The coin staking the coin. Using that credit card for block five credit card to get rewards back in bitcoin drip network get 365 back on your initial investment one percent a day every single day, all kinds of good stuff going on with cryptocurrency well today were talking about tectonic yeah tectonic has Been hot for the last few months it got listed on in january. Since then its been going up up up all kinds of good things going on can tectonic reach. A dollar were going to kind of dissect. In a couple things do a price prediction can tectonic reach a dollar dollar. You can make passive income with tectonic. You can blend your money, um use it to make percentages, all kinds of good things and then also coinbase with their best advertisement for the super bowl. Well, some people like that advertisement, the qr code, some people dont, but then they were patting themselves on the back, that they did such a fantastic job and then the advertisement company that was right with them a month or two prior to that said, hey you stole Our idea, you used our idea that we gave you thats what you did on tv, but you didnt use us so um. I guess breakups are hard to do or whatever so were, going to kind of go through that um, the coinbase super bowl commercial. All right, dont forget to hit the like button subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon.

So you dont miss out on any up and coming videos or go on the channels to help everybody learn about cryptocurrency, understand cryptocurrency and yes, one day even own some cryptocurrency, so cryptocurrency going on lets, go ahead and head over to tectonic all right tectonic over here. At 3108 on coin market cap, its down about 12 right now, maybe a discount by ding ding, thirteen percent in the last 24 hours, its only down one and a half percent lets go ahead and click it all right. We got one two three, four, five, six zeros and a 92 66. Can this token get to a dollar. We will see its down one and a half percent right this. Second, looking at the charts here in the last 24 hours, its kind of going down down down last seven days same type of thing, its kind of on a downward 12 13 in the last seven days, tectonics down slightly not really too worried because theres. So much good stuff going on with tectonic. It says right here. If you would like to buy tectonic the top crypto currency exchange for trading. Tectonic stocks are exchange and hot bit, so you can go to and get um uh tonic and it got listed in january. So that was one of the big reasons why tectonic is doing fantastic right now. It says tectonic crypto what is tectonic and how to buy tectonic tectonic crypto has been becoming a trending crypto in 2022 tonic coin, seeing some pretty drastic price changes.

As a result, the cryptocurrency market is always buzzing with new cryptocurrencies and tokens being launched. Every day in january, we saw the increase of the grimace coin. You know launched by mcdonalds with the tweet, so after tectonics recent prices heres a rundown at tectonic. You know what is tectonics its a platform for decentralizing money market protocol that allows users to participate in liquidity, suppliers or borrowers. Now you can borrow um with tectonic or you can um, actually lend it with tectonic and make money both ways: passive income in simpler terms, a cross chain, money market that intends to make borrowers and lenders easier for investors and users. Tectonic crypto makes lending and borrowing convenient and decentralizes through the users can earn attractive yield and passive income watch that right here, guys passive income, attractive yields. These are things youre hearing about every single day. Now the buy the coin and hope it shoots to the moon strategy lets buy ten thousand dollars in dogecoin lets buy ten thousand dollars in ethereum, five thousand a thousand a hundred doesnt matter. You know the buy the coin, let it sit there do nothing and hope it shoots to the moon and theres over six 000 cryptocurrencies. So 6 000 lottery, so not that people arent making money doing that. But a lot of people are starting to do passive income projects to drip network, doing power nodes, different kind of nodes. People are starting to stake their money with tectonic and make um money and were going to talk about how you can make dual money.

Dual rewards, in fact, lets do that right now before we get off track all right here on the tectonic twitters account good morning, tictonians dual rewards vvs and tonic farms on vvs finance, incoming stake your vvs tonic tokens and earn both vvs and tonic. At the same time, and what does this say, what is better than being rewarded with one token on crystal farms, you got it, how about being rewarded with two multiple reward? Farms are here so again, you can stake your tectonic and your vbs on tectonic and you get dual rewards. Guess what people are getting into this. This is right here: attractive yields and passive income. Dual rewards people like that, instead of buying the coin and hope it shoots to the moon, put it in tectonic and make attractive yields and passive income. The platforms native saw in another notable surge in january. You know reaching one two, three, four, like five zeros and 12 on january, um 30th. He says tonic is down 75 from his all time. High. Can this token reach a dollar? Why is tectonic crypto price rising tectonic token search can be attributed to some recent developments. In terms of listing community interest, the token was recently listed on and hotbed, which helps the token seek credible momentum in a crypto space. The increased users activity associated with the token is one of the reasons why the price has been rallying ahead. Oh look at the little shiva.

