You must know this if youre in cryptocurrency im the gentleman who takes you deeper than just the news and shows you the facts, figures numbers logic and the interconnected web. How theyre bringing us in to distributed ledger technology web 2.0 to web 3.0 and how you could take advantage of the biggest shift in our financial history and help your family become one of the wealthiest families in the world? My name is coach jb. I am the top health mindset and a crypto coach in the world. Remember what you believe in your heart. You think in your mind, will eventually become your words and become your reality. If you can see it in your mind, eventually, you can hold it right here. In your hands, what you repeatedly do gets ingrained in your subconscious mind what gets ingrained in your subconscious mind becomes an unconscious activity. Now, down below you can join our free crypto discord join the free crypto discord, get to know like and trust us before you make a decision to join the academy. Also, today is ripple week, so im going to be bringing to my academy a premier partnership with link to if you click my instagram profile, click the link in my bio, the only legit, instagram profile. I have the only one thats mine theres, a bunch of scammers out. There is in the description, this video. It is ripple week you can get into ripple, pre ipo. If you know the game, you understand, thats how you make the money getting into pre.

Ipos goes click my instagram profile and check it out this week is ripple week. All right lets dive right into it. You came here to get educated around cryptocurrency and thats exactly what im gon na do so im gon na. Take you a little bit deeper. Every single morning in the cryptocurrency news now to get the news to get the information from my team at eight oclock arizona time you get to meet my crypto team on this same channel every morning, wake up crypto theyre, going to bring you the most to up To date, news what i do is i take a little bit deeper thats, my research team, my technical analysis team, our cash flow team, our nodes team. We have a whole team in ecosystem within the warrior academy. Now this is super super super bullish. Im going to take you from a banking perspective and understanding what is actually happening so first, we must know the players in the game. You need to understand that large companies, massive companies like blackrock, who are connected to companies like microstrategies, are making big moves in the cryptocurrency space, and this is super bullish. Okay, bitcoin is becoming a massive narrative. Now, im telling you run out and buy a bunch of bitcoin im, an altcoin person, so basically im bullish on ethereum and distribute ledger technology all coins. You can see my portfolio in the warrior academy, but some of my top cryptos are cro ethereum v chain, xrp and xlm, going into quant as well those some of my top six cryptocurrencies that im bullish on right now, theres many cryptocurrencies in my portfolio.

But i want you to understand this, so first, we need to understand who micro strategies is so micro strategies is a tech company uh owned by michael saylor. The ceo is michael saylor, michael saylor is been in business for a long time and hes making some big big moves in bitcoin now hes been the kind of the forefront of bitcoin of getting talking to corporations to move their crypto of their assets into bitcoin. Now you have to ask yourself: why are they moving into bitcoin theres, a massive narrative theyre going to be brought to our knees as america and a world around war? Many people, the elites, are moving into assets, things that hold value. The dollar is collapsing, as we know it. If you watch my video yesterday, i break down the numbers for you, so microstrategy its important to understand who the top owners of microstrategies are. So i have a ton of notes right here: okay, so the top im going to be looking at my notes, if you dont mind okay, this is what we do so look at this type of stuff, so top five is capital. Research management, vanguard, okay, capital, restart of manico and blackrock. The three i want you to focus on and the ones were really going to dive into mainly the one were going to dive into is blackrock, so we have capital vanguard, blacklock. Do your research on those okay? So now recently, what just happened yesterday? What just happened yesterday is silvergate issued a 205 million dollar loan to macro strategies.

Well, wait: jv, thats, not micro strategies. Macro strategies is a subsidiary of micro strategies, which blackrock is one of the largest owners of it. Now blackrock is one of the largest asset firms in the world. Okay, think about that theyre bigger than some gdps some are bigger than some countries. Okay, so understand. Listen! What im saying this is so unbelievably bullish and it proves exactly what ive been saying: theyre moving the casino from the fiat system to the crypto system. Okay. So yesterday this broke 205 million dollar loan. The macro strategies was collateralized by bitcoin. We need to dive into who silver gate is, though, okay, so lets back up. So now we know, blackrock vanguard are two of the biggest shareholders within microstrategies. Now, if youre, blackrock, okay, larry fink one of the largest, i mean impacts in the systemic banking system. You have to be involved in these decisions. Think about that for just a moment: theres board of directors. If michael saylors gon na make this type of decision, hes gon na take 205 million dollars, collateralize a loan from a bank to buy more bitcoin. You dont think the two largest holders, vanguard and blackrock – are involved in those decisions. Hell yes, theyre involved in those decisions. Okay lets back up whos silvergate. This is all coming together: silvergate took 4.3 billion in deposits from digital currency customers. In q2, the majority of the banks new deposits came from crypto exchange clients.

