I will be reviewing the cryptocurrency markets, just dropping some general news and market updates, as well as going over. My sunday security bike, i will be going over a hardware wallet that i love to use and review it, and i will continue to use until the release of the much anticipated neco hardware wallet so very thrilled. To share that with you as well, and you dont want to miss it comment 777 below if youre feeling bullish, comment 777 below if youre feeling blessed and lets run it welcome back to the channel guys, as always, were kicking off. This video, with the giveaway, were giving away 100 of your favorite cryptocurrency, and all youve got to do is give the like button. A smash and comment below each and every comment you leave gives you an entry and, of course, head on over to run guys.com to subscribe to our video newsletter right now, because thats, where we announce our winners every single week with that being said, lets make some Money welcome back shiba inu. As always. I would like to start this video by saying that i am not a financial advisor. Anything that i say here today is for educational purposes. Only please do your own due diligence, your own research and any investment is an investment of your own, so ethereum gets an upgraded scaling test net and its actually years ahead of schedule, thats very bullish, news, zk, sync or zero knowledge.

Sync, a protocol responsible for implementing ethereum scaling platforms accomplished the unexpected yesterday, announcing the test network release of an ethereum virtual machine, compatible zero knowledge, roll up, zk evm years ahead of schedule. The evm is the environment in which all ethereum wallets and contracts live and is responsible for defining the rules of the chain from block to block. The new test network is the first implementation of a zk roll up capable of running the full ethereum environment and will provide great insight into how capable zero knowledge technology is at scaling. Blockchains. Over the past couple of years, ethereum rollups have taken two different directions in scaling: the best layer categorized as optimistic and zero knowledge. Both technologies have seen some level of adoption, with arbitrary being the most notable optimistic chain and dydx, taking advantage of zk technology for its leveraged trading. Application like dydx zk rollups, have historically focused on offering a single type of application per chain, because the full ethereum environment that offers customizable smart contracts would be too computationally extensive. This is very bullish, news uh for those of you who are unaware of what doidx is. It is a decentralized borrowing and lending platform thats based on ethereum. It offers borrowing lending and betting tools for many of its crypto users. Now uh. Just a quick summary. Dui dx allows users to borrow lend and make bets on future prices of popular cryptocurrencies. Duidx wants to bring trading tools normally found in fiat markets to the world of the blockchain and, of course, duidx is taking advantage of zk technology, which has shown to be very efficient, effective and has done a great job.

Thus far until now, trade offs tended to favor arbitrarium and optimism. Now, zk sync has the opportunity to level the playing field optimistic. Roll ups are currently able to offer a single composable environment in which users can use applications ranging from nft marketplaces like openc to lending protocols like ave on mainnet zk evm would create a similar end user experience for users with cheaper transaction fees and nearly immediate finality. Removing the need for the two week, withdrawal periods associated with optimistic roll ups zk roll ups are more computationally extensive and put a burden on nodes looking to solve zero knowledge validity proofs, but they are able to post network state to ethereum for a fraction of the Cost of even optimistic roll ups, z, sync and blueprint currently offer transaction fees at a fraction of the price on mainnet, according to l2 fees at info. At the time of writing, a trade on decentralized exchange would cost users on ethereums base layer just over 90 dollars, while loopering nzk sync users would pay between 45 cents and 68 cents. This is obviously very bullish for ethereum and, as a use case, increases for ethereum and they move forward towards upgrades this, of course, increases scalability, while obviously driving up the valuation of the asset. So i am very bullish on ethereum now. As far as my security bite for sunday goes, i currently use the tresort hardware wallet. I always recommend this to our members, so the treasure t essentially manages the exportation authorization and signing of your keys.

It also authorizes spend with with a very useful third factor and the physical button press on the screen. This adds an added layer of security at the point of confirming the transaction, which is an absolute must have, in my honest opinion, with scams, growing fraudulent activity, growing fishing attempts getting better and better and better is now more important than it has ever been for you To safeguard your assets and to protect your hot wallets from hacking attempts trezor t is a hardware wallet its offline. You can store your coins with the trezor. The harder wallet is the safest way to manage and trade your cryptocurrencies. They have the trezor suite similar to that of ledger. Nanos ledger live. You can also pair this with metamask to secure your hot wallet and add that very necessary third factor there to protect your wallet if its been exposed to any kind of uh, predatory d, app or dusting attacks so audited by security, researchers verified by their track record 5, star customer support experts ready to help you at all times intuitive and convenient interface, designed for your confidence and ease of mind. All right, theyve got a nice password manager. I do use the password manager uh in my browser, so it just acts like a sort of like lastpass. If you use the lastpass vault or any password manager vault, but the password manager by trezor, you can secure with your trezor device. So the same security of that button press and that third factor that you are using with your hot wallet you can use with this password manager.

So that is a very useful added benefit. Um, as like ive said before, ransomware malware and key loggers can siphon your credentials and leave you in a position of catastrophic losses and again with that third factor. It doesnt matter. If they get your password doesnt matter, if they are able to process a transaction behind the scenes via proxy or back door, it makes no difference because they need that third factor to do anything that involves the exportation of keys or the signing and authorization of spend. Now there are techniques that have been proven effective against these devices, like the volt trip glitch. That leaves the device in a suspended state where the monomic phrase can then be accessed via the random access memory in the device. This, of course, requires the device in hand. So highly unlikely, but not entirely impossible, fear hardware loss no need. You can always recover access to your coins and assets from your offline backup. It only takes five minutes. Three reasons why you can sleep tight recovery seed is offline. Your entire wallet is always accessible via your personal 12 to 24 words, long recovery, seed, unique for you. When you first set up your treasure, it will generate the seed for you when you need to restore access to your wallet, use this offline, backup, cross compatibility. The recovery suite follows a standard created by us at satoshi labs, but it is widely used compatible with mini wallet apps, and this is trusted by some big some of the big boys in the industry.

You have forbes bit stamp bit wall of coin desk cnn and they have two different devices: youve got the trezor one, and then you got the treasure t. I currently use the treasure t just more compatibility: more coins uh its got that full color screen its a little larger, a little wider than the trezor one, and just overall it just feels better to use, but both devices are very effective, of course, and youve got Many many added benefits across both these devices. You come check this out and see which one works for you. Of course, i always go for the best. The premium option, uh, which is the trezor model – t of course, because i want the maximum security benefit. I also have the oculus the engraved xero that i just received that i will actually be doing a product review on very soon. I also have the ledger device and i recently submitted an order for the grid, so i will be uh covering these devices as well and sharing the experience with you all here. If you have not secured your assets, i highly recommend that you do so. All right were here at the run, guys wearable page where you can purchase any one of our exclusive bull runner, nfts doing so grants you lifetime access to the run, guys private discord, mentorship group, weekly training, coaching calls early access to our new all coin picks before Anyone else receives them and a vault of recorded training, videos and much much more.

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