This is the craziest thing ive seen since the rug pull on squid were seeing ust d peg from us dollar weve seen bitcoin crash through critical support levels and many other cryptocurrencies get absolutely wrecked today. So what can we do in the short term, medium term and long term to better prepare for a new bitcoin bull market cycle? Lets. Take a look at that in todays video, of course. Ive also said that im buying more bitcoin today, i do not buy every single dip and theres a specific reason. Why, which ill share with you in todays video, yet again, regular viewers? Thank you so much for sticking around getting us to new. All time highs on the subscribe count, 265 000, and thank you for hitting the new all time highs on the likes. Lets smash that thing up and crack on with the video after we say, thanks to today sponsor exclusively to this channel, you guys can win your share of two ethereum. Four lucky winners will get half an eighth each use the link to sign up to buy a bit in the video description im, not recommending that you go and leverage trade. If you dont have any experience, it is a spot trading platform as well with extremely cheap fees, so check it out, link in the description and our free newsletter is coming out tomorrow. So make sure you subscribe to that and get all the updates on crypto stocks and real estate.

As we are long term investors here in real estate and the cryptocurrency markets link is in the top of the video description lets crack on with the video. So lets cover whats going on why its going on and how were going to get out of this mess. First things first is luna and ust it has been destroyed. Today. Luna has been crushed far more than i expected in such a short period of time. I was expecting a lot lower prices, obviously based on technical analysis. It was clearly showing a downtrend and critical support broke in the last couple of days, so thats the reason why luna has been dropping, but in terms of ust whats going on there. Basically, this is a nice, too long. Didnt read version of the scenario here: ust 100 magic dollars, essentially its cryptocurrency, backed by 20 bitcoins and 80 magic beans. The magic beans are luna. The 20 bitcoins are of course bitcoin, so essentially, 20 of it is bitcoin. 80 of it is luna, but some people dont think the its worth 100 real dollars, thats ust, so the lunar foundation guard is selling its bitcoin. Yes, that 3.5 billion that they bought. They announced that they are selling one and a half billion over a period of time to buy more luna, to convince people theyre worth 100 real dollars or to buy a hundred ust to convince people theyre worth the ust, so that the magic bean holders, the luna Holders dont get sat so basically theyre trying to support the price of ust by selling their bitcoin for ust to buy the ust to support the price, but that of course, hasnt worked out so far its early days, luna has been destroyed.

Im, sorry to say to the luna holders and the lunatics and the armies that were coming after me, but literally just looking at technical analysis just looking at support and resistance zone. Something simple that anyone can really use its. Not that difficult. Just put the time in to learn how to read a chart: itll come through youll, get it im sure you will the market one two three. This is the fourth day down now with very, very deep drops from 77 bucks now down to 25 or 23 dollars. Its about a 70 drop in the last few days so far weve got 20 hours to go on this bar. We havent seen a nice bounce up yet to get us to close above those levels back into that zone between 30 and about 50 dollars. So its not looking too good for luna at the moment, thats. What you want to see, if youre a luna holder for this market, to hold support here at around 20 to 25 climb its way back above, but, as you can see, once the market starts to break its support levels and in this case quite quickly, it generally Keeps going until some buyers step in were waiting to see that at the moment for luna, as for ust, the carnage that has happened over the last 24 hours, basically breaking its peg and then very very quickly, down to 61 cents is now trying to recover. So its trying to find some stability at around that 70 to 80 cent level you can see here we had a close on the four hour uh just a few hours ago, at 76 cents, the next bar had a huge drop and a huge bounce back.

So you can see the market is really trying to find the stability around that mid 70s, and i think if it does start to break down, then of course well have to come back and test. Those 60 cent levels is now a time to freak out. That is the million dollar question. Looking at your portfolio, the way to manage this is obviously risk and reward whats the reward here. The market can go back up to a dollar, so unfortunately, the losses here so far from a dollar are 25 percent whats the risk to the downside. This is obviously an extreme time and im not saying to do either of these options, but if this could go to zero, which they can all do im not saying it will so calm down before you get on that keyboard thats. What you have to weigh up for your own portfolio, the risk to reward, and that happens with every single cryptocurrency? Unfortunately, this was a decentralized cryptocurrency. Could we be seeing the bottom sure so ill be looking at a lower term timeframe? If you didnt want to sell out and just keep watching these support levels and ensure, on shorter term time frames, they start to get higher and higher so that you can see the base coming into the market as a way to not freak out. At these current d pegged levels so theres a couple scenarios, there weigh up the risk to reward whats, the downside versus the upside and then, if you are looking to get a little bit more active with your investment start to track this on a shorter term timeframe, Which will take work and some time to see where these lows are coming in? Can you see the market getting higher and starting to climb its way back to that peg thats your best case scenario.

