We have some very breaking news. Okay, the crypto market is down today, everything is low. This is an anticipation for a major catalyst that is about to happen now guys what is going on. Why is crypto about to explode like none other? Are we going to get that bull run starting in the next week? Is it now time where uh all these tokens, including shiba inu, is about to explode like no other, well keep in mind, we are going to talk about that in this video. Also remember this video is for entertainment purposes. Only makes you guys smash the like button. Make sure you guys comment down below, but what is about to make crypto explode if we look, crypto has not been looking too great today, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, usually right before an explosion. You have a little bit of a dip which caused a lot of people to buy in okay, its that little fake out, which causes people to buy in and which causes the explosion. Now, what is going on? Well, basically, with the ukrainian russian war and everything escalating right now, the eu has now banned um russia from using swift. Okay, now swift is how, like all bank uh transfers, go through uh, its a huge pro huge huge system and now that they are banned from that its going to make it very hard for them to transfer money. Now, how are they going to fund the war? How are they going to fund a country when they cant transfer and send money? Well, im glad you asked because what else is out there right now: thats a new developing super, highly efficient uh way to transfer money, and that is cryptocurrency.

So theres speculations that now russia, which is a huge huge country with so much money, is now going to use cryptocurrency as the way to sprea share and uh transfer money, and if they do that, this would obviously cause crypto to explode like no other. This would cause bitcoin to blow up. It would cause all other tokens, including shibuyinu, and this is just a speculation but its highly probable that that is whats going to happen. It doesnt seem like they are going to let russia back into swift anytime soon. It doesnt look like russia is going to surrender or all of a sudden start acting normal again. So this is the most likely scenario thats about to happen. So we know that there was very. It was very likely that we were going to have some kind of explosion sometime this year. We just didnt, really know when, and then we had all these other catalysts coming up. That were scaring a lot of people, but i think that this is a very likely probability of whats about to happen now. Im holding all these tokens. Obviously i no matter what happens to the market. I dont sell thats one of those things i just i dont sell unless the markets really really high and ive made enough profit and im ready to sell thats one of my strategies when i invest in crypto. I dont understand why anyone out there sells at a loss. You only sell the loss.

If you absolutely need that money which violates your rule number one. You should only be investing money that you dont need at the moment, but if youre able to buy in and then constantly buy through the dips, when the price goes up, youre almost guaranteed to win so thats. The thing is that, as a crypto investor, we are trying to win the game of investing a lot of people get scared at times like this, when the markets super volatile and every day its either up or down, and they sell – and it makes no sense to Me because selling is not one of those things that you should do based off of emotion. It should be based off of logic and a lot of people, emotions sell and they fear, sell and its just not a good thing, and i want you guys to win. I want you guys to make money, so just remember what is going on in the world that can cause you to make more money. Well, what is going on that might interfere with your money, because when you own these coins, you own money, because these coins are worth money. So what is happening to your money at the moment? And it seems like this whole uh ban on russia using swift is going to cause them to use an alternate route because theyre not gon na just stop uh invading ukraine theyre theyre in too deep. They still need to function as a country.

So what theyre? Probably going to do is uh figure out something and one of the possibilities um would be using crypto, and we know that they already use crypto theyre already familiar with it. Uh and now is a big opportunity for them to really start using crypto. So we might see a massive surge in price of crypto, which is very important for all of us holding crypto out there uh. We can expect to see some massive massive movement if this is what happens. So what do you guys think comment down below your predictions? Anyways theres a lot of different tokens to buy right now, its incredibly important. You guys join the patreon. I dont know why people uh why you wouldnt join it. Its almost like a no brainer theres, a link in the description. Okay, when you join that you get access to all kinds of stuff, including the discord community that were building trust me, you want to be part of the community right now, as all these crazy events are unfolding, especially now theres, so much money to be made in The crypto market, just this year alone that its crazy that people arent investing in crypto so definitely check it out, but guys, i think crazy stuff is coming, i think, were going to see things thats a once in a lifetime opportunity once in a lifetime event. So definitely im im ready and i will stay. Keep you guys updated on everything that happens so make sure you guys are subscribed that way.

You guys can stay tuned but anyways. I just want to say i love you guys so much.