He held a press conference and heres what he said Music. So what did president biden say during his press conference? Well to sum up, not a whole lot. If you ask me, it was more of a press conference to attack russia and to attack republicans no new measures. No new policies biden did applaud fedshare powell in terms of what hes trying to do, but nothing new out of it. There was a lot of blame on supply chain issues on the war caused by russia and putin all right, a lot of blame and also a lot of blame towards republicans and some of the new policies they want to implement so theres. Just a lot of blame. Being thrown out there and not a whole lot of solutions, in fact not one one thing was said that was actually a solution other than to try to tax the rich more to tax corporations and the billionaires he did mention those two things he wanted to make Sure that they pay their fair share, but that was it so it was a big big, nothing burger! If you ask me uh, of course, this comes a day before cpi cpi number will be released tomorrow and its anticipated that inflation or cpi number will come down lower by a half percentage point, which is pretty significant, very significant. If you ask me so that means march, we topped out and april were coming down, which would mean whatever fed powell is doing, is working and also means that he doesnt have to be as hawkish going forward, which i know wall street will like because theyre afraid All the hawkishness, the rate hikes, will curb economic activity, curb buying and slow down companies overall, so we may see a recession right.

So if inflation is tapering out and coming down, that would be positive. Itll be cheered upon, but we will see if thats true, so we have to wait one more day, but unfortunately we didnt get anything from this press conference. To me, i dont even know why person might decide to have one. There was really nothing that we got out of it now. With that said, the u.s markets, uh have turned red. Unfortunately, we start out today in uh in a rally mode. Uh dow was up about 500 points, nasdaq, a few hundred points and you could see it has swung deep in the red dallas now closing in at negative 300. Nasdaq is still clinging on to a little bit of green, but overall wall street is still worried and panicked over what may be announced tomorrow, and maybe they didnt like the press conference too. But one good thing is that bitcoin is still holding, so bitcoin is at 31.1 31.2 still roughly about four percent higher than yesterday coming off of our low of 29 000.. So that is good. There are still a lot of projects in the red, which means there are still a lot of buying opportunities out there. Now, in addition, theres a couple things i want to share with you guys number one is yesterday: we saw three billion dollar realized loss, not unrealized. This was caused due liquidations, uh and also uh, because people panic sold and you could see versus some of the previous realized loss, spikes its its among the top close to the top.

It was higher than the realized loss back in january when bitcoin fell down tremendously. Okay, that was earlier this year. We had one in december 2021 about the same, but of course, if you look at 2021, the realized losses are even greater because yeah there was a lot more panic selling going on. So if yesterday happens to be the bottom for 2022, well know this that you survived. You survived three billion dollars worth of realized loss. Maybe yesterday was a low point. Maybe it was low of 2022 and we can now continue forward and recover. Some of the realized losses that devastated so many people out there. Lastly, i want to talk about this thread that someone sent to me and this kind of explains what happened with yesterdays coordinated attack. Now you have to take this with grain of stall. It has not been proven, but if you read through it it makes a whole lot of sense, and this does point fingers at one man that may be behind this. So, to sum up, you have one billion dollars of ust that was accumulated otc market, and then you have three billion dollars. The bitcoin dollars borrowed so thats, like a four billion dollars right there, and the bad actor basically took advantage of the liquidity that was on finance and several of the pools, including this big one on curve and decided to do what they were planning for. A long time which is to panic, dump ust right, then cause a lot of fud and utilize, the bitcoin to also cause more fun and basically drop everything and thats, where we are now right, and this points at least someone made the association that this points to One man justins son behind tron, although this is not proven – this is just speculation and hearsay until someone actually proves it, no one really knows, but the timing of it is very, very particular.

I dont think it was accidental, and this comes off the heels of tron. Releasing their new algorithmic stablecoin usdt and their new staking with algorithm algorithmic stablecoin ill. Let you decide whats truly happening but again ill put this in the description, so you can read up for yourself thats it, for this update guys make sure you tune in tonight. 8. 30 p.