In my comments and other social media platforms, but uh ive been hearing a lot of good things about it. I dont have a position in terrarium yet, but i may entertain the idea of starting a position so, as you can see here, currently they have 5 000 followers. Im gon na go over the terrarium ecosystem and what they got going on as well as go over the latest news on terrarium. So lets take a look at terrarium here about nine hours ago, uh coin tiger x announced a new terra, usdt uh swap so youll. Be able to trade terra on coin tiger x, so thats, one exchange theyre being listed on in the near term, and also they did just announce rd price, the head of social media marketing for the us region. His experience will help achieve greater recognition for the terrarium brand. So one thing i did notice about terrarium is that all the developers and the partners in uh terrarium are doxxed, so thats a good thing. You want to see in a coin if you guys do want to invest in it. So, just like most of the legitimate projects out there um the legality of certain exchange contracts does not allow them to make pre announcements so uh the listing platforms reserve the rights to publish first, so its a normal thing to let the exchanges make the announcements just Like ship nobi is doing now so as far as terrarium, they have been listed on coin market cap coin, gecko, no mix updates and coin mooner within a couple days of the successful launch from what im seeing terrarium is its own token, with a centralized exchange.

So its gon na have its own ecosystem and its going to be working with nfts as well. The terrarium exchange terra exchange i o and app terrapool dot, app and terra chain terrarium is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. So from what ive seen the ex is not working, yet they have not released their exchange yet so uh were gon na have to wait and see until that happens. Here are all the exchanges that terrarium is currently listed on. It is an erc token, so you will see it on dex tools and ether scan. It does look like it. Has a certificate audit so well take a look at that shortly and heres. The token information terrarium symbol is terra, has 18 decimals and heres the contract address, if you guys want to make sure youre trading the right token. So a lot of the things youre going to see here are projects that are not out yet, but projects that they are working on. Just like the terrarium card, it says top up your terrarium card using crypto or fiat so sooner or later, theyll be having a card and youll be able to make purchases with that so thats cool the terrarium nft exchange, erc 721 exchange trade and launch new non Fungible tokens in our marketplace buy and sell exclusive digital items and merchandise so heres how its gon na look when they release the app which is pretty dope, and here is pretty much uh the view of the team.

They are all doxxed, so thats pretty good. It looks like most of the people are from india, but uh thats kind of what you want to see. You want to see some faces to the names and as far as the road map, they are building a centralized exchange, which i said earlier. Terrarium team believes in a simple ideology: more holders contribute to higher growth. Our marketing team will be working on this specific task through phase one two three. By reaching out to all major exchanges. Our goal is to reach 100 000 holders by the end of q3. 2022. This branding technique will help us establish a solid foundation in the crypto industry. So here are all the bullet points for each phase. You guys can take a look at the website and see if you like what you see its a lot like other road maps. They got the apps launching marketing exchange listings, but it looks pretty legit so far and it looks like phase four: they will be exploring the metaverse, so heres the tokenomics on the coin. Terrarium is a erc20 token, with deflationary dynamics, nine percent taxes are applicable during buy and sells of the token theres. A three percent burn terrarium is a deflationary erc20 token designed to burn three percent every transaction. These tokens are sent to a black hole, address dead wallet by default during every transaction progressively, reducing the total amount of terrarium in circulation. Three percent rewards will be your reflection and three percent marketing marketing and development, marketing and developmental im, pretty sure they met development are the backbone of every token.

The department receives three percent of every transaction that will be used to funding advertisements, liquidity for exchanges and to supply resources required for the development of the blockchain team. So it looks like 75 of the liquidity is locked, 51 of the tokens will be burned and the deflationary feature included in the token will burn more tokens. Every transaction liquidity will be locked on uni swap for one year here are the tokenomics looks like there was a pre sale and looks like there was some private airdrops during the beginning. So heres a quick look at the terrarium white paper. You guys can take a look at it by downloading it on the website. Um looks like it was launched. February 22nd and the terrarium team is a wyoming multi member, limited liability company, so its based out of wyoming, but i did hear that they were gon na launch some other cities um, especially in india. I know they did want to do something in india. Cryptocurrency exchange cc, centralized cryptocurrency exchange is a centralized crypto exchange. The exchange offers a platform for the buyers and sellers to conduct transactions using our multifunctional web3 interface available on desktop and mobile applications, android and ios. The protocol of our exchange is similar to a common bank setup where customer trusts the bank to hold his or her money. Terrarium, centralized cryptocurrency exchange will act as an intermediary and is responsible for conducting all trades and transactions. High utility and seamless functionality are the major advantages of our centralized exchange.

So this is what i was saying here: terrarium plans to establish offices in wyoming, dubai, silicon, oasis and tamil nadu, which is india terrarium india headquarter will function as a core business hub which would use our employees and the technology server units and maintenance teams. So theres gon na be a terra app where you can buy and sell crypto heres a quick look at how thats gon na look terra can do everything. Crypto buy, sell, store, lend stake and trade terrarium nft exchange erc 721 exchange. So we did go over this too theyre going to be trading nfts on their platform and honestly, it reminds me a little bit of for the uh vision that theyre going for, and the team, like, i said, was doxxed, which is good, so uh we did Go over the tokenomics. They were not bad and thats pretty much it. We went over the roadmap, alright, so heres terrarium on dex tools. They currently have about a hundred million dollar market cap, which is pretty high for being a new coin, but pretty low for what theyre trying to do, especially since it just came out, they do have 2704 holders, which is basically nothing and it looks like they released. This token, on 2 21., so this is a brand new token guys and right now, as you can see, terrarium is performing pretty well its got. A initial launch is pretty good sold off a little bit and its actually running again.

Could it sell off again in the short term, possibly but um theyre a growing token, so it does look like another option. If you guys are trying to play something similar to a crow which is a coin, there could possibly be some opportunities here um. You could also compare this to like a bmb because they are working on a blockchain as well. So if you guys want to start something early and uh get into a new position here, um i might even buy some myself just to see what happens so guys.