It is effectively a crypto carnage event um. I want to talk to you about what is going on and what im, seeing and and how this is all going to play out in this video. So if you havent already done so, please hit that subscribe button, because i have one goal and thats to help. You navigate crypto and right here right now. Crypto is very bleak. It is a situation where i think weve still got a little bit lower to go. Uh thats, not me spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt thats. Just me, shooting straight with you. Ive talked to and looked at a lot of technical analysis and a lot of market indications scenarios a macro economic scenario playing out and weve got some some pretty significant things going on. Okay, so i want to show you this. The crypto fear and greed is at an 11.. I honestly do not ever remember a time when it was this low, so we have a tremendous amount of extreme fear and this this measures, retail investment, sentiment, thats you and i you and i are retail investors. Okay, so we are obviously extremely fearful as an overall group, hundreds and hundreds of millions of us, okay globally, so heres whats going on right here right now, cryptos at 1.5 trillion down almost five percent um honestly another another point here: i cant remember in the last Year, when weve been this low from an overall market cap scenario, all right, bitcoin and ethereum continue to move down.

Bitcoin has moved and touched all the way to 32 7. um. I expect it to continue to move down. It is entirely possible that in the next two or three weeks that bitcoin could go all the way down to 23 to 25 000 okay per coin, that is not again, flood, fear, uncertainty and doubt that im spreading. That is simply what the technical analysis that is out there is looking at and pointing at why you may ask what is going on well, weve got a situation playing out where we continue to get pummeled pummeled. Like p, you know pummeled hit right um with really macroeconomic conditions by the way same thing going on with ethereum, i think ethereum could go to 1300 to 1500 per ethereum coin as well. Heres whats going on number one, its really one its really one word: recession: okay and its everything kind of leading into that its the fear of a recession, its everything going on. This is continued fallout from kovid years and years ago, when covid and that we we, you know we did what we did from a from an uh economic government standpoint. You know all the money that was that was disseminated out is continuing to have a pervasive effect. We havent really addressed as quickly as we needed to to have um. You know, changes put into place to get the to get the economy back up and running uh. The federal reserve continues to raise the rates, and i think it may be a little bit too too late to really stave off recession, not my opinion, just what im seeing kind of globally and what im reading and what im is continuing to absorb.

At the end of the day, heres, what its coming down to is that we continue to see this fallout by the way, not just in crypto. We have this going on in in uh stocks as well, where the stock market continues to be just a negative day. In and day scenario, day in day out, the the dow is down 388, the nasdaqs down almost 300. I mean this is continuing to be just a one, two punch um its just. I think that it can its going to lead us into. I think again a recession and when we have a recession, it is not a good thing. Everything just you know it permeates everything: stock, crypto everything now its, not all bad. I think that we will bottom out in those respective ranges, bitcoin and ethereum, and those ranges that ive talked to you about um, and then we will within is, if we establish really good support, it sets a baseline, a really good support level for a very very Nice significant bounce, as we roll out of this scenario: okay, so thats what weve got yeah, not great news, but again just shooting straight with you telling you exactly what im seeing what is going on. I think that this is going to be something were going to be dealing with for a little bit a little while stay tuned continue to subscribe to the channel ill, be here every day helping you navigate these crypto waters because thats, all i really care about is Helping you make more money and just helping you to do this better and just to navigate these waters.

I will tell you as a final thought here. What it comes down to this is when the smart money buys the smart money buys when everything is in the red. This is where people are about to get very. Some people are about to get very, very rich by dollar cost averaging into some of the major coins and tokens that they. You know that that are out there that they see. I mean i im telling you right now: i i am dollar cost averaging in every single day, im putting money into bitcoin at 350 to 100 bucks, just its auto draft kind of thing beyond that um, you know if ethereum goes down and hits 1500 and bitcoin Goes down his 25 im buying im buying at those levels, because why not im blocking in much lower cost structure, to set myself up for when ethereum and bitcoin and the rest of the major altcoins go out? And im ive only really talked about bitcoin ethereum. But i mean you could pretty much. You know pick any other major coin or token out there and you would be fine to do to dca in to basically start picking up solana. Cardano uh, you know avalanche, you know, polka dot, you name it right! Shivanu. You know dogecoin if you wanted to go, buy some dogecoins. You know these are really fantastic prices. My point this is one the smart money is buying thats. All i got for you.