We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now. Today we are back for another daily market update a chaotic, daily market update. The market is still in absolute chaos, um. In my opinion, we have the stable coin, ust, actually fully d pegged after my video yesterday that thing literally went to like um lets, see it went to like 67 cents or something crazy like that. That thing went to 60 cents. Like imagine, you had a million dollars in that stable coin and you wanted to sell it. It would now be worth only 600 000., so insane so thats happening. Bitcoin is absolutely doing. Horribly were gon na talk about why that is and whats happening with that. Um. Also, we have uh some other things with hbar. Today were gon na talk about some good buys on the market and overall, why? You are so smart that youre still watching um crypto videos right now, um and youre, so smart, because youre youre continuously paying attention before we get into it. Make sure you follow on twitter right here, theres my username, getting into it. 31 440 bitcoin market cap is 1.44 trillion. Something i noticed this morning was: the volume is at 216 billion dollars like thats, more than ive seen in a very very long time. I dont know if thats a glitch with this number, but 216 billion dollars of volume. Um right now we have xrp at 51 cents, solana, 70 cents or 70 cardano 66 cents.

I mean pretty standard stuff were going to talk about some of the greatest buys after we uh decode bitcoin a little bit here. So btc literally did bounce off 30k im. Im 80 sure that in my video yesterday i said that we will bounce off 30k or i hope that well, bounce off 30k um clean bounce. This is the daily candle right here we got a clean bounce. If you look at the four hour right, we had a very clean bounce of one point: eight eight percent three point, one six percent, so a good eight hours there of just going up. We actually reached about thirty two thousand five hundred dollars um. So this is get. This is getting pretty interesting right, like market cipher, had the the two uh green dots stacked right there, thirty one thousand dollars decent. I mean a lot of people are thinking that this thing could go down to like 15k, 20k right and heres. Some of the reasons that this is happening so, first of all, we have tether printing 1 billion us dollars, um our us dollar uh usdt out of thin air, so they minted 1 billion usdt. They have not printed in a while. By the way, i dont think theyve printed in a while um and then, of course you have this guy whos, always coming in saying why they printed this. So a lot of people think that they print us dollars or sorry usdt to prop up the bitcoin price and it helps bitcoin survive uh, but this guy paolo hes, the cto of bitfinex um and the cto of tether.

So he comes in and gives context. He says they printed this usdt 1 billion inventory replenish on the tron network. Note that this is an authorized but not issued transaction, meaning that this amount will be used as inventory for the next period, issuance requests and chain swaps. So a bunch of technical stuff right there, but he basically gives context on why this is happening. But usually this does help bitcoin and it looks like i mean it did kind of save bitcoin from going under 30k. A lot of people also think that uh theyre trying to to liquidate michael saylor, so michael saylor um. They people think that the market is being manipulated to to uh to liquidate michael saylor. But he has just came out today basically says micro strategy, who holds like over a hundred thousand bitcoin, has a 205 million dollar term loan and needs to maintain 410 million dollars as collateral uh microstrategy has a hundred fifteen thousand one hundred nine bitcoin that it can Pledge if the price of bitcoin falls below three thousand five hundred sixty two dollars, the company could post some other collateral, um. Okay, a lot of people thought that this was um a higher number here, so i mean: are they gon na bring bitcoin to three thousand five hundred dollars just to liquidate michael saylor? Oh, that is pretty scary that hes that he put that out. Three thousand five hundred sixty two dollars moving on to some of the best altcoin buys.

