Things are just insane at the moment, but in todays video we are going to be going through everything that you need to know to be fully up to date with whats happening in the world of crypto, where i think were going, how long this might last for And what i think is coming up next and what im doing all that sort of good stuff, but before we do jump into it again. I do want to just uh sidestep the video a little bit here and say that, yes, as we are right now worried about our holdings, our stocks, our crypto, all of that sort of stuff, there are much bigger things happening in the world right now and i Think we have to remember and stay grateful and thankful that that is the biggest problem that we personally have is our crypto, while people are fearing for their lives, theyre hiding underground. All of that sort of stuff, absolutely crazy, that this sort of thing is happening in 2022 and all of my thoughts are out there of anyone who is affected by this, and i really do hope that we get through this as quickly as possible. So if all of that said before we jump into the video again, please remember that nothing in this video is financial advice. We have almost no idea what will happen with the markets. We can only look at the past and what is currently going on, but theres no way to determine exactly where were gon na go so dont make any financial decisions based on this video.

You have to go out, do your own research and then, and only then decide where to go. So if we do check out the bitcoin chart here, you can see that. Surprisingly, even though we have had a few black swan events, we are still trading between that 45 and 46 000 range down to that 33. 000 range 35. 000 weve got here. As you know, these strong levels of support and resistance, in my opinion, until we break either of these lines, there really is nothing much happening. We are trading sideways. You could argue that we have been uh putting in a low around here and then we put a higher height this level here. Sorry, these are so bad, so im just on my laptop and then a higher low here. If we were to then break that level of 45 to 46 000, we would then put in a higher high. That would be a bullish indicator here in the trend, but we dont really know whats gon na happen and every day is so uh pivotal. We have like something big could happen today tomorrow and that could completely flash out any trend that we see, but then we could bounce back for it or we could head lower. So yes, there is just no way of knowing i dont want to spend too much time on the bitcoin chart, but i am still. I personally think that crypto bitcoin is good for the world in a moment that were in right now, which were going to be discussing in a little bit its actually quite beneficial, and i think that the real use cases for something like bitcoin comes into play.

But before we jump into that, we do head over to the crypto coin market cap. We are down 2.6, but we are 1.73 trillion dollars, which was exactly where we were roughly on friday. So things are just sideways right. We do have the markets, the overall world markets opening very soon, and this could affect you know the price because, with fear uncertainty and doubt in any market, we do see that affect the crypto market. But overall, down around two to three percent, we got ethereum hit a little bit harder, but bitcoin, actually holding really strong at 38 000 im quite impressed with how strong bitcoin is holding and, as you know, the market is kind of determined by what happens with bitcoin Weve got most of our long term holds doing pretty well holding up against whats going on now. In my opinion, i dont think that its safe to uh base any bullish momentum on whats happening right now, because we just you know we just dont, know if bitcoin bitcoin could easily drop to 33 000 in my eyes right now at any moment, so im not Making any purchases as we speak were not in you know, a mass panic mode, which we were in a few days ago, where i bought bitcoin and ethereum, because thats just simply my game plan, no matter what happens in the overall world, i am adding to my Positions because i buy an extreme fear – and i take profit in euphoria if you do want to stay up to date, when i make those sorts of trades come over and join uh the patreon.

The link is down there in the description and the pin comments as we speak today. Right now, extreme fear now, as you know, what i think, in my opinion, with my game plan and my experience here in the crypto markets buying down here in extreme fear, taking profits around these points is always the best thing. In my opinion, that way, you protect your downside, but you also make really good you really make the best of the upside as well before we jump into the news today. Just want to remind you guys that in a crazy market like today, there are a lot of things that you can do to also still be generating income, both passively and actively. You can do active trading in the volatility which is very dangerous and only for experienced traders, but passively you can stake your crypto now. That is something that i do a lot on. The back end ive been adding as much as i possibly can to my staking portfolio to generate as much passive income as i can one of my favorite platforms. As you guys know, they are also a partner here on the channel is You can trade here on, both crypto and nfts. But importantly, you can stake your crypto here and they offer very generous uh uh apy. Here you can earn up to 14.5 percent apy. So if you do want to sign up to theres a link down there in my description, not only can you trade and stake, but you also get that sweet krypto.

com credit card. If you do stake a certain amount of cro now known as kronos, so something that id definitely suggest looking into now, moving on lets start with whats going on so overall in the market, we have central bank of russia braces for turmoil with non resident trading ban. What does that mean and whats happening? Non resident traders will likely be looking to limit trade or limit their exposure to the sanctioned economy. So people are going to be trying to cash out of their russian equities, and now they will not be able to do that. The central bank has delayed trading as it worked behind the scenes to assess the impact of sanctions place on the country. The currency market opened monday with a ruble dropping 40 against the dollar. A decision will soon be made whether the equities market will open. Now the european union has committed to removing russia from the interbank messaging network swift. So this is how basically all payments or most payments uh on your credit cards are transacted using swift. So, along with the us, uk and canada, south korea announced on monday that it would also ban the export of certain strategic items to russia, along with banning its banks from transacting with russian, with russia via swift. So this is going to have huge impacts on the overall market, massive implications for russia, but it could spread out fear, uncertainty and doubt into the overall market thats. Why im saying we have to be super prepared, as you know, right now, im sitting in about 30 cash, and these sort of things are uh very scary right if you are invested in the market, but these could hopefully lead to things de escalating, the more sanctions, The more things like that that happen, both there are arguments before and against, but making uh russias economy downturn, could hopefully mean a de escalation of whats going on now.

Moving on from that, we have an interesting use case right. More than four million dollars have already been contribute contributed to non governmental organizations helping the ukraine. Meanwhile, in ukraine, many residents are resorting to using bitcoin, so were seeing that on the 24th of february alone, an ngo got over 675 000 in bitcoin by 9 30 a.m. On the 25th, it already received 3.4 million dollars from that news article. They said around 4 million, but we are seeing around 17.2 million dollars in bitcoin and ethereum and usdt have been raised by the ukrainian government and ngos. Now. This is essentially a use case for bitcoin right. As we see banks closing atms hard to access. What can people transacting and that is bitcoin people can transact, they can buy things they need. This is a fundamental use case for bitcoin, and now you might be saying that if we see things like the internet go down, that basically makes a bitcoin completely void. But as weve been seeing in the news either this morning or yesterday, we have elon musk, says darling service is now active on the ukraine. More terminals are on route. This will give people access to internet in the most remote areas. Bitcoin gives them a currency and spacex is giving them the access to transact that currency now thats everything thats happening on the fear, uncertainty and outside and, as you know, i do like to go into a little bit of good news.

Now. One thing to take into consideration is on average, the overall market takes around 47 days to recover from an armed conflict. This is what we see in the overall stock market, and this is the correlation here between the spy and bitcoin, and around 47 days is the average. Of course crypto is completely new. If you do look at the overall market, whats happened in history, which is basically all we have to go on around 47 days. Is the average just to keep us a little bit more chilled and level headed so right? Now, as we speak, we have non zero. Btc addresses hit all time high of 40 million, so even in the market situation were in right now. The most important numbers and most interesting numbers to look at, in my opinion, will be people buying and holding bitcoin, and also, of course, the price. Now, if we zoom out – and we look at these huge time scales – you see right here when bitcoin was first created all the way to now the general trajectory is upwards. This is why a long term mindset is so important to me. Yes, right now were having massive fluctuations, but whats important is the long term thats. Why investing into projects that you believe in for the long term, in my opinion, is the way forward. So with all of that said, hopefully i did provide you with a little bit of value today. Hopefully we are gon na see things de escalate as soon as possible.