Bitcoin BTC Crypto – Price Prediction and Technical Analysis February 2022

I know a lot of people like to throw tomatoes, but i worked with tomatoes for five years, so i can take it the 20s man its february 24th. So i honestly its its down to these two. I do not think we blast out of here. In my opinion, i think we are still […]

WICHTIG: SHORT SQUEEZE EINE FALLE?! & Update zum Bitcoin Verbot! Crypto News

000 us dollar marke hoch gelaufen es wurden short positionen millionenhhe liquidiert eine summe die wir zuletzt vor vier monaten gesehen haben ist diese bewegung jetzt aktuell eine kurzfristige, erholung, eine, nachhaltige, erholung, Oder sogar vielleicht nur eine rolltreppe darber werden wir gleich sprechen darber hinaus gibt es auch neuigkeiten zum geforderten bitcoin verbot der […]

Most Bullish Crypto News In Years, Not Priced In Yet! And USDT SOARS To $1.23 After Accounts Frozen!

I want to talk to you about some of the most bullish news to date, and i think this is something that a lot of people, probably havent, considered yet ill, probably get flack in it. For the comments too, people saying them click baiting, but i really think this is true and its not […]

TOP 5 Crypto Monnaie en 2022 qui vont EXPLOSER !!! 🚀

Je les publie tous les mardis tous les vendredis 17 heures 30 et entre deux vidos on se, retrouve sur twitter et surtout, sur un stade donc nhsite pas me: rejoint attali, lien, juste l de mon twitter de mon instinct et mme tik tok et aujourdhui on a Parl de mes cinq crypto pour […]

Mark Cuban – Which Crypto Coins Will EXPLODE In 2022

We can argue about strike, we can argue about the lightning network. You can tell me all you want about el salvador, but el salvador has to buy their bitcoin in dollars. Im, a tech geek, and so i try to learn about new technologies, and i was always up to speed on blockchain, but […]

Cardano & Bitcoin JUST Did It!! (Charles Hoskinson Announcements)

Now i had said how the best time to buy was that peak fear and how we saw massive amounts of fear across the entire market talked about buying cadena and polygon and ethereum, and all of these coins are up a minimum 20 from where i talked about Them in yesterdays, video and today […]

so we BROKE APEX LEGENDS?!! (Apex Crypto Bug)

Well, uh apex has got another bug, another bug with our boy krypto its not its, not as malicious as the ramp out in crypto one its more funny than anything else and uh were here today to show you just that honestly, this video is just like super Random and chaotic, so i hope […]

For Government, Crypto Ads Disclaimer Is Protection: Expert | Coffee & Crypto

Lets talk about that first, for a few months now, advertisements of crypto exchanges have flooded tv screens and keeping investors interest in mind advertising standards council of india, which is sort of a self governing body. You can take them as an advertising watchdog, as well, have said that all ads for what are […]

Is There A Crypto Brain Drain In India? | Coffee & Crypto

All of this many say is leading to a brain train. Now, according to some reports, 30 to 50, indian crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs run their businesses out of places like dubai and singapore. One of these indian mind you now, the flight of talent can be tracked back to 2018, when the rbi had […]

Ethereum Price Prediction! But Wait! There's A Catch!

Video were going to be talking about how ethereum has been in a downtrend ever since valentines day its dropped from about 3 300 down to where it is right. Now around 2700, but as you just saw there is a pattern forming on ethereum that could lead it all the way back up to […]