This is daryl from daily crypto trade signals coming to you live from vietnam, guys wow wow, whoa whoa. Is it over guys were seeing that uh? You know. Bitcoin right now is uh. You know its. It did go below 30. 000. Briefly it did, it did go all the way down here. Uh it did touch a low of twenty nine thousand. Eight hundred thirty three, i mean it has come back right now, so that is pretty good, so you know what what are we looking at? What are we thinking about for cryptocurrency? You know everything is down its a huge blood blast out there. You know people have a lot of people have given up, hope and uh. You know theyre just selling and you know there is some hope and were going to talk about what that hope is in this video guys and gals. And you know there is some hope and at the end of the tunnel, and this hope could actually you know, restart and reignite a crypto going up the up guys because you know from my opinion, i dont think the billionaires are going to allow bitcoin to get Much lower than this – and you know, as i have been talking about in my previous videos, you know we did see this uh. You know this low uh all the way back here. You know when we were back at these levels, so you know it its. Not un unquestionable its not out of the realm of possibility that we could see bitcoin go down at 29 000 and we havent actually seen that we, you know we did.

We did. We did go below 30 000, but we did bounce back up. So that is pretty good, and you can see here on the four hour time frame that uh bitcoin is trying to make a move to the upside right. Now, the time recording who knows by the time youre watching this, it could reverse guys. So you know theres a lot of panic on the street right now. You can see that the fear and greed is at 10. We havent seen these these low levels for such a such a long time. Oh its amazing. I havent seen this and you know also yesterday we could see the us markets took a huge hit. We saw the nasdaq was down four percent, we saw the s, p was down three percent and we saw that the dow jones is down. One percent were seeing right now that the overall crypto market is down almost around about anywhere from six to seven percent were seeing that uh bitcoin has bled out another ten percent right now i mean is that twelve percent earlier so it has come back up a Little bit uh since uh, you know, since i woke up this morning, so thats positive. But will this hold? Is this a recovery, or is this just a little bit of a fake up before we continue ourselves going down to 29 000, so well, just have to take a wait and see attitude out there.

So you know some news thats coming in right now you can see that bitcoin exchange inflows hit three month high uh, so you know so are we going to be seeing more downside and we can see that the amount of bitcoin thats been going flowing back onto Exchanges has hit a three month high, and that is because theres a huge sell off right now. People are actually panicking. I mean the retail investors uh theyre, just panicking like, like mad men out there, you know were also seeing that you know over one billion liquidations happen the last 24 hours, and this is a huge amount of liquidations, guys a huge huge amount of liquidations – and this Was like you know, almost 800 million 800 million longs and 202 million shorts got liquidated, so the market makers are just having a field day, but there is some hope there is some hope, theres some hope at the end of the tunnel im going to show you What that is so keep watching remember now. This is financial advice. This is just the og expressing his opinion. Im not a licensed financial advisor guys so guys cheer up its its, not a total disaster out there, its pretty close to one but its, not a total disaster, guys uh, you know also. This is not looking good. Pretty good. Microstrategy microstrategy goes underwater in its latest bitcoin crash. So you know the largest bitcoin holder is in the red right now.

So you know basically uh microstrategy. They once bitcoin dipped below 30 330 theyre in the red, because what happened is microstrategy is their average. Is 30 700, so hopefully, right now uh, you know its uh 31 000, so were making some moves guys. So it looks like microstrategy is out of out of danger right now, but its getting too close too close for comfort. If i micro strategy – but you know, i believe that the billionaires and people like michaels, michael sayer and michael strategy theyre not going to allow bitcoin to tank tankity tank tank. I still believe that 29 000 is the absolute bottom and i dont believe that were going to be going lower than that guys and gals. So you know liquidations insane uh. Also you, as you guys, can see you know, many narratives are being tested right now and uh from my my perspective were seeing that theres a huge, huge battle going on right now at the 30 000, a dollar level so hopefully well recover, and you know so Far so far we are seeing a little bit of a pump were back up to 31 000 from our low of uh, 29, 833, so thats pretty good guys. So hopefully that will hold, and hopefully its not just some kind of fake out thats going to all drive his nuts in the house uh. So you know, as plan b has said, at an intense battle, theres an intense battle right now at 30k, some liquid, they just got pulled all signs – are that we are going lower market sell order.