If you do start to see, it continue to form lower highs and break down thats the worst case scenario, so thats a way to manage the risk in this particular situation. Why are we seeing this happen? Well, obviously, weve seen the dpeg theyre selling bitcoin bitcoin is dropping that scares the rest of the market, but i think more deeper to the point. Looking at the broader market, uh again s p dropped. This is what weve been looking at for the entire year. All right enough said about me saying this is what weve been talking about for months and months and nuts months thats for sure the flip side to this is we are getting closer to a bottom. You can see were getting closer to these support levels, which youve been looking for four thousand at worst case. I think somewhere around thirty five hundred. This is for the s p. So these for me, are some signals that we will hopefully see some sort of turn. A bounce the market find that support somewhere down and move back higher if we get it at 4000 or ’00, which is basically coming out right on the target so far for the double top, which is fantastic for a short trade here that, as a form of A base and a move higher could be early signs for the crypto market for bitcoin to find a base two so thats. What were looking for here for s p, it also fell.

It broke that fifty percent at four thousand and now looking to come back and test the thirty ’00 level on s p, nasdaq, again same sort of thing. That was the target 11 700 points and 12 000 points, so nearly there as well on the nasdaq. So i think, were getting closer to these loads. This is the the opium, the beauty about these markets. If weve got some targets set, if we have some time frames set a lot of people say you cant time the market. But if you just do the same thing, you do with price its. Not that difficult just getting an idea of ranges repeating in terms of time. Of course, this does take time to learn so its there all the information out there to be able to do it so looking forward for the nasdaq 11700, i think thats a reasonably good level should we see some spikes down no problems and in terms of an Invalidation, if we dont get that far down, we start to see a bounce here in the market trend higher first. I believe it needs to reclaim this yellow line here, thats around the 13 000 point level, because that was a previous support and a support again in january. I think it was february of this year and then you can see it was rejected back in 2021 and then also found support so thats a pretty good line here. If we were to find support for the nasdaq and then it bounced back above that will happen.

Probably, while the market is still feeling bearish, should we get a move up then move back down. This particular move pay attention to that thats, probably going to feel extremely bearish, whether it happens here or we go lower, and then we get that higher low forming that high low will seem extremely bearish im going to say that again mark my words that second one We get will feel extremely bearish, not saying the price will go lower, but the feel will be there as an extreme bear. But if youre paying attention to your price chart, which im sure you are youll, see that the price potentially does not well, it shouldnt go as low as the previous low. So this is all hypothetical at the moment, because we dont have a low end yet and well see it as the market goes down, jumps up and comes back when that happens, keep an eye on your price chart. That will be your ticket out of the mess that the rest of the system is in because they still dont understand that and what that means in terms of how it works is the market psychology around a divergence. The price is getting stronger, so more support is coming in at higher prices and the feeling is still extremely bearish, so youre getting a divergence between what the market emotion is and where the support from the smart money is coming in thats. How to read these more macro pictures in the macro markets to then put it across into your you know: to bring this information across into your cryptocurrency trading.

This is basically just tape. Reading 101 learning how the markets act in terms of price and emotion. We will keep up to date with that they dont happen overnight and when it does start to form, well have a look at that in a lot more detail and as a note that happens in reverse as well at the tops of the market, you get a Lower top, but you get extreme excitement. Dont worry well keep up to date with that, like we have been keeping up to date with the fear and greed plan. Yesterday was 11, which we bought some bitcoin and today is extreme fear, yet again at 10.. So what do we got to do? Well? Weve got to go across and buy some btc and thats going to be at the open price of today, which lets if we take another closer look. Todays bar is opening at thirty thousand and seventy eight dollars. As for our plan were going to type in here, thirty thousand and seventy eight dollars that gives us another thousand bucks weve now purchased point zero, three three: two: four of a bitcoin giving us a total of point: five seven. Now this is the plan that we uh use with our members and ive talked about this since may of 2021, essentially just looking to enter the market into bitcoin when the fear and greed hits 15 or less now. I know some people have taken this plan and used it for themselves, which is great, turned it into something that works for them.

Personally, i like to keep it at around 15 and under based on just looking at the history of the fear and greed index. Going back to 2018, you can see all of the times that the market was at 15 or under it seemed to be around extreme times, whereas if the market was sitting around 20 to 15 or 20 to 16, then youre still getting those higher prices with fear. But nothing as extreme as what were looking for and what were looking for are those really extreme times. Doesnt mean the market cant go any lower, but ideally thats sort of the areas that we want and you can see in in the past in history 2018. These have been all the purchase times february april 2018 september and october november december. A lot of buying through 2018 and 2019 market took off. There are a couple of higher buyers, but again this is dollar cost, averaging on a longer term, time frame with a view of bitcoin only going up and of course, youve got to add in your own selling point, which is very personal to the individual investor. So you need to identify what your selling points are going to be. Personally, i wouldnt be using a fair and greed plan for selling, because the extreme greed can come into the market when we havent reached the top, and we can be quite far from the top. But in terms of a dca into the lows so far over the last four years, it has worked out reasonably reasonably well, even though its not the exact bottom, but is close to some bottom.

