in the state. The u.s constitution, however, does not allow states to create their own legal tender, but the bill, which is named sb 1341, which was introduced by state senator wendy rogers, seeks to amend the list of acceptable legal tender and include bitcoin, which means that cryptocurrency would be accepted. For payment of debt, public charges, taxes and other dues, but personally im not sure if this is actually going to happen. But the fact the senators are willing to put their neck out and actually vouch for bitcoin in a way thats used as legal tender shows me that even more mainstream adoption is just right around the corner.

But now let me share with you even more urgent news and then im going to teach you the truth about. So if you are new smash up the like button, click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell, because each and every day i make new videos teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency and the best way to make money with crypto is to get in Early or also buy low and sell high, and as i just shared with you, we have indicators that are both bearish and bullish right now, which does make things very very difficult. However, if youre able to get into new projects early like bowl, verse or plutonians or toyo, verse or altava as well as animalia, this is where you can multiply your money exponentially if youre interested in joining a like minded community and getting vip, help and access click. The links down below for my online course we are sitting at a bear market discount of 75 off, and many of my students have been wildly successful, with crypto, using the exact strategies that ive been teaching. You here on youtube, as well as getting into new projects. Early and some of them have been able to earn the cost of the course back in just one or two of these projects, if youre interested click the links down below – and we cant wait to see you in vip. But i wanted to share with you a thread about ust and anchor protocol.

In fact, in tomorrows youtube, video, im gon na be teaching you how to make a hundred dollars a day with cryptocurrency and just earning it passively and as a spoiler alert. One of the best ways to do this right now is with anker protocol because you can get up to 19.5 on your stablecoin ust. However, there have been some issues and nothing is ever risk free with crypto, so the fud thats been happening right now with anchor protocol, and why are so many people hating on ust in the protocol itself, is that if you can see here on anchor protocol right Now the total value locked is only eight billion dollars, and this was actually many more billion dollars just a few days ago. And if we take a look at the total deposit, it is definitely down and the amount borrowed is definitely down as well. And you can see, we typically want to have this green and black line be very close together. The reason for this is because to give away 19.5 in stable coin, rewards inker protocol needs to have a good amount of borrowers, theres a lot more. That goes into the mechanics of anchor protocol, which we just do not have time for this video. But you can see that we peaked all the way up here at 6.2 billion ust and we have a massive gap between the amount borrowed and the total deposit. And where all the fear, uncertainty and doubt has been coming from is with this yield reserve, this has been dropping by millions of dollars every single day, because people are selling high risk.

Cryptocurrency coins trading for ust, putting in an anchor protocol because its very easy to do and earning this sweet 19.5 on their money. But the truth is, as i just shared with you. There are more people that are doing this now that are actually borrowing and when people get liquidated, this is where this yield reserve can go down and down and down. Eventually, then, peoples fear is that the ust token may not be worth its peg, and the other fear then, would be also that theyre gon na have to drop their apy, and then people would sell a ton of ust. Now these are very real concerns, but theres an entire thread by route, two phi explaining exactly whats going on how this actually holds its peg, and i invite you to do your own research about this. But now let me take you on a little walk and talk and share with you my thoughts and also the truth about cryptocurrency today, so that you have a better feeling and understanding of what to expect in the future. Lets go on that walk and talk all right, so theres been a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt theres been a lot of things happening with cryptocurrency overall and bitcoin has made a move up. Will it continue was 33 000. The bottom well lets talk about a few things here and ultimately, what i really want to share with you is our strategy that weve been sharing with you here on this channel since the beginning of the channel and its unfortunate, because ive been reading a lot in The comments many of you have been struggling with this.

I see people saying oh, my coin is down 80 90 percent. A lot of these cryptocurrencies are down. The truth is cryptocurrency is extremely risky. Even bitcoin. Look at it. Seventy thousand sixty nine thousand down to thirty. Three thousand, which was a trillion dollar asset up and down and up and down, and so if youre, new, here or youre, somebody who got caught in the fomo of november and december or in october, is a learning lesson right. Typically, those who get into cryptocurrency it takes them a little bit of time to learn. I know this for certain, because when i first got started four years ago, i bought the top and i lost a ton of money myself, and it was a learning lesson. I didnt blame anybody else. One of the coins that i invested in was steam. That coin is down from its all time, high now probably 80, if not more still and yes, i definitely took some losses on that cryptocurrency. If you are down in the red at some point, here is theres two different ways you can handle this. You can give up and quit make all the excuses, or you can learn from the situation. You can join a group of like minded people, and you can educate yourself its the people who stick with it. They educate themselves and they honestly just are persistent enough past. All of the fear, uncertainty and doubt those are the ones that end up wildly successful.

