It seems like anywhere you look. All youll see is bad news. Negative sentiment, talks about a recession and just how the entire market is coming to a crash. No god, please! No. If your portfolio has taken a hit and you are feeling lost in what you should do, let me tell you: you are in the right place right now, because in todays video well discuss exactly what you need to know what you should do in order to profit From this bear market and also make money, while others happen to lose money, like always, if you guys are enjoying these daily market updates, be sure to like this video, if you havent done so already and with that being said, lets hop into the computer and see Whats going on in the market for today, so the global crypto market cap today sitting at 1.44 trillion dollars. These are some record levels that we actually have not seen in a very long time. Aside from the crypto market, the entire financial market had a terrible opening. We saw the s p down at two point: five percent, the dow, which is also down two percent and the nasdaq which also went down about three percent. So normally the crypto market cap has not seen the levels underneath 1.5 trillion dollars for over a year. Bitcoin has also seen a drastic fall today, trading below the crucial support level of 35, 000 and 33 thousand dollars at the time of filming.

This video bitcoin is sitting at 30 872 dollars, and this has brought the currency to its lowest level this year and its trading well below the 50 range from its all time, high of back in november. Now, if it wasnt even bad enough for the first time in eight years, bitcoin delivered its sixth weekly red candle in a row. Now, next to the crypto markets, the nft markets have been doing extremely well, but on a day like today, the market activity has actually dropped over 31 percent over the last 24 hours. Now, taking a look at bitcoin, the key support here is going to be that 30 000 level right now were sitting right above it, and this here is called the psychological level which are market prices that are frequently used to support and or resistance, because they are A round number when it comes to the crypto markets, these numbers, especially with bitcoin, are pretty easy. You have ten twenty thirty thousand forty thousand fifty thousand sixty thousand and so on. A lot of people forget to realize how important psychological levels are simply because this still has to do with human nature and our general tendency for order, simplicity and reference. As a result, these prices often become the entry exit or support levels which we refer to within the cryptocharts. Pretty often now, with the current market sentiment being completely bearish the economy. On the verge of entering a recession, we have not yet felt the full effects of powells recent and future rate hikes.

Now i would not be surprised if bitcoin continues to drop down below 30 000 in may or june, and taking a look at the bitcoin daily chart. This is actually the first time in the beginning of the year that the rsi is showing that bitcoin is as oversold on the daily. So bitcoin liquidations have been making an all time high for this year and further contributing to the decline of its price. Taking a look at coin glass, well notice that in the last 24 hour we have 933 million dollars getting wrecked. In addition to that, in the last day, we also have 229 000 traders, which were liquidated, and the total liquidation, like i said, comes at about almost a billion dollars. Now the total liquidation graph shows hundreds of millions of liquidations in bitcoin, not even just looking at all coins, if youre new to the liquidation market or this type of data. This pretty much just means that whenever a liquidation occurs, this is when an exchange closes a leveraged position as a safety mechanism due to a partial or total loss of the traders. Initial margin going into the crypto fear and greed index today were seeing 11 on the scale. We have not seen numbers hitting this low in a while and we are seeing definitely a lot of people not even just seeing but feeling the fear within this market. Now i do also need to mention that bitcoins declining phase also began parallel with the u.

s stock market, something we mentioned time in and time out right now, bitcoins rolling correlation with the tech focus nasdaq 100 is to hit a historically high level of 0.8. This means its now showing its traditionally strong correlation to ethereum, which is also on the rise and currently hovers around 0.9, as the nasdaq index is expected to drop by two percent. Bitcoin is most likely to follow, and if this happens that we could possibly see the bitcoin up price slide below 30 000 shortly after now. Whichever way you look at it, just because support levels are constantly getting broken and it looks like bitcoin is still so tied up with the stock market. There is little to be bullish about on the technical analysis, but when it comes to bitcoin and the overall fundamental news, nothing has changed for me personally, i see a lot of fun within the market and i know right now. Many people are feeling that fear and when you see that portfolio being down as much as it is, it truly is terrifying for a lot of newer investors. But i see this as a huge opening opportunity for other investors being able to buy into prices that they werent able to before when crypto mass adoption has continued to rise up. Yet we still see for no real good reason. Bitcoin and all coins continue to slide down. I see this as strong opportunities to load up the bag. Now loading up the bag does not mean that you go in all in any time.