The key to understand is who are their largest crypto exchange clients? Okay, so silvergate was taking in all this money from crypto exchanges and two of their biggest clients are coinbase and kraken. Okay, now they also did something really dynamic just recently in january, this has all been under the radar. Now remember: goldman sachs all of a sudden started getting very bullish on bitcoin when in january, then we have our first over the counter trade in bitcoin, its all systemic, its all coming together, systemic, its all connected okay. So now, hopefully youre following along with me. We have silvergate, which micro macro strategies, a subsidiary of microstrategies, took a collateralized loan from this bank that was taking in our deposits from coinbase and kraken, and they are doing collateralized loans to large corporations now to buy bitcoin. So think about that. As your crypto deposits. Coming from the exchanges silvergate, a bank is now giving large corporations loans to buy more bitcoin. The casino is now moving over to cryptocurrency. The same exact model is now going into the banks and cryptocurrency thats. I told you guys thats to solve theyre just going to make the, because this is were in a liquidity crisis. Crypto distributed ledger technology. Bitcoin is a store of value just like gold gold. During the war days, everybody starts buying assets. Gold is a new big goal. Uh bitcoin is the new gold. Okay, all the dlt companies. There should be ledger technology, which is like ripple.

We got r3, which is infrastructure. You got corda, you got all these companies working together. Xlm is peer to peer in regards to like more peer to peer versus companies. B2B, okay, so lets lets go back. Let me take a deep breath because its important you got ta understand this micro strategies. Okay, its owned heavily by vanguard, blackrock silvergate, gave macro strategies a collateralized bitcoin nose loan, which they went and bought bitcoin, which is a subsidiary of microstrategies. Silvergate took 4.3 billion in deposits from digital currency customers, and now silvergate is lending it out to corporations to buy more bitcoin do what they do, not what they say. Okay, now silvergate purchases, blockchain payments network asset from dm. I didnt even know this happened on january 31, where were watching all these narratives as goldman sachs, all of a sudden announces bitcoin again, the narrative is going silvergate purchases, blockchain payment network assets from dm. Remember dm was the thing that facebook got shut down. Facebook had dm mark, zuckerberg tried to launch it and they shut them down. The government shut them down, but silvergate came and purchased them up interesting. The government basically shut them down and silvergate whos, giving loans to companies like microstrategies, who are backed by blackrock, who are connected deeply in the political system. They purchased the assets from dm, so silvergate. A bank thats thats has 4.3 million deposits from us. Consumers from coinbase and kraken is now giving loans to microstrategy to go, buy more bitcoin.

Okay lets dive into the board of directors, as we do here at the 3 2 warrior academy, we dont just go surface. We go deep. This is how we make our financial decisions. You can join our private warrior academy, go down there and join the free discord. Okay, this gentleman right here, michael lempris, youre, going to hear some familiarity here mike olympus has been chairman of the board of silvergate capital corporation okay, mr olympus was an ex executive in the resistance and venture capital firm and drayson horseowitz. Does that sound, familiar andreessen, horseowitz, 2.2 billion dollar crypto fund, where bill hinman, the former director of the sec, also sits on the guiding committee, so he left and drayson horsewoods 2.2 crypto fund theres more to this, where andreessen horseowitz that came from the scc currently sits On that guiding committee, this gentleman also he came from chief legal and risk officer from coinbase, so he left coinbase to go into silvergate where silvergate banks, coinbase silvergate, is taking your deposits and lending it back out to macro strategies which is connected to microstrategies and theyre. Buying bitcoin with it that is connected to blackrock it just keeps going on and on okay, so macro strategies to buy 200 million in bitcoin, so macro strategies of subsidiary microstrategy has taken out a bitcoin collateralized loan of 205 million in order to buy more bitcoin. Okay, the loan was issued by silvergate and it is secured by a certain bitcoin held in macro strategys collateral account with a custodian manually authorized by silvergate macro strategies under the terms and agreement macro strategies will use the loan proceeds to purchase bitcoin.

The company said this shows you exactly where were heading, why, in the hell with these companies like blackrock, one of the largest asset managers in the world, theyre bigger than most gdps, most countries gdps are allowing their companies that they have big big stakes in to collateralize Loans, silvergate is taking 4.3 million in deposits and theyre taking your deposits down theyre lending them large companies. Large companies like microstrategies subsidiary of macro strategies and theyre buying bitcoin with it warriors. This is the greatest greatest time in human history. We are literally so unbelievably early. All right warriors so on the thursday call inside the warrior academy, if you want to join the warrior academy and click the link down below ill be bringing on link to so we are premier partners. So i have a five prong approach: cryptocurrency insurance, precious metals, business and now pre ipos, democratizing private, investing that is my five prong uh wealth building strategy cryptocurrency getting in early in cryptocurrency and holding long term. Okay, we have my insurance strategy where i hedge against the 401k. We have our precious metals, which i have some precious metals, which is my hedge against u.s dollar collapsing or borrowed ability. We have our business strategy where i own equity in nine companies and now im introducing to the team how to get into pre ipos. Only two percent of accredited investors have access to ipos. It used to be part of the elite yacht clubs, but the warrior academy.

We have deep connections due to our influence throughout the world. We have deep connections were bringing this information to you guys, so you can get involved. Click my instagram profile, everythings on my instagram profile. I love you guys a lot. I really really do im excited uh. Thank you so much to blockchain our bitboys, just wan na say thank you for having me on around the blockchain um im, all about love and positivity connecting and the more we can all connect the more we can help more people. You guys know when, when um im all light, loving positivity thats, what its all about i love connecting with other influencers out in the space. We can help more people because we are a small percentage of the population. We are an elite group of people, most people, 7 billion arent paying attention. So congratulations. You are a true warrior. Love! You guys appreciate you, as we always say warriors lets. Get your together.