With this, and then everyone looks at them and goes: why did they do it? Man, they must have. You know, bought shiba, inu or joj coin when they were pumping like crazy, its like no, they bought those coins when no one was talking about them. No, its! Not easy to hear some of these things perhaps, but this is the truth, so keep coming back to the youtube channel smash the like button click. The subscribe button hit the notification bell because ill be making new videos each and every day here on youtube. Now to end this video, i wanted to share with you a two minute clip from this interview between altcoin daily and rob paul. I think this is an amazing question and an amazing answer to the question, which is: how would you invest your first ten thousand dollars into crypto? Now i also made a youtube video answering a very similar question and what i heard what raul paul had to say. I honestly couldnt agree more and it was an amazing answer. Let me share with you what he had to say. One of my final questions for you kind of a fun thought experiment. If you were 25 25 years old, youre hungry and take on a little bit more risk – and you want to start a portfolio with only lets say: 10 thousand dollars to your name. How would you invest 10 000 today, 25., its a hard question, because i would be saying if youre 25 and its 10 000 you can it up and it wont change your life.

But if you get it right, itll change your life now. So that says, okay lets, take some risk. Issuers is where you know its really hard to know. As we talked about with all of the developments in lets, say layer ones, whats really going to get the traction for the next phase. Here i dont know. Is it going to be um nfts? Well, you really have to know what youre doing, and maybe you should spend the time. You know you probably need to put your thousand hours in to start just figuring out. Okay, what is my specialization? Where do? I think i can understand the market better and then take a bet. Accordingly, i dont see one clear opportunity. As i said, you could choose eth, but maybe thats not as risky as you really want it to be, because you you want to look for the hundred xs that requires work requires discord channels knowing whos in the community following what people like you know, delphi digital Are up to you know the real thought leaders in the space so its not a straightforward answer, but the opportunity is there and i think its all about becoming a specialist in something and not trying to be a generalist and dont just choose one protocol or you Know one token itself choose a range or a particular area that you think you understand, learn everything about it and then decide where to take that risk and where the good bets can lie.

So maybe its d5 that youre interested in then you can look at okay, whats, something really new and upcoming – that you think might be groundbreaking and its got some amazing investors in it. Okay, maybe you take a position in that, but also in our vein, you know, as a as a balance to your portfolio, to make sure that you dont screw it up by just taking too much risk in one go and getting it wrong on one single bet. So, as you can see, raoul paul has said that there is opportunity, and if you get this right, you can do very well for yourself. The problem for most of you here today is that you believe that youre going to get rich, quick, potentially overnight, and while that can happen, im not saying it cant happen, because we have had some people buy cryptocurrencies and have gone up exponentially within a matter of Weeks or days, but the truth is thats more like gambling and not necessarily investing as you heard him say you have to put in your thousand hours. This does take a lot of time, energy effort and work. If you get it right, you can do wildly successful for yourself, and this is exactly what ive been sharing with you here on this channel, so between senators, pushing for bitcoin to become legal tender in the us and technicals, getting a nice little bounce, but also having Warnings that things could go lower shows me that right now is a very critical time to be paying attention here in the cryptocurrency markets.

So let me know down in the comments below. Are we going to go bullish or are we in a bear market and were going to continue to make lower lows and if you want to join our exclusive vip community click the links down below for our online class? You will also receive a massive 75 off discount, but hurry as this offer will not. Last forever. Many of my students have made thousands of dollars applying the teachings in the class and weve even had one student become a cryptocurrency millionaire and quit their job. If you are interested in this exclusive offer, click the links down below and join us today, thanks again for all of your support and if you want to continue learning with me here on youtube for free check out my cryptocurrency playlist, i have multiple 100x gem videos.