I want to talk about what im doing. Actually, i should have probably titled this video a little bit different im going to be talking about what im not doing and what im not doing is focusing on all the negativity out there. Even though bitcoin is hitting 30k as we speak, and i have a lot of money in crypto im, okay with it – and you should be too, you know why, because theres things like this as you can see in the background its so beautiful, maybe you cant see It because its in cinematic mode and this iphone 14 is crispy. Is it a 14? I dont even know if its a 14, they got so many different numbers, but the gist here is you need to take a deep breath, so everybody for one? Second, i i know it sounds funny. I know it sounds stupid. Just give me one. Second, everybody relax, okay, sit down and just take a deep breath on me ready one. Two in out leave a comment below. If you took a breath with me, but seriously guys dont get, you know, dont, let your mind get out of control. Stop listening to all of these people that are adding to the fear. What we need to do is have a clear head to navigate out of these treacherous waters and again look how happy i am look. How, like energetic, i am its because ive realized that money does not confine me it doesnt confine me at all and how free are you if youre trapped in your own thoughts in your own head youre, not free, thats, the answer right there, youre not free at All so, this is what i did today.

What i decided to do is instead of living in my box, because i work from home. You guys know this. I decided to come out to fort lauderdale with marty and johnny and relax here and make some video content on the beach, and you know what im gon na do right after this video after i put in the work im gon na go dip. My toes in the water thats, what im gon na do. I got my daughters upstairs um and theyre gon na dip their toes in the water, and this is a beautiful, fresh air. This beautiful south florida weather, i know wherever you live, theres some type of nature. This is what you guys need to be doing. Relax go, take a walk in nature, its okay. You could take your eyes off the market for two seconds you dont have to frantically panic, sell. We are seeing a massive dip, but we will also see a bounce relatively soon. I dont know when um. I just want to look at the trucks a little bit more before i start making black holes in the fundamental secrets, but we will see a bounce. We will see a bounce, its not going to just go straight down, thats, not how the markets work and just to give you a little context. Guys stock market is dumping its not just crypto its pretty much everything everywhere. So just look at it like this. If youre going broke well, so is everybody else, so who cares? No, that sounds bad.

That sounds really bad, but its true. The cost of goods is going up like everythings very hard, its hard for everybody, its hard for small businesses like its just the way it works. I think the only people getting bailed out are people that are buddy buddy with the federal reserve thats. The only thing thats happening on a positive note, but if you look around you look at the world everybodys panicking its just the truth we just had, and especially in america, we just had like 94 years of straight up. Growth like it has to come to a halt, and it just unfortunately, you know i have to experience it um. You know right now in 2022, like thats, what it looks like you know, i was talking to my coach. I was like hey man youre, calling the recession thats, basically what youre calling um and they just happen to be insanely right. But the point im trying to make is that youre calling the recession. Do you realize how hard it is to do that? Do you realize that everybody watching this video is in a one in a lifetime moment? Thats, basically whats happening its a one in a lifetime moment right its its very hard to deal with, but at the same time people get rich in recessions and depressions. There will always be opportunities that arise whether thats trading opportunities or whether thats business opportunities. What i also want to know from my audience guys leave comments below.

Do you want me to talk about business models? Actually, i have a plan for in the next three to four years to make a hundred million dollars and it has nothing to do with trading. If you want me to start talking about business models, maybe you know developing some side. Hustles things like this. You know. Take your minds off the chart right, i could do that. You just got to. Let me know it just you know every time i make like a one of these type of videos, they dont really do well and, to be honest, i trade, im still gon na be trading no matter what im always looking at the markets, i always spend. You know uh three to four hours, looking at the markets every morning, no matter what business im doing so that will always be a thing. But if you guys want me to start talking about other money making opportunities, i could definitely do that as well. Um but yeah things are getting out of control and not everybodys built for trading. Just to be clear, if you cant weather this storm, you know think about, like your skill sets right, i think thats smarter to do in a lot of situations. People everyone thinks that you just have to do one path, because they think its the ultimate way to make money. There is no ultimate way to make money. Look. My skill set, who i am as a person actually have um.

You know one really strong strength, and i know this because ive taken multiple personalities, tests and everything like that and by the way all the personality test says. I should be like a financial advisor on wall street or something but one of my biggest attributes is um. Valor, okay, basically i just these things, dont affect me. If anything, when we see market crashes, i get really excited and i get really amped up thats, just who i am but not everybodys, not like that, just to be clear. So if you cant deal with these things, if, if you cant double down on what you already know, educate yourself and you know, relax and and if it affects you too much, then maybe youre youre in the wrong place and its okay to recognize that, and i Dont think anybodys gon na tell you that either because it doesnt align with their self interest all these youtubers. They just want you to stick around, so they can make more money. But what im trying to tell you here is that maybe youre not a trader and its okay, okay, its okay for me to say that i dont think its a big deal for me to make. That claim, because guess what not everybodys traders as simple as that! But im willing to bet if you stick, if youve been watching me for a long time, you can at least be an investor right. So i just hit you with this whole kind of like emotional story about you not potentially being a trader.

Well, guess what everybodys investors, if you have a savings account if you have any money that youre trying to save for the future, whether thats, under your mattress in a bank account or whatever it is 401k. You are an investor, and i can confidently say i can confidently say to everybody watching this video right now that you are likely an investor, so thinking from that perspective, this whole dump is pretty much irrelevant. The only people that are freaking out right now are people in bad trades. If you wait anything out for 20 years, you will likely win. We might go into recessions, recessions, typically last anywhere from three to five years and then theyre gone so again. Dont realize losses and get emotional and leave the crypto market forever. Thats, not the way you move. Dont panic sell for no reason you have to do it for a sound reason for a sound reason. Dont panic sell dont panic by sometimes its okay to just do nothing and wait it out and yeah ill try to do my best to lead. You guys through remember whats, going to happen. 99 of time is im going to speak for my own heart and i am just not everyone just to be clear. We are all different humans, so what i try to do is i try to feel for people and explain it in the context of others, but every so often its just going to be bad advice, theres nothing.

I could tell you you know why, because whats good advice for me is not good advice for everyone, its as simple as that, and this is actually why i made fundamental secrets so that we can actually get closer to people and see whats going on in their Specific life, but, to be honest with you guys, you know im not even gon na like sit here and try to act and be something im, not theres people and fundamental secrets, even stressing as well everybodys stressing you know, even if fundamentally, i think, uh. What was it chris, chris uh johnny uh said that we saved a whole bunch of money because he sold out. You know he sold out of the market when um will and matt uh were really bearish because of macro conditions, aaron bearish, because macro conditions. You know he didnt really make money, but he saved money right. So its just different everybodys different is the point im trying to make, and the worst thing you can do right now is make some type of emotional, irrational decision. I highly recommend somebody just go outside relax im about to go, take a dip in that water. It looks amazing. Oh yeah, uh marty marty just said you guys, didnt hear it. Marty said that hes um uh theres somebody in my in my course following my bitcoin millionaire strategy i made like two years ago and thats how hes making money again, like i said, hes, probably like me, hes, probably like me, he knows how to move.

He has emotional control, but again not everybody. Has this and and im okay with saying that, just to be im? Okay, you know with telling people that you should make a decision for yourself dont make it, because i said it dont make it because anybody else on the internet said it um, but yeah i mean just im gon na give you guys a second look at that Water, i mean its kind of blurry, its cinematic mode. You cant really see the water, but yeah south florida is beautiful and im pretty sure where you live is beautiful as well. Just go. Take a deep, just go outside, get some fresh air and take a deep breath and dont.