Pressure seems to be overwhelming limit order, buy orders on market by volume. So it looks like you know. The market sell orders are much higher than the limit buy, orders right now and thats going to create more pressure, and that could push the bitty down guys and gals. But lets take a look at this guys. If we look at, if we go back historically, we can see that bitcoin drawdowns from all time highs. You know we saw that uh. We have seen these. We have actually seen these before. In 2020, we had a 57 percent drawdown in 2021. We had a 54 draw drawdown. The all time highs are 65 to 69k, so right now were at a 53 percent drawdown from all time highs uh. But you know we did bounce back in 2021, we did have a huge, huge, huge drawdown, and but we did bounce back. We did absolutely come back. You all know that, so you know im still. I still believe we got this double bubble. Double bottom is coming in and uh. You know – and i believe that you know were getting higher lows on these double bottoms right now, because we did go as low as 29k uh 28 28 uh about 29k last uh last year and we did bounce up the upside. We did form an all time. High, so could this patent be forming again? Could we be seeing ourselves going up? I think so.

Im positive im still positive, even though sure you know my my portfolio is looking pretty pretty nasty in the house right now, its not looking good uh, but you know these uh drawdowns are not too unusual and we could be seeing a reversal coming in soon, but You know there is light at the end of tunnel heres the light guys. You know as ive been telling you on wednesday. We got the cpi core data and you know the estimate on the streets is 8.1, 8.1 percent. So thats going to be a considerable improvement from last months. Data were seeing some of the job data is positive, were seeing some of the consumer price uh prices are, you know, settling and and kind of you know going down a little bit. So if we could see on wednesday, the cpi data is positive, this could have a big impact. This could be the jolt that will send the markets uppity up up, and this could start the recovery guys so lets hope this happens. There is light at the end of the tunnel, guys do not panic out there actually do not panic out there. You know. Also too, you know bitcoin having each uh. Epoch is about four years uh long and at twenty two thousand uh, two hundred and ten thousand blocks so were were about halfway through were about halfway through our uh epoch, three or the fourth, the third fourth halving out there.

So you know what im saying to you: guys is: you know worst case scenario, absolute worst case scenario, where youre just gon na have to hold to 2025 thats it guys, but i still believe that were going to get a recovery coming in and sometimes you need To just zoom out wendy trendy is your friendly and you can see that if you go back to 2011 here and you look, you know overall, we sure weve had some peaks and ballots, but the overall trend is pretty positive. You know arc investment, kathy wood is saying that were near the end of the bear market and predicts explosion in blockchain technology. You know so shes been pretty positive, shes saying that you know were going to be seeing the bottom very shortly and when that happens were going to see a huge explosion in blockchain technology, and we just need the markets to reset. I think the markets are resetting and im hoping that wednesday will be the huge catalyst that will take things higher and higher guys, so dont give up hope. You know this is absolutely good time to be buying the dips guys absolutely buying the dips bitcoin. Are you ready for a huge, huge 2022 pump, guys im ready, you guys should get ready, and i think that you know we are going to be. You know going up guys and i think that were going to have a reversal coming in pretty soon so that is pretty positive uh and you know more positive news: the bukulele el salvador, they just bought 500 more bitcoin – and you know that is that is you Know: cool beans in the house you know some other negative news is seeing that the lunar us usd uh is tankity.