I said that im not gon na buy the tara luna dip, but this is too obvious. This is a pretty dang good price to get in dude like that thing is at 32 thats. So damn sad and were gon na talk about the stable coin coming up here, but 31 45 down in 24 hours that thats a dip to buy. To be honest, thats a crash right, a lot of people say by the dip i like to buy the crash buying the crash is way better. This is a crash like thats, a freaking crash 50 in one day, thats a crash um, and then we have chain link which is blowing my mind that this thing was at eight dollars. Yesterday, um literally eight on the dot. Eight dollar link is crazy. Thats absurd dude so now youre sitting at basically if it goes to all time high if it goes and breaks its all time. High again youre sitting at 52, divided by lets, say you get in at nine dollars, youre sitting at almost a six x of your money. If you just get in now, chain link is one of the most solid projects. I literally cant, think of any fud surrounding chain link. If somebody can drop some fud in the comments surrounding chain link, i would love to read it um and then also apecoin is at nine dollars. Just wanted to point this out, because this has fully came down um even lower than it was before.

All the yuga labs hype, pretty crazy, h bar as well h, definitely um definitely bounced off this 10 cents right here right. We we rejected going below 10 cents, which is very good. I like to see that um, but 10 cents very good, buy in extremely good. Buy in if it goes back to all time, high youre sitting at a 5x um as well, then weve got quant which cleanly bounced off of 70 exactly so set. We hit 70 dollars um, and then we bounced actually ten percent, which is insane actually more than ten percent in eight hours, um, which is pretty cool right there that we actually bounced off. Seventy dollars did quant find its bottom. I dont know did quant find his bottom. There 70 bucks, i feel like it, can go. It can go lower, but as for right now we are not going lower. Even though look at how thick this money flow is thats. Absurd and all those green dots just getting spammed, also theres a lot of manipulation. Xs uh happening like look at that. Look at that one: two: three four: five that usually represents cellar exhaustion when theres more than four yellow xs on market cipher, that represents seller exhaustion. As you can see, we had that right over here we had four xs right, oh shoot! This must be. Oh yeah, thats no go to the four hour um. I even put the time frame: thats crazy um.

If we look over here, where are we at here? Why isnt it loading uh, we had four yellow xs: just are they removed so theres three and that that can represent seller exhaustion? Two three yellow xs right: we had this big downtrend um and then we were hit with a massive spike up to 315 from 250 right, pretty crazy. Then we also had like just horrible bearish trend over here, randomly hit with um basically 150 to 220.. So hopefully that happens again where we get randomly hit uh with, because were look at all of these dude thats insane. This is the four hour and its just like riddled through our throat all of april um and on the 12 hour we do have a lot coming in on on the uh on the 12 hour. Pretty crazy now do kwan has just came out about 20 minutes ago 26. Minutes ago, saying hes close to announcing a recovery plan for ust hang tight. He didnt mean to be so quiet. He needed to raise her focus to deliver um thanks everyone for the support, so this dude is probably going through it. I had a funny question on my live stream yesterday somebody said: do you think dokwan is still going to go to permissionless, which is the the the most recent con or the the conference coming up by block works? I wish i could go to it, but it conflicts with uh v con in my schedule, uh close to announcing recovery plan.

Ust is sitting at 90 cents, 90 cents, horrible still absolutely horrible, fully de pegged still look at that chart um by the way i watch this on the the chain link data feeds, because this is like the best uh most up to date – data right here now. What is the overtone of this? This feels to me like an attack, no its like somebody in the comments. Some genius, please explain how this thing actually depends uh. Unfortunately, my technical knowledge does not allow me to understand how this actually slips off it off its peg and keeps going down its way over my head in that regard um, but this feels like an attack on decentralized algorithmic, stable coins. I tweeted out this yesterday. I actually tweeted this and then janet yellen today has confirmed my suspicions that they do want to make an example or they do jump. They do jump at the opportunity of making an example of these failures and stable coins so basically create the problem. The problem that they want to create is that decentralized, algorithmic, stable coins have problems and dont work, and then they want to present the solution and the solution is. We must only have centralized stable coins that we can control indirectly and that have sold their soul to us, and this is things like usdc that circle thats coinbase usdt, thats, bitfinex, thats, controlled by china right im. Sorry excuse me busd thats, binance, right all sold their soul.