So keep that in mind we can still fall further. You know we have a lot of support levels: 20, 24. 28. All those sort of levels still in place. It doesnt mean we cant go down further, but it helps with those buyers. And personally i like it because it is not a simple dca plan buying every week or every month, even when the market is at highs, it pushes you to purchase when there is a lot of fear in the markets and it does more purchasing at those fearful Levels, even though the price can continue to go down, because no one is saying this calls the bottom. It just calls a rough area of extreme fear which in the past, has shown to be reasonable times. Of course not financial advice do your own research with it, but i think its a great starting point to develop on and create a plan that suits your own investment strategies now, as for a price target, because weve looked at time targets many many times on the Channel in terms of what i think is going to happen with the market later this year, looking at an 18.6 year cycle, looking at the four year cycle for bitcoin and in terms of but where lows and highs come in with the four year cycle, just taking Another quick look at something nice and simple for a price point, just looking at the 200 week moving average for the bitcoin price, you know this 200 weeks at 21, 700.

. Call it a rough 22 thousand. This is touched pretty much very close to it. In almost every single one of these dips, of course, there was a small dip here in 2013, mid 2013, where we didnt touch the 200 week. But apart from that, a lot of these other times you can see the market can grip. That weve come close to it many many times and then eventually touched it as well. We go back to 2018 2019 didnt necessarily touch it with the closing price, but in terms of the wicks or the lower price it looks like it well, it did get there at some points along that journey of accumulation. So keep that in mind as well as we continue to fortunately trend down, but in terms of the opium buy low, sell high. I cant stress that enough, so get it into your plans feel a little bit more comfortable. If you have set yourself ideas on price targets and time targets and then basically just execute when those signals come up as for altcoins and the total market cap were now down to 1.4 trillion, our number was around 1.8 as a support level. Weve obviously broken down from that and as we broke, the support weve come quickly down from that point. So again, ta is working across a lot of were basically working on all charts. Now, looking at some of the major cryptos eth down to 2200 were looking at solana, which is now 64 bucks getting closer to my targets between 20 and 50 dollars.

Yes, ive stuck to that for many many months now after selling out solana. But honestly, you know ill keep saying it day in day out, because i want people to succeed in these markets and the more i hear other influencers talking about buying cryptocurrencies, because they honestly have no idea, of course, in my personal opinion, because that suits the market. That suits their viewers. That annoys me so im going to say day in day out. I think a lot of these cryptos will probably not make it, as we have seen in the past thats thats kind of like the raw truth to it. Im, not sugar coating. It if you wanted sugar coating, there is plenty of influences out there that will sugar coat it for you to make. You feel better im not about that im about longevity in the markets and basically becoming apathetic removing the emotions from the market, because, at the end of the day, its money money doesnt have an emotion, so kadano 61 cents. I think this could eventually, over time get to about 40 cents. Probably even lower luna has has done a pretty decent job down at 34, now recently around 25 and then polka dot as well. I think a lot of these have probably got a little further to go. Lets have a look at the invalidation of the possibility of some of these cryptos making a comeback because thats a very important point as well.

So if we take luna as an example, if this thing isnt to go further because its been the hardest hit, then we want to see the markets bounce back from where they currently are and find a base again at previous support levels. So levels that were support have now potentially become resistance. You want to see them come back and break higher, so there are invalidation points to the market dropping and over some time, which i think will probably have to get a grind going on now for accumulation. I think weve got a fair bit of time and patience, even though a big big point here is that these markets could find a base, for example, at twenty dollars and then bounce to forty dollars. Maybe even fifty and thatll give you thatll show up as a hundred percent 150 percent return from those lows that is going to be the psychological game going forward from here. The biggest psychological game i can see going forward is wherever these lows come in, and the markets bouncing from that point. That is going to be one tough game for a lot of new investors, because weve weve been hit so hard for so long. A lot of percent down and then all of a sudden you see a bounce and a move back above from 20 to 40 bucks, for example, 100. You feel like that belongs to you, but when you really look at it, its not really a hundred percent, because youre down so far and buying the exact low is almost impossible.

So that is going to be the psychological game. I see moving forward, especially while these markets recover and will need to take some time to do that they might even give some false signals above some false signals below and then start to move again. So, beware of that game coming up thanks to our sponsors by bit link is in the description you can win up to half an eighth four lucky winners will get that and i am deadly serious when i talk about that psychological game coming up in the lows. Not only do we have to battle out our portfolios getting absolutely crushed in terms of old coins, we then have to battle the possibility of a bounce, seeing huge returns after that bounce the money the portfolios are down so far that when you get that bounce, that Percentage return is going to look absolutely crazy, chasing that return after its already bounced 50 100 150 percent could be the death of a portfolio because youre trying to get onto something else, and then you see the market fall again once that thing, bounces 100 50 down Is back to where it was at that low, so theres a lot of opportunity to lose a lot of money during those churns as well. So lets look for the confirmation, as always stay safe in the market like the video subscribe to the channel.