I hope you guys are doing good in this. Video were doing the latest important updates about the cryptocurrency markets about the geopolitical scene. What is happening in the crypto markets today? Where can the crypto prices go? What is happening on the geopolitical battlefront? Where do i think this situation can go? Have we had some massive escalations that you guys need to know about? Yes, we have and were going to cover off that in this video were also going to be talking about other cryptocurrencies, getting involved, polka dot binance, you know the modern day battlefield. It is rapidly changing and uh. Well give you guys a massive update on all this. If that sounds good to you guys, please do me a favor hit the thumbs up button comment down below, as always not financial advice, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far and i want to kick off this video with the latest updates from The conflict between russia and ukraine right now, so you guys can see one of the latest maps we have and uh it highlights where the russian troops are up to. What does the battlefront currently look like and some surprises we have seen along the journey. So one thing that is surprising to a lot of people out there is that they thought the battle. You know, putin would capture ukraine very very quickly, and that is not the case. So whats still outstanding in this battlefront is this capital city of kiev right here.

So kiev on the map, you can see it, you can see the russian forces up the top. You can see the russian forces coming in from the northeast front. You can see them coming in from the eastern front over here, and you can also see them coming in from the southern front right here, but the kiev, the capital city of ukraine, that is still under ukrainian control currently – and we have had a big update regarding The battle tactics of the russians so right now people are saying that they have moved to more siege tactics to try and capture. You know the main city of ukraine, kiev right there and uh people are surprised because they did think you know. Putin would capture ukraine pretty quickly, but that is not the case. Things are holding up in ukraine right now and uh. My analysis of the situation is the longer this takes for the russians to you know achieve their strategic objectives, the worse its going to be so. We have some massive updates to cover in this and uh as this thing kind of drags out, uh this campaign by putin, you can see pressure, grow and grow on russia right now. So what is happening is germany is putting more and more pressure on russia right now. So you can see there is military aid now flowing into ukraine to you know combat the russians in this situation. So it says right here, skull said saturday, that germany would be sending 1 000 anti tank weapons and 500 singer missiles directly to ukraine and theyre also going to remove some restrictions for enabling more weapons to enter this battlefield.

On the ukrainian side. Australia has also joined in this conflict as well, so australia. The australian government is now funding lethal aid to the ukrainian side. Okay, so scott morrison, the prime minister of australia, is now sending lethal aid weapons to the ukrainian side. You can see eu members talking about supplying ukraine with jet fighters. Okay, so the supply lines for the ukrainians is only going to get stronger and stronger as this thing kind of unfolds and as a result of this, what has putin done so he has escalated. The situation to the next level you can see here: putin orders, russia, nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, ukraine and russia delegations to meet okay. So there is a lot of escalations playing out right now and that the sanctions are going to be hitting russia extremely hard. Okay, so this doesnt look to be like a massively successful campaign by the russians to the present date as of today, but you guys know in conflicts. Things can rapidly change. Well keep an update on this situation. My analysis of the situation is the longer. This thing extends out the worse. It is for the russians, the better it is for the ukrainians, and the ukrainians are basically going to get reinforced by all these western countries that are basically going to send heaps of weapons. You know military aid heaps of medical aid into the ukrainian side and this thing could get into a very, very ugly conflict and uh.

On top of that, we do have this big order from russia putin. You know putting nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, so putin is going to the nuclear level currently and uh. This is causing a lot, a lot of panic in the markets in the financial markets, and on top of that, you do have these massive escalations happening with sanctions so theres this massive sanction battle between uh russia and a lot of other economies out there. You know, putin is getting sanctioned. The russian economy is getting sanctioned and is getting disconnected from the financial markets, and you guys can see right here the iub to usd chart. It is dropping a lot, so the russian uh local currency is losing a lot of value in terms of usd but overall, its just a very unfortunate situation. So there is a lot of conflict, a lot of financial conflict, a lot of geopolitical conflict right now and uh it just isnt a good situation for anyone involved in this conflict. The latest update we have right now is you know, lots of funds lots of weapons coming in for the ukrainian side, kiev still hasnt been taken by the russians yet and uh. You know the longer. This thing does drag out id say you know the worse. It is for the russian side its going to be very interesting to see how this plays out, and on top of that you know, cryptocurrency weve been talking about cryptocurrency on the channel.