Now, look at what janet yellen says today, 35 seconds here we go. I hate her voice by the way im. Sorry, i im sorry to offend anybody who loves her voice. I hate it. She sounds like a martian. I would note that there was a report just this morning in the wall street journal that a stable coin, known as terra usd um, experienced a run and had declined in value and um. Well, so i i think that simply illustrates that this is a rapidly growing uh product and um that there there are risks to financial stability and we need a framework thats thats appropriate and we need a framework thats appropriate there. It is so she is not very indoor or shes, not very direct with what shes saying, but she is saying this that we must only have centralized stable coins that we can make a framework around. We can control them indirectly. They must have sold their soul to us or were gon na make them not work. So this does feel like an attack. I dont know who is attacking ust, but somebody tell me how that actually works. Now i tweeted this out. I recognize right now that theres a great reputation tarnishing going on now. The culprit for this ust attack might be some bitcoiners. Has anybody thought about that? How do kwan literally um bought all that bitcoin to like help terra, which is an altcoin, and these toxic bitcoiners dont, like all coins at all, so if youre buying bitcoin with the intention of using it to like fortify an altcoin theyre gon na hate it? So all of these reputation tarnishes that are on my screen.

Right now, right lets go through them, so lana is the network that goes down. Phantom is the network that its leaders always abandon by the way the ceo like the founder of phantom abandoned it, and then we had andre and the other guy abandon it. Luna is the network with the stable coin that cant keep its peg. That is the most recent tarnishing. Xrp has been tarnished forever, the network for bankers um, and then i i said: are they going to come for avax? Next hbar is basically already tarnished as well being centralized by more called centralized by morons, who dont understand it. Um and algo has no tarnishing wheres al gorans, tarnishing not there, so they would be coming for avax and ill go next um and they kind of already tried to do it with hbar. You know, hbar is the network that the founders dump their coins on the people. That would be the tarnishing currently and the centralization thing, and then a lot of people like put their what they predict will be the tarnishing in the uh in the comments there. So i just see, i recognize that this is happening like this is actually it is happening like attacks are being made like this is, arguably could be an attack. This is definitely just showing on stability in instability in all coins um, and then this definitely could be an attack too. This has been an attack for sure xrp.

The h bar is an attack for sure well see what happens now, some more stuff on hbar right here. Basically, banksa banksa is an on ramp and theyre um theyre becoming the first on ramp retail platform to support usdc on hedera. So, basically, you can onboard for cheaper than using usdc on ethereum right on ethereum. You got to pay all the fees. Banks is making it so that you can do this with usdc on hedera and you can on ramp uh into crypto very cool last thing. Weve got for today is queen elizabeth has announced a new bill that aims to support the safe adoption of crypto and also more easily seize and recover crypto related to ransomware now heres, the actual bill thing and uh the may. It says the main benefits of the bill would be harnessing the opportunities of innovative technologies and financial services. Okay, we need that, including supporting the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies and resilient outsourcing to technology partners or to technology providers very good um and the second mention of crypto is its. It says: creating powers to more quickly and easily seize and recover crypto assets, which are the principal medium used for ransomware. The creation of a civil uh forfeiture. What is that word power will mitigate the um will mitigate the risk posed by those who cannot be criminally prosecuted but use their funds to further criminality. Queen elizabeth coming at crypto, very cool, very cool that shes even aware of it and working on it.

Now that is all weve got for the daily market update in the midst of this chaotic market, i hope youre staying calm. This channel will always be a calm channel despite the click bait titles and the the more exaggerated titles. The titles are not click bait at all. I can argue every single one of my titles is not clickbait. I have screwed up once or twice in making the title too exaggerated um, but this will always be a calm channel. So basically you click. I get you to click on the title, and then i calm you, okay, thats how it should work um. So this will always be unbiased as well were. Looking at everything right were looking at tara objectively were looking at everything objectively, so make sure youre following on twitter, instagram theres my names right there make sure you also join the telegram group.