Finance presents im, jennifer schonberger cordell brodis is the son of rapper and businessman snoop dogg and hes, making his own mark on the cryptosphere, helping to shape the future of nfts and crypto gaming. He was the inspiration behind snoop doggs foray into crypto and the metaverse, and he joins me now to talk about the future of crypto and his latest adventures. Cordell welcome to yahoo finance its so great to have you on the program. No. Thank you for having me. Thank you for having me jennifer. I really appreciate this its great to have you so tell me to get the conversation started. How did you decide to get involved with crypto and how did you get your dad to buy in so i was introduced to crypto in 2017 by nipsey hustle um. I had told him that i was making x amount of money per month and he told me he was like, invest in cryptocurrency and buy real estate um and i didnt listen to him right away. Um and you know once the market crashed in 2018. I thought it was an opportunity for me to buy in um and thats when, like you know me, and you know, nick adler and the rest of our team, we kind of like put our heads towards going into crypto going into nfts and building the snooper in. In the metaverse, and how did you get your dad to buy and would you go to him and say: hey dad, you know ive gotten involved with crypto heres how it works, heres why you should get in hes.

More of a show me dont tell me guy um, so i had to show him what we could do in this space. Um and our first deal was presented by and he made seven figures, um and then thats when we kind of got his attention and he started to see like you know, the nft hype was real. How do you see blockchain technology shaping the future, and what are you most excited about? I think blockchain technology is just you know better than all this banking stuff that we have to deal with. I honestly dont, like banks, it takes too long. Everything is just you know, stalled and prolonged um, and i just think blockchain is just safer as public, and you know i see the future of it being where artists can now be empowered and really reap the benefits. Ill. Come back to you on the artist piece. There but first i know youve released a series of nft projects that have been successful, um youre, consulting for sandbox and moon pay. Tell me what are some applications you see now that we havent seen quite yet as far as nfts are concerned in the gaming space, as well as the entertainment industry. How are you looking to shape that? I think theres a lot of cool opportunities to get in, but theres also a lot of you know not so good projects. You just got to be wary of that and and keep your head on the swivel, because, like any industry, theres going to be a lot of good and theres going to be a lot of bad and if you just follow those blue chip projects like the sandbox, You know board apes, the the crypto punks the gala games, the world of women um.

I think once you immerse yourself in those communities, then youll be directed to those cool projects thats going to last long. How do you see crypto shaping gaming? I think everything is like essential, like everything is complementary and this whole space is cross pollinated. So you know the gaming is complemented by the music, which is complemented by the fashion, because you can dress your avatar and i just see it being somewhere where people can socially connect with others and also gain financial wealth. You, as we mentioned, released a series of nft projects, um youre, consulting for a couple of of companies here. What are the newest projects that youre working on and are you involving your dad in any of them? Yes, my dad is actually my client, so its its. So amazing to work with him. You know and he actually gets to follow my lead for once um and i think its just full circle moment, because you know my dad wanted me to play football and he had dreams of me going to nfl. But i had something else out there and i didnt know what it was and i stumbled across nfts and now me and him can do this journey together and do it as a family business, and you mentioned um to me that youre working on a project with Sothebys is that correct? Yes, so the bees is um a client of ours as well. Im working close with cassandra, shes head of hip hop um and they do a hip hop sale.

Every march so weve been you know, finding archived pieces um from death row. My father just bought their fro, so you know were brainstorming and trying to figure out what what we could drop with soda bees – and you know, have a long term partnership with those guys and where do you see nft applications going in 2022? This seems like a very uh, fast, evolving space and certainly one thats going gangbusters. I think its going to be even bigger. You know. Last year, every day there was 50 000 uh wallets created, and i think this year it may even double or triple, and you know the more people that we on board the bigger the community, the bigger the state and everybody can just reap the benefits. Lets talk about the metaverse cornell, how do you see the concept of the metaverse evolving? What is the market opportunity there and how do you see nfts being applied? I think nfts is just the entry point. I think the metaverse is going to be where we spend most of our times um, because you know just like when the internet came around. Everybody was scared that the internet would take away time from their families from their friends. But you know in actuality: it brought people closer because you know youre able to connect with people thousands of miles away, um and and keep relationships open. You mentioned your dad is one of your clients and i know youve been the inspiration behind uh getting him involved in crypto in helping to create snoop, verse uh, which is now on sandbox.