You see the first sign of huge liquidations happening. This all depends on what your time horizon within the market is what your risk tolerance also is, and then also if you are able to sustain any further drops in the market. One of the reasons why i dont talk about leverage or i dont preach about people using margin is because of simple reasons like this right now. Many viewers of the channel – you guys, have been anticipating a drop down below in the market for a while weve, been mentioning this in our updates for the last few weeks. Just talking about how the market dip was coming, and we also talk a lot about how you should use your own money within these markets continue going long and not focus ever on using additional debt and using additional leverage, because in times like this, those are the People that are getting truly wiped out the most as soon as an exchange goes ahead and liquidates your positions. That means you are seriously at that loss, but for anyone, whos looking at their portfolio and its down 20 30. 40. 50. You still have not actually made those losses happen. You have not realized those losses because they have not gotten liquidated. If the market does recover in the next year and youre still able to hold those bags – and it goes up even higher than before – you still have never lost money – you realize those positions at a gain.

That means you still made money within all the market volatility that weve had now before we even go into any of the details of that. I wanted to answer one question here: if youre feeling anxious, if youre feeling that fud your portfolios down, what should you be doing? What should you not be doing lets talk about this logically, so we dont make any irrational decisions now. First things. First, the big rule of thumb is to never panic sell, just because you think the prices might drop lower. I say it a lot, and it is true time in the market is better than trying to time this market bear markets are a fact of life. Weve talked about how they are natural contingencies within any type of cycle. I want to quote this one fact here: its really important they state bear markets, are normal theres actually been 26 bear markets in the s p 500 index since 1928. However, theres also been 27 bull markets and stocks have risen significantly over the long term. If we pull the s p 500 to the max line, youll notice that yeah weve had some significant dips uh, but this never means that we havent seen increasing growth over time. Another fact is that bear markets are tend to be short lived and the average length of a bear market is about 289 days or about 9.6 months, which is still significantly shorter than the average length of a bull market, which is 991 days or 2.

7 years. Bear markets have also been less frequent since world war ii and half of the s p, 500 indexs strongest days in the last 20 years, actually occurred during a bear market. On top of that, if you want some more good news as well, another 34 of the markets best days took place in the first two months of a bull market before it was clear that a bull market had even begun, in other words, the best way to Weather a downturn could be to stay invested since its difficult to target the markets recovery. At this point, if you are a newer investor, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to lay out a plan and a strategy to get yourself out of the hole and to take full advantage of the opportunities that these bear markets provide us ill. Tell you this a lot of the high cap and mid cap coins a lot of our favorite all coin picks the reason why they end up being my pick is because even in a bear market, there are going to be projects that get wiped out completely, where Micro caps would destroy and obliterate many peoples portfolio. You have no liquidity, so you cant even get out, but then you have a lot of these top all coins that even within a bear market, if youre able to sustain the length of the pain, you can still find yourself recovering and making that money back.

So, as an investor always make sure you separate your emotions from the investment decision making process, because ultimately this will save you from making irrational acts from a state of fear and a mistake that you cant bounce back from. Let me tell you this its within human nature, for us to go fight or flight response mode, and when this kicks in within a bear market, you can either make life changing money or you can lose huge huge amounts of money. I will say this time and time out: bear markets are a natural part of the market cycle and there are millions upon millions of investors. Everyone is feeling that pain, and just imagine just imagine how maybe michael saylor, elon musk. Some of these other whales who have been holding big positions might be feeling when they actually have skin in the game where its just more than their own personal portfolio, but its the money of investors, its the lifeline of their company, and you see them being rigid. Sticking true to the fundamentals: it should also give you confidence within this market as well. Now. What i covered just now is more of the psychological mindset that you should have within this market, but lets actually cover some more deep strategies on plans that you could do to not just survive and sustain, but to overcome and win significantly within this market. The first thing, first im gon na mention, is accumulating with dollar cost averaging.

One lesson from the bear market of 2007 to 2009 is that if you buy assets at regular intervals, you will prosper when that market does rebound. Those who use this strategy didnt know whether the bearer market would end in december 2007 or if it ended in june 2008 or as it finally did in march 2009. Now, while some investors say their portfolio were cut in half by the time the bear market finally ended, they were at least still incredibly profitable when the entire market decided to turn around. The moral of that story is its best not to go all in all. At the same time, but to just keep investing small amounts at regular intervals and to understand that you are setting your future self up for success in order to get a gauge on what to expect within future bear markets. We look at the past to give us a gauge of that direction. Now. Another strategy in order to capitalize on this time is to find the assets that increase in price when everything seems to go down. This is also what is known as hedging the market. If you dont have that long time horizon all right so pulling on my weeble theres, actually one stock called antero resources which acted as my hedge within this market for this year. So far, ive had an unrealized profit gain of 228. Now this is just sorting from my other stocks that have been acting as that hedge and still been being able to outperform the downside of the tech market.

