Now in todays video. I want to talk about what this means for you, as a crypto holder and just to be clear, were not going to talk about in todays video why the cryptocurrency market is crashing weve done that weeks ago, weve made videos on that for the last few weeks. As well as more recently in just the last few days, so if youre wondering why the crash is happening, seek those videos out ill leave a few links down below, but in todays video check. The timestamps, like always lets, focus on what this means to the crypto investor. As of this weekend, the crypto market has just entered extreme fear for the first time in months now. What does this mean, and how can we use this as investors in the crypto market? Why measure fear and greed? Why measure sentiment in the market? Well, the crypto market behavior is very emotional, meaning that crypto investors often act very emotionally people often tend to get greedy when the market is rising, which results in fomo fear of missing out. Also people often sell their coins in an irrational reaction of seeing red numbers with our fear and greed index. We try and save you from your own emotional overreactions. So do you get what theyre saying here theyre saying when the market is close to tops thats when people get greedy when really thats, when you should be taking profits and when markets are closer to bottoms on the way down thats when people get scared and they Start selling thats how you go broke in reality, what smart investors do? In fact this is what warren buffett says.

All the time be greedy when others are fearful be fearful when others are greedy, meaning thats, when you should buy when the markets on the way down and thats, when you should sell when everybody else is greedy, as the markets are going up. Extreme fear like right now can be a sign that investors are too worried. This could be a buying opportunity when investors are getting too greedy. That means the market is due for a correction. Now give me your thoughts down below on how much credence you put into a metric like this and thats, not to say that bitcoin tomorrow, cant dump another significant percent. I dont know what the bitcoin price will do tomorrow and neither do you. Nobody can see the future, but metrics like this, for me at least signal that were much closer to finding a bottom than we are to a top, and what about this? Next up, let me throw a perspective like this at you. This crypto market crash is probably the best opportunity that can happen in your lifetime if youre not a 70 plus year old boomer, and i would even say that 70 plus year old is young. If you have a young mindset, but the point is this all these people that are depressed right now, because the market is down, i understand them, but for me a crypto market crash is probably the best thing that can happen in my lifetime. The bull market is what makes you money.

The bear market is what makes you generationally wealthy and by the way, thats, not to say that 90 of these altcoin projects wont fail. I think most of the altcoin projects will but bitcoin ethereum these quality crypto projects that were seeing the growth in or seeing the building and the users come in. Those are the opportunity only 3.9 of the world owns crypto right now. Imagine when we hit 50 and its not going to be easy right. If it were easy, then there wouldnt be an opportunity and we are early if youre willing to have longer time preferences and its one thing to say it, but heres a chart from analyst willy woo to prove it. I call this chart. We are still early hodeling for four years. Bitcoin has always outperformed every other asset class, always zooming out things become clear, and here it is here, is the price performance of bitcoin, the rolling for your growth of bitcoin versus every other asset class, and you can see that its not even close, even though bitcoin Has had diminishing returns, it has outpaced every other asset if youre willing to hold for at least four years. So if you bought in 2020 or 2021, you still have three two to three more years to hold im. Sorry, those are the rules and looking forward when the blue trace thats bitcoins performance when the blue trace moves into the cluster of the other assets, bitcoin will have matured, so you can see right here that bitcoin is getting close.

This tells me because of diminishing returns. We probably only have one to two more big bull cycles left before bitcoin truly reaches mass adoption and we reach peak maturity. I dont know what do you think? I truly would love to hear your take on all this one. Two more cycles left and are you willing to huddle through the down times? You tell me now next up, i want to share with you some of those crypto projects, some of those altcoins that are implementing through the down times so like always check the timestamps down below, but just real quick. As a reminder, you can get up to 100 in crypto, with altcoin daily for free through our partnership with ftx us use this qr code right here or use code altcoin daily when you sign up for the ftx app and follow the instructions to get free crypto With altcoin daily link down below do not forget to take advantage and next piece of news involving tara, luna and btc, a continuation from our story. Yesterday, the terra luna foundation guard loans, 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin to their stablecoin usd to protect the stablecoin, so drastic times call for drastic measures. The organizations council, meaning the luna foundation guard their council, voted to lend out 750 million dollars in bitcoin from its reserves and another 750 million dollars in tara usd their stablecoin ust to keep the latter asset pegged to a dollar. So, as we shared with you, yesterday, ust lost its pegging to a dollar its an algorithmic stablecoin and now the centralized company behind them.