How are you steering that now? How do you see that evolving, certainly weve seen virtual real estate go for hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions in certain cases? Well, you know real estate was the first entry point for our sandbox deal and now. Secondly, we have our 10 000 avatar collection. Dropping february 22nd, um and lastly well be entering into the concert realm with the metaverse and having my father perform, and you know other special acts. Um and just you know, giving the community something that thats missing and i feel like music hasnt really entered the space. Yet and thats something that we want to pioneer two follow up questions there. One tell us about the avatar thats dropping uh february 22nd, and then two lets talk about the metaverse opportunity for artists, so the avatars are all inspired from. You know my father and cool outfits and historic moments that you know hes been able to experience. You know we have over 10 000 different avatars from the 90s, with his jenna juice outfits 2004. His dropper, like his hot outfit um and just moments that that that went viral with with my father and then. Secondly, the the metaverse uh sandbox in particular, were doing um. Concerts um – and you know thats gon na take some time to build out but were just were walking towards um. I think a cross pollinated realm, where fashion music gaming will all just complement each other yeah building down uh building on that a little bit more core adele im curious.

How can artists really leverage the metaverse you mentioned um the concert opportunity, the virtual concert opportunity perhaps merchandising there. How do you see that you said its intersecting with fashion and so many other areas as well, i think, just being a part of web 3. You know web 2 was, you, know facebook and connected socially and now. Web 3 is just a financial perspective on what we can do creatively, and i think you know, artists have always been the creators, but the labels or the the movie industries. And you know all the big corporations have always took the bigger piece. But now we actually can, you know, be empowered and take the bigger piece for ourselves as the artists switching gears a bit. There is a huge gap in education now for crypto. A lot of uh young people are interested in this space, but there is also a need to teach and to learn. I know this is something that you hold near and dear to your heart uh. How do you see filling the gap there? I think its just by onboarding day by day, you know the more people we can on board. The more people can spread the good information because, like i said, with everything, theres good and bad, and i think in this space were hearing more about the bad, because this is new. You know people are afraid of what they dont know and i think the more knowledge that we can spread amongst each other as a community, the better that the space will be.

I wonder to your point: uh you guys could leverage. You know as artists. The metaverse platform or other platforms to try to reach younger individuals who are interested in the music side and then may kind of translate over uh to the crypto side. I mean you know and not, even just to speak about music. We could speak about art like nick schmoe is a 13 year old, nft artist and his collection dropped last month and he made over 200 dollars um and thats life changing you know, um, empowering women, artists in the space and empowering just you know, creatives all all Over what have you – and i actually told my dad this – i said this space kind of feels like the birth of hip, hop like how everybody was just you know, mingling with each other and just freestyling and making beats, and everything was just fun and new. Its kind of like the same with nfts and in the crypto space, but you dont, have to have you know that big chain you dont have to have that fast car. You dont have to be a tough guy um, so i think its just a fair playground for everybody to reach success. To your point. Many people see uh crypto as helping the underbanked or unbanked uh crypto enthusiast isaiah jackson has said that theres systemic racism in the financial system and that crypto can help level the financial playing field. Your thoughts on that um, i agree, i think, for once in our lifetime we have the power to you, know: press create.

We have the power to voice our opinion. We have the power to. You know build our narrative and build what were trying to build as a artist individually, and you know we all live by the the wagner. Uh hashtag and you know, thats – were all gon na, make it and thats something that i love about this this this community that is so uplifting and its so positive. Absolutely i got ta, ask you: what is your favorite cryptocurrency for the year? My favorite cryptocurrency is probably sand tokens s, a n d um and its the token that you use for sandbox um. You know if you want to buy land, you have to use sand. If you want to buy the 10 000 avatar collection you have to buy. You have to use sand um and i just think that its gon na really innovate uh what what cryptocurrency is doing as far as nfts and gaming? How do you see it innovating, i think, just by bringing more people and onboarding more people to use that coin, and just you know, have fun with these games, because when you buy land it doesnt just stop there. You can build whatever business model you want on that lane. If you want to have an ice cream shop, if you want to have a themed roller coaster park, you can literally do whatever you want and you can set that business model to you know, create passive income all right, well, cordell.

Thank you. So much for your insight. It sounds like youre working on some exciting projects. We wish you the best of luck, keep us posted and hope to talk to you soon. Thank you, jennifer.