I know it gets. What gets look its banners here. Dont worry, i picked up. The banner dont worry. Excuse me. Excuse me: excuse me, whats, going on everybody. Welcome to my video okay todays video is a video im sure that we have all been waiting for in a very long time. Probably since the day first day i played crypto maine tim for those that dont know. I used to be the number one crypto in the world and uh had a lot of kills with him. Put it that way, and basically we always talked about the crypto heirloom. I think around season. Five is when we kind of figured it would be a sword, and here it is. I absolutely love this heirloom. This is the best heirloom in the game and not just saying that, because i used the main crypto it is outstanding. I think it has five different animations. You could do with it as several different melee options, uh, whether its just punching with the rubiks cube punching with the bottom of the handle of the sword or just doing different types of slashes with sword. As you can see right there, i go through a couple of the animations which youll see and absolutely love all the details for this weapon and it or this heirloom. It is outstanding the way he interacts with hack. I love it. It made me smile basically the whole time, so i guess the main thing is or the main question a lot of you are asking.

Am i going back to maining crypto, no im not going back to maining him and i wont be playing him that much still i did have a blast playing him, especially with the heirloom. It does add a little more to the game for me, but ill probably play them, maybe once a week or something if that you know im still a fuse main. I love fuse and uh, but i do have to say this was definitely worth 150 dollars. I mean if im going to spend money on a video game. Why not cryptos heirloom right so got a little bit of gameplay for you guys um, hopefully in the next couple days i got some more ranked game play for you with crypto, so anyways guys hope you liked the video. Let me know what yall think about the heirloom in the comment section below. If you do like this video, then please smash thumbs up and ill see you guys in the next one careful guys they went left in middle building. We need to probably loot back buildings. Yeah theyre, looking for pro trolls theyre chasing the pro trolls. I guess no! No! No! That fight trail team swerved back, oh, like i watched them, they did what we did. I was watching wow. These are stuck hold on shoot. Sparky. I figured out how to hit with the uh – oh cool, okay, oh no! No, it doesnt work. Hes got like five different hit.

Animations too, oh its right there, its right there yeah, i yeah two teams, two teams who seems i hit all three broke them. They have two blues: one perk theyre gon na shot, my own team, i think theyre out of my trunk im good to go whats up whats up. Look at this up. Look at this theyre going across lets shot its ever. I cannot hit these guys. I dont know why theyre up on you im dead, im dead, im dead, maybe not! I dont have emp. I set like five times back to the building come here for you all right. Can we get rid of get back in there everywhere, thats here, 15 per poker? I got ta rest him real, quick. They kill him, kill the fuse on steps. 98 shes got probably 50. uh and im the one who inspired him to play. It right here right here right here. Look at this leave this red rib one shot. We need to push, though, were still push it up, push up right now, all right right here. You got ta, go back and bubble him, but we dont have one. So we need to go back here. I got enough to craft, i bubbled to try to bubble us forward, theyre good and then yeah the resin one im giving you my other heat shield: Music. Dont do that we can play wall, we can play bins, theres an alternator on me to get back to this box recharging my shields theres, an alternator with a blue bag, massive right there.

I think, no, its alternative. All right here we go. My box is only right here, theres someone on it, i dont know i dont know we just have to see all right get in get him right. Now, good, good luck on phoenix go to the next one. Go next right now, right now, theres meds! This man said all sorts of theyre on top right here: im swapping guns, so im swapping to that uh car you ready to fight um enzo. We got this guys were showing get these nades right here guys we need all. We know all the needs we can get all the needs we get. Oh, i have a lot of teeth. Oh my god, man shed be so happy proud of me. I think im more proud of this. Oh shes, just salty. She keeps putting hey. She may be on this wall right here. Locks ill. Tell you, though, 160 on her, oh, which one which one which one alex youre by yourself, careful out the door. I dont know she. I did not throw so shes on the top right there here. Stop him on the back. Stop the armor back its not really good, though, were dead were dead. It was just a whole new team on the roof. Okay ill die. I i was trying my hardest to get yall back man.