The organization made a loan to an unnamed professional market maker to help keep the peg. The loan has been made in light of ust briefly falling below its dollar peg, amid extreme volatility in the crypto markets, and by the way this does mean they will be selling some of their bitcoin reserves. To help keep the peg to usd here is an exact tweet from dokwan. First off the luna foundation guard is not trying to exit its bitcoin position. The goal is to have this capital in the hands of a professional market maker such that they can buy. More of their stablecoin us whoops, they can buy more of their stablecoin if the price falls below the peg or they can sell their stablecoin and buy more btc if the price goes above. The peg, thus significantly strengthening the liquidity around the ust peg, so theyll buy more bitcoin if it goes above, theyll sell their bitcoin if it goes below all to strengthen their stablecoin just fyi. This is whats happening in the market and by the way, this was the exact reason that tara luna bought so much bitcoin in the first place. For things like this next up, some adoption news for xrp in bitcoin, a major japanese ecommerce site adopts btc and xrp payments for used cars. The development marks the first time. Xrp digital currency will be used on a cross border, japanese e commerce site. So here are the details: sbi motor japan, a subsidiary of sbi africa company, has announced that its customers can now make payments for used cars using bitcoin and xrp.

So if you buy out a country theyre saying these are the cryptos, we will accept wed love to have you pay through them. According to the announcement by sbi on monday, as i said, the development marks the first time xrp cryptocurrency, will be deployed on a cross border e commerce website in japan, and the btc and xrp transactions will be settled on the sbi vc trade company, a cryptocurrency exchange Owned by the sbi group, but what this means for you if youre a holder, is just a little bit more use on each network. Sbi motor japan exports about 5 000 used cars annually mostly to africa and according to the announcement, the move stems from the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in developing countries, particularly in africa, where people still lack access to basic financial services and all those people who now just Have to have a cell phone can have access to bitcoin xrp and can start doing e commerce if theyre buying from japan and next piece of historic news for d5 altcoin compound compounds. Enterprise arm receives an s p credit rating in a d5 first, so the iffy b minus grade applies to compounds treasury, a platform promising four percent yield for usdc denominated business accounts, so the heavily respected s p and they are heavily respected in the traditional world, gave Compound a b, minus and thats actually not that bad, its a pretty historic for them to validate compound like that s, p, global ratings, the arbiter of credit worthiness slapped compound treasury, a product of compound prime llc, with a b minus grade, meaning that the usdc powered Yield platform ranks as speculative, but currently has the capacity to meet financial commitments.

The outlook is stable, says the s p about compound prime. So why is this historic? Despite the poor marks compound heralded the rating as a d5? First, it appears to be the first time an institutional d phi product, meaning compounds, has been scored by one of the major credit ratings agencies in a direct quote from compound this signals, tremendous progress in the crypto industrys maturity, as traditional institutions begin to judge the risks Of digital asset powered financial offerings, what is really interesting and important about this is it really does show that defy, can be measured, weighed and incorporated into more traditional financial risk methodologies and additionally, also understood by traditional finance? So i think this is cool. I do think this is a win for compound, because it does show that traditional entities are giving some sort of validation to these d5 protocols. Thats bullish, all right, that is the video my names austin like always see you tomorrow. If i missed a piece of news, please let me know down below, i will be sure to cover tomorrow.