Weve now seen a little bit of recovery, but still it is down massively on the week and it is still down in a large way on the day, leaving a lot of people to wonder what is coming next for the market. What is causing this? Where is it going to go? Should i be scared and worried, and the truth is we have been saying, unfortunately, for a bit now that we are in what looks like a bear market right now we are in a market where it is more likely to fall than it is to rise when It comes to the entire crypto market and theres only one cryptocurrency that i personally am not worried about at all and thats dogecoin, no matter what price dogecoin goes to if it falls a little bit further, if it doesnt fall further and it holds pretty strong im, Not worried even a little bit really about dogecoin, because we know dogecoin has so many unbelievably massive specific catalysts are coming for it that are pretty soon. Actually that i dont really need to worry about. None of us do dogecoin is the one that im extremely confident in no matter what price it goes to. However, with the rest of our portfolios were gon na have to be more careful because there are not as many guarantees with bitcoin. There are not as many guarantees with ethereum and guarantee is a strong word by guarantee, i just mean there are guaranteed big news events.

Are they guaranteed to cause a spike, of course, not its? Never anything thats guaranteeing crypto, however theres a very, very, very high chance that they will cause a spike. So that is what were looking at the high chance of it, causing a spike and thats. Why im not worried whatsoever when it comes to dogecoin when it comes to bitcoin, though we have seen a very large fall in the last 24 hours, you can take a look at this bitcoin down over 10 and thats after a slight recovery, but down 19 on The week now, the biggest loser at the top here has been luna down a staggering 60 percent this week and a staggering 46 percent just in the last 24 hours alone. That is absolutely monstrous when it comes to drop and in large part, with tara luna. That is because we have seen their stablecoin continuing to have a number of issues. Tara luna stablecoin right now is not able to actually perform at the level its supposed to perform at because its technically tied with an algorithm that does buybacks and sells, and things like that to try to make sure its always worth one dollar. But in certain circumstances it cannot keep up with that. One dollar amount and right now is down under 80 cents, and i actually did a patreon post talking about this and a few other opportunities right now in the markets, where we have seen such a large drop.

That a bounce back has a higher than a 50 chance of happening. So if you want to see the other two picks on there, as well as more information on luna youre, welcome to go check out the patreon right now – and i hope luna goes crazy when it comes to the rebound now. Well, go all the way back to where it was. I do not believe thats going to happen, but well go back. 10, 20 30, even potentially, that is a possibility and so thats what were going to be looking for with that and a few other cryptos as if it does fall that much a chance of recovery is even higher now. The downside here with luna is that if they cannot fix what happened with their stable coin, then they will continue to fall more. So there is a certain amount of risk associated with it, but if you believe in the team and if you think they can fix it, then it is not a bad bet at this current point in time in terms of the market, dogecoin is now ahead of Luna by the way at that number 11 spot avalanche, also flying making its way down to number 13. but dogecoin right now. The 14 billion mark cap is currently approximately double sheep. Thats, crazy shiba inucoin, now at only a seven billion dollar market cap, something that a lot of people did not expect to happen, but that right there is probably one of the biggest meme coin losers of the last 24 hours.

It is actually a fact down. 21 percent and ill continue to say it. I have a lot of respect for street unicorn community. However, the truth is theres a reason why she unicorn has fallen so much more than dogecoin. I mean shed been going past dojo for a brief amount of time. Now its less than half the value its because it does not have as many wall holders and it does not have the same level of energy and also another thing to keep in mind. Shibunico with a relatively recent spike actually has a lot of the tokens that are still active. Dogecoin, on the other hand, has so many tokens that are basically essentially burned, because people no longer have access to them so theres, a huge percentage of the dogecoin token base. Thats not even accessible or at least has not been accessed and probably wont be because people lost their seed phrases when it was at such a fraction of the amounts that now that people didnt think would ever be worth anything or maybe people passed away, because that Was a decent amount of time ago, so, thats thats, why someone said show us the gains? Oh yeah, it has been going back up some so thats a good thing. You want to see some of the gainers. I mean there really arent a lot of gainers at the top. I mean lets see how far we have to scroll down to find the first gainer look at that pax dollar still worth one dollar, but lets also see maybe theyre already starting to get the ust back under control, which is the stable coin tied to luna.

