com or binance or ethereum or solana, literally it doesnt matter what crypto youre looking at right now, every single one of them is reaching extremely critical levels. Simply because bitcoin is reaching extremely critical levels, i guess shiba inu coin obviously overreacting in comparison to bitcoin sheba down roughly 17 18 1500 points per coin. Bitcoin is sitting right there at that. Thirty thousand to thirty one thousand dollar per coin level, aetherium down to twenty three hundred solana in the sixties, uh sitting around twenty one. This is i mean this could be a make or break at time. Now i want to discuss it. I want to discuss some of the innovations that are still going on in shiba inu coin. So if it sounds like something, youre interested in lets get started. Whats up everybody im clay im here to make 2022 the best year ever. If you click that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel, join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together. If youre brand new to investing you dont, know how or where to buy stocks in crypto got a link in the description for weeble. It is super simple to set up your account any deposit, five free stocks anywhere crypto trade, five dollars free crypto. This is the dip to get in this. Is the dips dip stick if the cousin, if the cousin of the dip had a dipstick brother, this would be him.

This is a dip guys and lets talk about these critical levels and lets talk about some of the innovations or some of the new partnerships that are going on with shiba inu coin out there right now. That cannot necessarily take it higher in price. This overall market is its not conducive to gains, but once people start buying again and they see all of the progress that has been made, especially for coins like shiba inucoin, then that could bode very well for future growth. So, if were looking at at the few at the critical levels, bitcoin being at 30, 000 is a its a multi year low at this point, and it has really held up as the line in the sand since trading around that 10 000 range, so guys in 2020 bitcoin was reaching lows and in trading between four thousand and eight thousand dollars before finally running higher and moving up to about forty thousand dollars. Now, when it did that there was very little resistance in the twenty thousand dollar range and – and it stayed there for a couple weeks when it moved higher to that forty thousand dollar mark it pulled back to 30. And then it rose to 65 and pulled back to 30 and 30 and 30 and 30 and tested it for a couple months there before running up to all time, highs its seventy thousand dollars per coin, and where is it re testing? Now, thirty thousand dollars per coin guys.

If this level is broken on bitcoin, it could be with all likelihood a retest of twenty thousand, if not ten thousand dollars per coin. Based on the technical analysis, now we know that theres, not a ton of fundamental analysis to go off of, but based on the technicals price action says that if it falls through 30, it could see further declines and looking at shiba inu coin people wondering whats going To happen with it, you know if you look at shiba inu coin over the last several months and how almost to a t, shiba inu coin, has fallen and risen alongside of bitcoin. It is very obvious that if that pattern continues, it will fall with bitcoin and rise with bitcoin into the future. Now maybe its because bitcoin is, is the vast majority of the overall market cap of the entire cryptocurrency market and its got that gravitational pull but shiba inucoin following bitcoin like that, if bitcoin falls through a major level of support and it starts to sell off and Tank, we should absolutely expect the altcoins to do the same thing so looking at that, we have to make decisions now on what we are going to do with our trades. If we believe it continues to move down, you have to rate the pros and cons of holding through that dip and continuing to dollar cost average if thats possible. If you know the pros lead to selling and buying back in lower make that your strategy, if the pros lead you to holding setting and forgetting staking all of that, whatever you guys are considering make that your strategy and move forward confidently, because theres also the alternative That this thirty 000, this critical level that were at in bitcoin right now theres a possibility that it holds up.

You know i know weve been seeing the stock market crash, weve been seeing the crypto market crash and its evident by all of the the i dont know, doom and gloom that you see written in articles about stocks written about articles in crypto and now its been Red day after red day after red day for the last six months right, i know people are feeling the emotions of those red days, and – and i know people are thinking that crypto shiba inu coin bitcoin stocks theyre just going to continue falling its like. You know when things are rising, theyre going to rise and continue to rise forever, when theyre falling theyre gon na fall, continue falling and continue falling forever, and people get stuck in that mentality like this, this trend is never going to change long term. It will long term it absolutely will and with cryptocurrency having such a strong future. You know with the executive order that was recently signed. Um, you know allowing the us to be a leader in the digital asset market i mean crypto is going to be fine there with gen z and the newer generations out there fully accepting digital currencies and digital assets, shiba inu coin bitcoin crypto is going to have A very strong future, i know weve seen these 90 plus percent declines in cryptocurrencies before, and i would not be surprised to see them again, especially if these critical levels of support are broken now, knowing that and knowing were going to be setting up our trading plans Accordingly, lets look at some of the good news that is potentially out there and satoshi and ship kraken talking about a potential new partnership with shiba inu coin being very, very, very secretive, like they always are very cryptic um.

It has not been announced by the official ship token twitter, yet but sheba e new coin being associated with hashtag c k. One a lot of people wondering if its calvin klein, if theres gon na be some sort of a calvin klein merger or not merger. But some sort of calvin klein partnership or or deal that theyve got going on out there if ck1 stands for something completely different, if you guys have seen any theories on that or if you have theories on that, please let us know in the comments below because Look, we understand that price action right now is not being driven. I honestly think that we could see a billion shiba inu coin being burnt every single hour and we still wouldnt see price action. I honestly think that we could see uh, elon musk, saying that hes gon na be buying all of the shiba inu coins that are outstanding and we still wouldnt see any price action. I mean this market is so fear it just engulfed right now, its like we cant see outside the flame. Everything surrounding us is darkness and theres no light at the end of the tunnel once we do begin to see that light and investors become inspired once more guys, the gains are going to be beautiful, make sure youre here to take advantage of them, whether youre getting Back into shiba inu coin youre getting back into bitcoin youre, getting back into any cryptocurrency for that matter, make sure youre here to take advantage of the gains when this dip stops and when this massive bear market comes to an end.

Let me know what you guys: thoughts are in the comments below. If this button right here is still red, make sure to click it subscribe to the channel join us become a bro. We are here every single day when youre growing our portfolios together, claiboro83 on twitter and instagram. We will buy at until the next time.