Dumb. Is this the end? Is this already it for bitcoin and we can reverse from here or are we going to break the bottom and even find lower price targets? I want to talk about that and yes, maybe, if youre following me over on twitter at mm crypto with the verification check mark, you know that i open myself a trade at thirty thousand five hundred us dollars. I am going to talk about that. I am going to talk about exact game plan. You can see it here on the bottom left hand: side 300, 000, u.s dollar trade open at 30, 500 us dollars with the liquidation price at twenty seven thousand five hundred i wan na talk and elaborate about all of these things. I wan na talk about my price targets and my expectations for bitcoin right now in the immediate short term. Thank you so much for clicking todays video. Thank you so much for watching. As always, i truly appreciate and love every single one of you, whether you like whether you not like whether you dislike whether you comment every single one watching this video is truly appreciated. Im sending big love out to you. Thank you very much for that and now lets talk about the bitcoin price lets talk about what is happening and just a quick shout out to every single one of you. The last two videos were completely crushing it. I think maybe im wrong. Correct me.

If im wrong, i think its the most watched bitcoin videos in the world on youtube in the last two days. Thank you so much for that 10 000 likes lets, smash it once again and lets talk about what is happening for bitcoin right now. I want to go here over into the charts, and actually this trade here should not come with any surprise. Yes, i talked about it on twitter, but not only there. I mean i was talking about this for quite some time. Let me actually go here into it and show you this video i made, like i dont know seven weeks ago, ish approximately it says one month its almost two months ago last morning, go to the channel and check it out where i was actually talking about right Here that i am expecting once we are getting the weekly ema flip, the breakdown to the downside. In the moment we are getting the ema flip on the weekly and, yes, we got it yeah the ema ribbons on the weekly flip that i am expecting this breakdown, and actually you know what let me quickly go into it. Let me show you this little clip here from almost two months ago, where i was predicting that before i go back into the charts and talk about my price targets. Look at this if we were to break down with this ema, weekly flip im, not saying necessarily were gon na do it.

Maybe we have that cut bounce before maybe im completely wrong im just telling you if we are breaking the previous bottom here, i still see the bottom to be at worst case. 28. 000. Us this is a claim im making. I might be wrong with that, but keep in mind that this is not coming from somewhere right i mean we have here amazing magical magical confluence in their confidence in the market, michael sailor tesla and as you can see, this is exactly what happened if we are Going into it into it here the moment we got the flip last week was the indication bitcoin went down and is re testing here right now in this insane demand zone. So now you might as well say – and you have a very good reason to do so – the ema ribbon is flipping. Historically, this is a bad sign. Historically, this could mean that we are breaking the bottom and going even lower. Let me show you one example: in 2018 in november, where we got the flip and bitcoin broke down to 3 100 us dollars. Yes, i see this point, but its not always like that, especially when exogenous risks are coming into place. For example, here we got a flip, but that was of course, the black thursday. We got insane money, printing and the prices went back up. So now it all comes down to the question: is the federal reserve are the central banks able to turn the markets around again and, more importantly, is bitcoin able to hold this insanely important demand zone? What i was also talking about um here before, let me go into it and let me eliminate the emi ribbon.

What i was talking about earlier is that in these areas here we have a lot of demand coming right. I mean we have psychological confidence because of all the big players who actually scooped up exactly at these levels. So now i am telling you the likelihood at least is low that we are breaking the bottom significantly. Maybe there is going to be a week or something i always said. My worst case scenario is 28 29 000. Us dollars approximately give or take. I am sticking to that and yes, we can break lower, things can come unexpected and of course we are. We are like we are so much dependent on exogenous risk. Whatever is happening in like ukraine, other countries, whatever the central banks, are doing whatever the ecb is doing whatever the federal reserve is doing. Some of these things are completely unpredictable, but looking at the charts alone, of course, and looking at the demand in these levels, the risk return rate for me personally is high enough to say i am opening this trade with a high degree of confidence, and i am Keeping it open – and yes if this is the reversal from here, of course, we can break down. Of course requiring can create even a lower low, but i was talking about this before and i open the trade. I stick to my work. I put my money where my mouth is. If this is the reversal, yes, this can be a legendary trade.

Otherwise, maybe we have a good laughter about my trade we will see later. Let me know what you think about that down below and of course i want to let you know my game plan, because i am going to ride this one either all the way to the to the upside, or i will put a stop loss above my liquidation Price just to save some fees here, right uh. This is my plan right now. Of course, i have many more things to share about bitcoin as well. Just a quick update here. If i am going over into the spot market on buy bit, you can check it on ruby or wherever vpat is listed. Vpat is the second highest gainer today, and i understand we were going down for quite some time, but the last two days, its the highest or second highest gainer in crypto space, while the markets are going down – and this is of course, because we launch 2.0 – this Big update, which is coming always make your own research, invest trade everything at your own risk. These videos are just as additional inspiration for your own research process. Of course, guys. If you want to trade yourself in the pin comment down below, you will get a free bonus, i will leave you the links there. Please only use it if youre an experienced trader, if you are not just stick to holding i mean holding, is the easiest, especially during times like this.

Let me know what you think about that and of course i want to know from you right now in the comment section. Do you think this is the bottom remember we had a very, very similar fractal, or do you think we are going to break it right? We had it right here, also with a low, a higher low and another higher low. The same thing is happening here right now, like predicted, at least so far, where we are having a low, a higher low and another higher low, and now its on you. Let me know what you think about that. I know its a very risky claim its a risky trait, but this is what makes trading so beautiful. Sometimes thank you so much for watching guys.