If they are, that would be a positive development for them. Nope theyre, not its still its supposed to be worth one dollar now its worth 78 cents. Now keep in mind that doesnt mean you have to really worry so much about a stable coin like tether. You still do to some degree or like die dai thats. Another coin. People use a lot theres a lot of opportunities. If you are going to be taking your money out of the market right now and putting into stables, do not put it all into one stable. Why well theres a clear example: why right there move it into multiple different stables, thats the smart way to go about also keep in mind that at some point, youre going to have to move it to an exchange and when you, in order to actually take it As profits right and when you do that, what youre going to want to do is make sure that you have it in a stable that your exchange actually accepts. So, whatever exchange you plan to use to get your money out rather than having to have an extra step of having to convert that into another stablecoin, make sure that the stablecoin you convert it to is accepted and tradable on the cryptocurrency exchange that you plan to Use an important piece of advice that a lot of people dont realize until after the first time they tried and then they realized so make sure you know that move your coin, so hardware, hardware wallet as well as alex johnson, not a bad idea.

There are a lot of options out there that are pretty dang good. Then we also have im. Actually i want to keep scrolling and see if we can find one thats gone up. I mean its going to be very difficult to do. I dont know how far well have to go to find the first one thats gone up. Thats, not i mean a stable coin. Doesnt really even go up so well have to keep scrolling until we find one now were on page four already here we go ssv network up two percent number 307 ranking a two percent gain for that, not bad in this market thats, actually pretty dang good. We also skipped over page three: it looks like liquidly usd nope thats a stable coin, h usd stablecoin. Oh here we go titan swap up 1.67, okay. Finally, we got. We got a couple cryptos that have gone up like two percent: oh heres, one hyper eon, oh thats, interesting, im gon na take a screenshot of that. I have not seen this one guys ranked number 292 right now. Hyper e on hy in currently up five percent lets click on it and see why? Maybe it is doing that you have to wonder, looks like a big investor came in, i dont know exactly who that was no one does, but it could have been what im getting at with that is, it could have been someone associated with the project itself.

Lets go ahead and read about it here: real, quick and see what it is. Hyper coin is a decentralized map platform that aims to create unified global data maps and services and make it available for everyone to use it. Utilizes a custom designed spatial consensus protocol to revamp conventional map, making techniques and provide a public utility for anyone who might benefit from it interesting that is kind of cool. Actually, so, who knows? Maybe maybe this coin could be one of the ones that you want to take a look at in this market and maybe ill put some money and lets see what exchanges you can buy it on, because that will be key if its not available bradley, then it Will be much harder for anyone to be able to purchase it in our community, so it looks like currently on binance decks. Okay, yeah thats, pretty dang hard to purchase. I dont know why it has not fallen, but whoever did this clearly playing a big role in that i mean, i guess i guess we do know why thats thats, why we dont know the specifics of why they chose to invest, but we do know someone investing. Is why it didnt fall? I think pretty much any crypto that we find that has not fallen a lot in the last 24 hours will be because of a large investor coming in and saving it to some degree who really believes in it. Recision time says: et1 investments with all the hard emojis.

I like the sound of that as far as the update with except crypto. What is happening right now is a document is being made and its its taking a long time, because there are hundreds of emails right. So its taking a long time for them to do, but once the documents finished its going to start and most likely it will start with. If you are currently holding your currency and also you invest a larger amount, it will start up and then move, and ideally everyone will be reached. Thats, the the i guess, its hard to know the exact plan, because you really cant know for sure until it actually starts, but once it starts ill, keep you as updated as possible on what the plan is and exactly how its being implemented. So that way you know, but you should not have to wait too much longer. I know ive already said that a couple times, but really, though you should not have to wait too much longer where we go were were go where elon goes, we go over. Elongate says cultural. I, like the sound of that. Yes matt, please give 30 seconds countdown before you start. Oh thats thats, not a bad idea yeah. Maybe we could do that. I mean its harder because right now i am not using my typical studio. So i dont have access to the same tools to be able to do stuff, like that with say, an intro, but maybe theres a way to do it.