It is playing a huge role in this conflict, so very, very uh. This is almost like the new frontier in our conflicts. We havent seen anything like this in the past. This is a very new strategy uh in this conflict, and you can see right here, gavin wood, who is the founder if we click right here, he is the founder of polka dot, which is a massive cryptocurrency uh. If we look on the charts right here, polka dot number 12 – he is now personally going to contribute five million dollars worth of polka dot to this conflict for the ukrainian side, and on top of that, you guys know czed of binance. If youve been on the journey with crypto zeus, weve done a lot of finance updates. What is cz up to uh? You know how to how are they playing out this role? How are they playing a part in this conflict, and it says right here: binance is donating 10 million to help the humanitarian crisis in ukraine. Our focus is providing on ground support through charity and collaborations. Binance bcf also launched the ukrainian emergency relief fund to provide emergency relief through crypto crowdfunding, so binance right here is uh providing you know: charity donations, humanitarian crisis aid to the ukrainian side in this conflict and uh. This is really interesting. So cryptocurrency is playing a role in this, and on top of that, finance is also playing a role in uh enforcing sanctions against key targets as well, and it says right here, the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange finance said its working to take action against those who have Been sanctioned by western countries following russias invasion of ukraine.

We have assembled a dedicated global compliance task force, including world renowned, sanctioned experts and are taking steps necessary to ensure we take action against those that have sanctions levied against them, while minimizing impact to innocent users. So binance sees out of binance. He is taking steps to enforce sanctions as well on the cryptocurrency front, and so what does this mean for all of this conflict right now, so this conflict in ukraine and russia? This is causing ripples around the world in the world economy. It is causing a lot of turbulence. It is causing a lot of volatility. You guys can see right here. Dow futures fall about 500 points, as traders assess ripple effects of russias sanctions, so the sanctions are going both ways and always remember. Russia has a big stronghold of that gas in russia, and so gas prices around the world theyre probably going to go up as those sanctions kick in from the russian side. So we get out the map right here. Russia is a country with a huge amount of natural resources, so when these sanctions kick off against the western sides against russia, there will be blow back into the western sides of the economy. In forms of you know maybe decreases in exports from russia to the west and thats going to impact. You know. People in the west as well so expect expect the petrol prices to probably go up, expect natural gas prices to probably go up and uh.

You know further developments. We will find out right now, but again huge volatility in the stock market and uh crypto currency prices, whats happening in the crypto market and have a look at this. The fear and greed index is now at extreme fear, number 20 on the charts right here. So lots of volatility – lots of fear currently right now and you can see the volatility play out in the last 24 hours, so have a look at this. Bitcoin was up to about ‘ 000 40 000 and then, with all this escalation in this conflict, it trickles down to the crypto market trickles down to the bitcoin market. You can see it drop off in price down to 37 278, so not a massive drop off. But again, why does crypto? Why does cryptocurrencies like bitcoin bounce around so much and its because bitcoin is considered a high risk asset when conflicts kick off? What tends to happen is a lot of the big holders in cryptocurrency some of the big institutions, some of the big banks. What theyll do is theyll sell off their crypto and theyll go back to us dollars, but you guys know on the channel. I dont think usd is very safe with all the inflation the money printing going around so in the long run, im still bullish on cryptocurrency, still bullish on bitcoin and remember bitcoin plays a huge role into all your other crypto. So if you own safe moon, if you owe shibby, if you own dogecoin, if you own any of these other cryptos bitcoins price, is one of the key indicators that flows into that.

So what do i do? I hold a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. I also hold stocks as well and uh. You know my big thing: im watching out for is the rise of inflation, because i think that is the real punisher in the western economies right now, but again lots of volatility in the market, but still bullish on cryptocurrency still bullish on bitcoin and guys thats. A massive update on the world economy today, some big geopolitical updates right there, some big updates on the bitcoin price, if you guys enjoyed it, hit the thumbs up button todays shout outs, go to connecting crypto right there. So i appreciate your comment shout out to crypto artists right there and shout out to adam freeman right there. So i appreciate you guys, commenting and liking the last video always like that. If you guys, like crypto zeus, you can check out some of the other content on my channel. We do all sorts of cryptos on the channel. We do big crypto updates, we do moon shots, we do meme coins, we do high risk cryptos, we do low risk. Cryptos too, so we have a big diversity of content on the channel. If you guys like it, you can check it out, but guys thats, a massive wrap on the market.