Moreover, the network is keeping no stone unturned to populize their project. Tectonic has announced an upcoming giveaway. The tectonic coin has released the airdrop snapshots that has gone viral. How to buy tonic. You know it. Crypto.Com tonic is available on uni pancake swap unit swap gate io. You will need to go to your preferred crypto exchange and go through the following steps to buy the tonic. All right, so tectonics going pretty good right here. Dont forget to hit the like button. Subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon, so you dont miss out on any up and coming videos all right hit that like button with that finger, all right lets talk about coinbases advertisement with the qr code that was going around was it ingenious? Did they steal somebodys ad, i dont know lets check it out, coinbase red face in the row on the super bowl ad brian armstrong claims. The exchange came up with an ingenious idea of having a qr code bouncing around the screen, but the ad agency, isnt disagreeing coinbase executives, has a left red face after a row broke out over the creation mastermind behind the exchanges viral ad at the super bowl. Well, the coinbase ceo brian armstead, said he initially asked an internal ad agency for pitches, but didnt like any of them, so they had somebody come in. They pitched them. They showed them all kinds of things tend to be gimmicky celebrities, uh driven going for last arm.

So said the team brainstorm and came up with a bunch of wild ideas, but they were running out of time very quickly. Um during the brief flashing up of a qr code might give the viewers not enough time to scan it. So they decided to just make the whole ad qr code, throwing in a dvd screen saver theme and a cool song for a good measure, and you know armstead said um later that coinbase had a lot of pushback about the ad. But in the end it ended up being okay, confirming the production cost came at a little under a hundred thousand dollars, okay, so so far so good. So they like the ad the ads doing good everythings great, but after armstrong has just finished, giving himself a pat on the back. Things started to quickly unravel kristen c, the ceo of martin agency tweeted im, starting to say it was actually inspired by the presentation. Our agency showed your team on 8 18. um and in october you know the ad concept for the super bowl was floating. Qr codes was on the black screen, so they came in. They did some pitches, they showed them some things. So if you think about this i mean this is a tough one, because qr codes are in now i mean if the the pandemic made it possible that you have to scan your qr code just to order your mail, they dont even have a menu, sometimes anymore.

So you got to use the qr code, so qr codes are in so any advertisement that would come in wouldnt. They have an advertisement and maybe put a qr code at the bottom of the screen or something. You know right here, heres a little qr code. Maybe well does that ad agency own the qr code idea. So now, all of a sudden when the next guy decides to run an ad and not use them and put a qr code, the ad agency, before oh, we showed you qr code, you, sir, i stole our idea. I dont know its a tough one, but the coinbase with the qr code, its been getting obviously talked about. Uh people were scanning it and it was very, very popular, so people did like it and stuff like that. Did they steal it from another company? The martin agencies, i dont, know give us your thoughts on the bottom. You know heres heres, the ending its always tough, when an agency of record is chosen right before the cmo starts. Ultimately, when an onboarding, i made the call that the martin agency wasnt a fit for coinbase, so they didnt, like you know they like them, but they didnt want to do business with them. No big deal theyre a strong agency and im sorry that they left the relationship with a bad feeling. Breaking up is hard to do. I wish the team at martin agency all the best so coinbase with the super bowl advertisement.

Was it their own idea or did they steal it from the martin agency? I dont know controversy going on everywhere and it happens to be with um cryptocurrency, bouncing ads and stuff. All right, dont forget to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel hit that bell icon, so you dont, miss out on any up and coming. Videos can tectonic in the future get to a dollar. I dont know lets head back over and check out tectonic all right over at the website. Tectonic a tectonic shift in lending and borrowing tectonic is a cross chain money market for earning passive yield and accessing act. Loans generate passive yield on your asset. Crypto assets, deposit in the tectonic earn attractive, apys, based on the dramatic rate. According to the market demands, earnings are available immediately, with no lock up instant liquidity at your fingers. Tips get an instant loan to unlock liquidity from keith. Listen from idle crypto. You know that idol thats just sitting there, you put the money there and you hope it goes to the moon. You know that that the strategy that oh lets buy the crypto lets just sit there. You know the idle crypto listen, get an instant loan to unlock liquidity from your idle crypto assets in to tectonic keeping your phone safe is our top priority audited smart contracts, insurance funds and open source heres. The three frequently asked questions. What is tectonic tectonic is a decentralized non custodial algorithmic money making protocol users can deposit assets to earn passive income, borrow funds to unlock liquidity in their assets.

You know that idle stuff, how does tectonic work funds are deposited by users and provided as liquidity to borrowers? However, who may borrow at a variable interest rate tectonic smart contracts adjust these rates based on each market utilization rates. Tectonic is tectonics protocol token, with two key uses: governance and staking in the community insurance pools to secure the protocol and earn more rewards all right. We, like the tectonics whats our price prediction here, theres one two, three, four: five: six zeros and a 92 79. Our prediction is going to crush a zero. Then 92 is going to move over there um. Will it reach a dollar its got a long wave between now and the future, but a lot of people are liking. This cryptocurrency has it on their platform. So its a definitely a good thing and a lot of people are talking about it. People are into passive income. People are into finding ways to make money with their idle crypto. All right, dont forget to hit the like button. Click right here to see our most recent video dont forget to click right here, so you can see drip network make 365 off your initial investment one percent a day, all kinds of good stuff. All our information is for educational purposes, only theres a lot of good stuff going on with cryptocurrency tectonic. Give us your thoughts.