Okay, but before i begin please like and subscribe and check us out below for our ct club, where you get our trade alerts, our portfolio updates and you get to see what were doing in the market. All right eu vote passed to prevent anonymous transactions from private crypto wallets. So essentially, there was 93 votes to that were for this and 14 votes against this um. Okay, so heres some of the rules, okay, so all transferred all transfers would have to include information on the source of the asset and its beneficiaries. So pretty much uh. There has to be kyc for the sender and the and the person youre sending it to now. Keep in mind the only way that theyre going to be able to do this is on centralized exchanges, okay, otherwise, if youre sending it from a decentralized wallet or you know, ledger or a trezor or something else where you have your own private keys, you can send This to anyone you want you dont, have to worry about any of this. Okay, also, there would be no no minimum threshold, which means there would be whether its one euro, whether its 10 euro 100 euro doesnt matter, you have to report it okay, so the proposed law would also. This is the one of the most dangerous ones. Okay, so the proposed law would require european bacon authority to create a public register of businesses and services involved in crypto assets that may have a high risk of money laundering, terrorist financing and other crypto activities, so theyre going to pick and choose so, for instance, what I see happening.

Obviously we know why this is happening, that we know that you know. Crypto is a competitor to central banks, central banks own the sec, they own, all the rule makers uh. So you know what what else can you expect so theyre going to try to kill all competitions, so in other words, if you are a crypto company or whatever and youre youre, actually making leaps and bounds and in terms of like innovation in this space, they could Easily shut you down, and so that is why its so important to decentralize yourself as much as you can, especially if youre a developer or if you hold your net worth in bitcoin, take your coins off exchanges, guys thats. What heidi and i have been saying this is going to get much worse, not only in the eu but in the the us, and i think, theyre going to crack down not only on this, but also proof of work and proof of stake. Theyre going to try to decimate this this space because we are their competitors and a competit competitions, a sin. Somebody said that all right so going back to the the u.s in regards to the bitcoin etf spot etf, okay, the secs final deadline to rule on the application to convert the grayscale bitcoin trust into a spot etf is on july 6.. Now, if that does not pass, grayscale is going to file a lawsuit so guys like there. This lawsuit is going to be thrown out because the governments never going to punish the government.

You know what i mean so wall street has the sec. They own the sec and they have the sec by the throat. They cannot do anything that wall street does not want and whos wall street owned by central banks all right, but but the good news is that eventually the world is going to wake up to this crap because think about this im going to go over uh five Different companies and their bitcoin holdings and theres a reason why these companies are holding bitcoin but im going to share, share with you how much they actually own microstrategies owns 125 051 bitcoins, probably more because this was yesterday. Tesla owns 42 200 bitcoin tara, luna owns 30 727 bitcoin and thats going to skyrocket up even more. I bet you they are buying this dip right now, marathon, digital uh um. They have 8 133 bitcoin and, lastly, square has 8027 bitcoin guys, like people are gon na, be buying bitcoin like no other uh. The supply and exchanges keep going off onto uh, cold storage. Hardware wallets whatever so expect much less supply than ever before. I think. Even last time i spoke we, we are at 3.5 years of low on supply uh for for bitcoin on exchanges, so anyways thats. All i have to do today, please like and subscribe, and check us down below for c2 club.