But if i scroll down youll notice that i do still have a lot of stock still within the red one, one of the strategies that i wanted to mention is just to make sure that youre able to find other assets that are still increasing in price and Within a bear market ill tell you not, everything goes down, there are certain markets, there are certain assets, there are certain stocks, crypto and even nfts, that still hedge the market and go up even when times like this things seem to go down in order to find These its always helpful to research, past a bear market and in order to see which stocks sectors and assets actually go up. Food and personal care stocks, often known as the defensive stocks, usually do well. During this time, many financial websites publish sector performances for different time frames and you can easily see which sectors are currently outperforming others. In times like this, if you want to play, the more conservative bet make sure that youre able to allocate some of your cash into those sectors, as once a sector does well. It usually performs well for a long period of time. Bear markets are also known to have different types of catalysts, so this strategy also helps investors allocate accordingly. Now one of the next strategies that you could take advantage of is just finding value. Investors such as warren buffett, often viewing bear markets as buying opportunities, because the valuations of good companies often get hammered down along with the poor companies and sit at very attractive valuations.

Now ill say this: if we are able to use these principles and still use that within the crypto market during the bear market, where we invest into all coins that still have great utility and strong conviction, but only go down just because bitcoin and stocks go down That is where that opportunity arises. On top of that, all coins can prove to have some of the highest returns back only because when they get slaughtered and they get wrecked anytime, we see green or growth back in the market, which i will tell you, it will happen, we will see green and Growth coming back into this market, that is when those returns can go to some new, all time highs, and you can see yourself making at least 100 2x 3x 4x5x ry back within the market. I just know it gets tough for people who feel the fear see the market going down. But if you had the mindset since the beginning, when the market hits a certain point and you buy in and you keep it emotionless, you will do very very well now, as i mentioned earlier, we dont know how long this bear market will last, but there is One thing that is for certain and that prices will go back up and we will have a bull market in the future for those who are new to trading. Take this time to also improve upon your research. Your investing skill learn some technical analysis study the fundamentals so that when the next bull cycle does come, you will be prepared to make the most out of it when it comes to improving things like technical analysis, you can start by practicing on making your own small Trades within the bear market and as you continue to learn, if you are able to make money in the bear market, you can definitely be ready to make sure that youre able to maximize any chances in the next ebola cycle as well now, by employing some alternative Strategies, i know that you guys can succeed during this time, and i know a lot of people are going to suffer major losses with their portfolios, but it is really the times like this, where youre able to find those huge, huge winners, although may was looking to Be a bullish month just because of thats what weve seen historically, we also do have to mention and note that we have never seen this much money being printed months months earlier on.

For me, i have a time horizon that can last one two three four five years. I can find alternative ways to continue making money in other different markets, and i know that you guys can do this as well too. If your money is all tied up within crypto and you need it for some reason, that is one big thing right there. You should never be investing money that you cant afford to lose, and this is one of the reasons why, although we have been giving many warnings that the crypto markets werent looking too great, but there were opportunities for it to go up that risk and reward is Something that you still dont want to be fully negligent in whether this is the stock market or crypto always move with caution and just make sure that you are not over leveraged within any markets now guys. Hopefully, this video was of some reassurance to you. I know a lot of people are freaking out. A lot of people are sad, but im telling you there is still very good news coming out within the markets all the time and right now, even though, when things look shaky and we dont know when the bottom is coming, this is something that were all together Within the crypto markets are not going to be suppressed for as long as many people assume it will be. I do think we are going to see that reversal. At some point i do think we still have a very, very bullish future ahead and right now.

This is just all part of the journey. If you are down 20, you want to cut your losses, i mean i get it, but for the people, who are down 50 60 70 80 people who are you know, bought in literally all the way at the top. If you cant stay calm within this market and youre freaking out delete the app dont, allow yourself to panic, sell at the bottom just give it some time get some fresh air enjoy some other type of videos, and if you are on the other side, where you Are reading charts make sure youre reading the charts for the right reason, which is to maximize on that opportunity? Now, if you guys are within that select group of people who are going to maximize this opportunity and continue to win – and you want to find a crypto exchange that offers you some of the lowest fees within the market check out ftx, one of our sponsors listed Down below in the description with ftx, you find yourself earning 85 lower fees, theres, no fixed minimum fees, no ach transaction fees, it can also set up reoccurring, buys from directly within the app if crypto has been sucking for you and you want to get into stocks. Ftx is one of the few crypto exchanges that are now allowing for you to also buy crypto with them as well. Ftx is a ton more coming and they even had a recent involvement back in miami for one of the formula.

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Now i just want to say i know things are looking rough, but the secret code word for today its going to be hope. I want you guys to stick with that. Keep hope within this market because not all is lost. This is just a normal part of the cycle. Thank you all so much again for watching this.