Starks lab created the most important layer, 2 protocol in the crypto universe, and we at crypto jeb believe she deserves a bit more recognition in this video im going to talk about the lightning network and the powerhouse leader that made it possible. If you enjoy learning about this founding member of the crypto world, please somewhat vigorously smash the like button and consider subscribing now without much further ado. Lets go ahead and dive right on into it. Elizabeth stark born in brooklyn new york holds a bachelors from brown university in international relations and a law degree from harvard university right off the bat youre going to notice that elizabeths origin story is different from tech nerds like musk, hoskinson and vitalik. Her unique background in law and international business is just the pedigree that is looking more and more like a necessity for major projects in the crypto space. As regulators continue to present obstacles to other projects like ripple, terra and other stable coins. Starks expertise in law has not always played to her advantage. In the early days. The leader of the bitcoin layer 2 was criticized for her lack of confidence while discussing the development details of lightning. In this early lets, talk bitcoin podcast from february 2018, stark faced criticism for her inability to directly answer development related questions with one commenter saying when asked if the larger hurdles have been passed and if the development is now more focused on honing the code, she gave An essays worth of fluff i stopped listening then and now im concerned about the lightning networks, legitimacy and another, referring to her talking style as very hard to follow.

Despite this early criticism, stark was able to press on and has remained the ceo and public face of the lightning network to this day. In fact, we will drop a link in the description to this video, where stark interviews, young coders autumn domingo and ishiana mizrah, who share their journeys of becoming bitcoin developers at the bitcoin 2022 conference that we attended. The interview highlights how far elizabeth stark has come from her early days as a nervous, podcast guest to now leading a conversation on the future of development at the biggest crypto event of the year. So for any of you out there right now, who feel under equipped to be speaking up for what you believe in remember that if you let your convictions run deep, you will be able to stay the course with what you were doing and one day emerging glory. Just like elizabeth stark now that youre feeling inspired lets take a look at the payoff that starks hard work has earned for the bitcoin community. In april of 2022, frederick vold wrote an article for that sported a staggering headline: bitcoin lightning network payments jump over 400 80 million users now have access to the network. Starks lightning network has shown stunning growth since august of 2021. This graph from arcane research shows how shiva wallet and paxful implementing lightning started a rapid increase into the millions of users with wallets that access the lightning network that was recently eclipsed when cash app, also implemented lightning.

More access does not mean that users are actively buying or spending bitcoin, but it does mean that the next big bull run that bitcoin has may even be more parabolic, because millions more people will have access to faster transaction speeds and lower fees that the lightning network Provides lightning can deliver a superior network because it is a layer 2 that increases scalability, enabling micropayments without custodial risk according to on the lightning network, payments dont need block confirmations and are instant and atomic lightning can be used at retail point of sale terminals with User device to device transactions or anywhere instant payments are needed. This point of sale technology unlocks the retail market potential that weve been talking about so much on our morning live show coffee and krypton. What you havent heard of it coffee crypto is a 10 a.m. Eastern live show here in the youtubes, where our experienced team of crypto experts discuss the technical analysis of popular cryptos, as well as the fundamental economic forces that are driving sentiment in the global markets. We hope that youll join us. Hey look at this nifty graph from arcane research, which shows the payment volume for the last nine quarters, which found that lightning networks, payment volume grew by over 400 percent between q1 2021 and q1 2022. This statistic that frederick vold helped point out to us earlier is scheduled to continue to rise as many other payment platforms with millions more users join the lightning network to deliver the bitcoin option to more and more people around the world.

It was all made possible by elizabeth stark, who has not only shown that she can represent her lightning network with a confident eloquence on stage, but she can also close deals behind the scenes with some of the top crypto wallets, like paxful shivo cash app and more. If you want to see what elizabeth stark is up to next, you can follow her on her twitter. At tony stark, i mean sorry at starkness and while you are there, you can follow me at cryptogeb. Well, thats all for this video. Hopefully, you now know a lot more about lightning networks, co, founder and ceo elizabeth stark, be sure to like and subscribe to the channel. But before i go, i do just first want to thank each and every single last one of you for watching. As always – and i will see you guys in the next video peace, whoa whoa look at this guy – he watched the entire video. What a cool guy. I think the next thing that he wants to do is hit the like button and then probably even subscribe to the channel and perhaps even comment down below what he thought, that that would be pretty cool wow.