Tank has become unpacked so guys. If youre holding luna watch out guys uh, we could be seeing a huge tank and luna has gone down almost 50 in the last 24 hours. So thats, not good guys, so lets take a look at uh bitcoin. He has broken down from my parallel channel. That is not positive at all, but i believe that we are hitting the bottom and were gon na, as cathy woods said, were gon na have a reversal coming in now, bitcoin has gone into my blue box and every time we go into these blue boxes, we Often see a reversal to the upside, so you know we have entered the what i call the the reversal zone. So that is pretty good and i think that you know were going to reverse the upside and were going to start to see a huge recovery coming. Pretty soon you guys are going to love it im going to love it guys. So you know its going to be fantastic, so dont dont be a negative nancy. Okay, be positive! Wait for that reversal. Guys absolutely wait for the reversal. If you take a look at ethereum right now right there, its also uh were having to take a look at the dose coin right now, so dose coin is not looking good right now at all, dogecoin has broken down below uh 10 cents and now its sitting At a 10 cent support level so were around about a support.

Level is around about 10 cents right now for the doji wojcie. We did some have some positive news yesterday and that positive news was that the 455 million websites are now accepting doziers payment. So if you have a world press uh, a world press, doge, uh world press website, you can use dogecoin uh to accept payments, so thats pretty cool catalyst, but you know it didnt cause any spikes for the dogecoin at all. It just kind of you know. Nothing happened because dogecoin is being trapped because of bitcoin guys, so that is whats going on with that, and we have broken down below my white support, and that is not good. That is absolutely not good, so you can see that you know right now. A dogecoin is free, falling uh and thats, just thats, just terrible guys thats. All i got ta say about that. The markets are not looking good were seeing that ethereum is still uh being supported at the 22 uh 2200 level, so that is being thats pretty good. From that perspective – and we can see the ethereum is trying to come back a little bit right now, as is dogecoin and were seeing that were getting a little bit of a pump guys. I cant say its a recovery were seeing. Solana is also up slightly right. Now its like 65 dollars in the house, uh so were getting a little bit of a a pump. Hopefully this is not some fake out, and this is just going to be another drawdown thats going to take us going down.

Ddt down down were seeing the market cap right now is at 1.44 trillion and the the volumes are insane guys have wow insane theres a massive panic sell off right now. So this is not good youve seen the bitcoin dollars is also going up guys and gals. So right now for the price of bitcoin, its down nine percent, so its better than where it was before its down. Twelve percent ethereum has come back a little bit too its at eight down eight point: three four percent were seeing that bnb is uh. You know its its still above 300, so thank god for that, its down 13, so its complete carnage out there remember none of this financial advice. Uh salon is down 16 percent its getting crushed guys. Luna is actually getting crushed right now. It is down 40 percent wow and thats because of the uh, the luna us usdt stablecoin has been unpacked and its just getting crushed right now. People are selling luna off like crazy guys. The dojo was down 16 percent wow doziers getting hit and its just a bloodbath out there guys its just nasty its gnarly. It is not good out there at all, so you know zoom out guys when you trendy is your friend guys. Google follow me on my twitter. I know that you guys are not feeling good. I know that you dont want to smash the likes. I know that you guys are not feeling good, but you know there is light at the end of the tunnel, guys.

The cpi data, i believe, if this thing comes out positive, better than expected, or even in line its going to be enough to jump start the markets guys and its going to send us higher and higher. If you would be so kind check out check out the links, weve got dogecoin tv job becoming patreon member by the channel coffee guys and check out the merch. I know you guys are not in the mood for my merch and that you guys are just like what the heck is going on, but there is light at the end of the tunnel guys. Actually there is light. Absolutely you know were seeing a little bit of a a bit of a relief pump right now we are seeing some green right now at 31 000. So hopefully this can hold, and this will continue for the rest of the day here in asia, so guys its the og, the rick flower. You know say: god bless you, i know you guys are panicking. I know you guys are not feeling good and, i just say, im im feeling the pain too. My portfolio is down im, not looking good but im, not selling a damn thing: im holding strong guys, im, keeping strong and actually im buying im buying the dips guys. So you know dollar cost average buy the dips huddle, keep the faith guys worst case scenario got ta, wait till 2025 thats. All i got to say about that peace out guys, peace out, ill, see you in the next one: Music, Applause, Music, so Music Applause.