Let me see if i can figure that out its. I dont think there is an easy way but im sure theres, some catalytic way, like maybe i could. I could literally play the intro on my ipad at the beginning of the show, and then that will give us 30 seconds to get coming to live before it starts. Another thing people do is just start live and then go scroll back and then watch it mostly live, but like a slight delay, elon is out of money. He is buying twitter, well, theres, some degree of truth to that too, but no hes not out of money. He just does not have a lot of liquid liquidity liquid cash sitting around right now, thats, actually true, why is crypto crashing says luis, so thats really primarily because there are people right now who have major groups, major headphones, major investment backing and those people are choosing To take profits right now, theres a lot of them and there have been – has been over 800 million dollars in crypto that got liquidated just in lost 24 hours alone. Now some of that has come back in, but still 800 million dollars were talking about a huge, huge, huge chunk of money right there, and that was just towards the start, and then it went even higher than that. So were looking at lots of big people pulling out lots of people who, in theory, should be holding for the long term based on what their projections were, that they were saying publicly, but theyre, not theyre, being dishonest and thats.

What they wont tell you, they will not tell you what is happening with the large investment groups, and you can see by looking at the bitcoin chart some of these big sales coming in from top wallets that right, there needs to be talked about more and exposed More because the more that it is talked about and exposed the easier it will be for people who are not part of those groups to navigate the markets and still find ways to make money and avoid losses. We dont, like losses very much. Do we kathy woods? Should be buying doge says michael kathy wood is someone who will tell you straight to your face that shes going to buy a stock and then sell the next day, ive seen her? Do it multiple times? I dont know why it seems like a lot of people really like kathy wood. I did like her, i mean, especially because she and elon musk seem to have a good relationship. I did like her until i started seeing that now i will give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was someone else with an arkan vest that did that, maybe it wasnt actually her. Maybe she didnt know about that, and it happened anyway, but she literally said she believes tesla stock is going to go to some insane number and then sold the day after thats, clear manipulation, thats an example right there of someone who doesnt care about the ordinary investor.

I mean this is someone who already has hundreds of millions of dollars as her net worth, and yet she has to do a practice like that. Why i mean ark invest has gone down a lot to the price of it, so maybe thats, why maybe shes feeling out of out of her position here? Maybe she just wants to join the billion dollar club. I dont know, but i dont think that thats the proper way to handle it, what you should be doing is just simply letting people know your actual letting people know your actual thoughts on it, thats what you should do and if you have a thought that you Dont want to share then dont share it its not that complicated kathy would the entire system is rigged now theres some degree of truth threat, but fortunately its only rigged to a certain extent there can be manipulation within a certain range, but overall the growth of the Market upwards cannot be manipulated that much it will grow over time. We will see another major spike again and that they cant stop that, no matter how hard they try, they just simply cant good doge says what the heck was. That good doge says enrique. I need to try out for uh kidzbop now matt, when is the new crypto pick says joseph? Yes, there is a crypto pick that is coming on patreon and it is most likely going to be less than a month from now, but im, not the one launching it, and so i do not get to decide when it does launch.

However, i do plan to be influencing it and being part of it, and i want to so just to give some background on this. This is a project that i actually think because of the people behind it, some of the most influential people in the entire crypto space who have been behind billion dollar projects in the past. They are the ones that are behind this, and so, when you have that kind of leadership – and they also im not just its, not just that we say that and then theyre never going to be revealed no theyre planning to go public with this. At some point soon as theyre the ones behind it right now, theyve been pitching influencers on it and saying: hey were the ones behind this. So influencers already know theres a lot of high profile people who already know whos behind it, and so the information is going to get out at some point they might as well. I ive been telling them hey, you might as well just say hey here here we are, and i think i think, itll be really cool and keep in mind too. They are also figuring out ways with the legal system in the united states. You have to be careful because you dont know what the governments going to do, and so they have to be a little bit careful there, and so because of that there may be some type of organization that takes away risk.

So we dont know exactly whats going to happen with it, but, regardless of all that, those are probably extra details, you dont even really care about. The only thing that matters is. This is a project that, after being launched, could potentially go to over a it could reach a billion dollar market, thats, not impossible with the level of the level of people on this and behind it it could reach a billion dollars thats. Not out of the question now a realistic price target for it, maybe a little bit less than that, but still thats the high upside thats. Why its an exciting pick, and so, if you buy into one of these projects early and it goes to a billion dollars, i mean you can change your life from something like that. You really cant thats why its exciting – and i certainly hope this is one of the biggest wins weve ever had in the history of our of our group – im excited for it anyway.