Also, in addition to that, ust d pegged negative 40 in a single day. Is this the end or are we getting ready to bounce off of 30k, giving us a buy opportunity of which were already in if you were in the wolfpack telegram group youd already be in with us, but lets get into it and tell you exactly whats going To happen on bitcoin in the coming weeks, if youre looking for the next 100x crypto project to buy into you have come to the right place, my name is cameron fuss and i have been a professional day trader for nearly 20 years. I deposited 20 000 into an account and in just over a year its now worth nearly 2 million dollars on this channel im gon na present to you the best all coins to buy such as getting into mana before it ripped 595 percent getting into dogecoin before It ran 15 000. So if you want to hear about all the best trade opportunities first hit that subscribe button and, more importantly, turn on the notifications belt, so you can get these time sensitive trade ideas immediately when my new videos go live whats up guys. Welcome back to the channel again, this is not financial advice. Just me predicting things because im a sidekick bomb reader see that thats a good looking finger palm hand thing. That tells me some magical juice, which were going to talk about today. So, first and foremost lets just take a look at the historical record of some past tweets on march 23rd.

2022. I said screenshot or retweet this chart. I freaking, dare you okay? What is this chart? This chart shows bitcoin at 42 000 extending up towards here, potentially upwards of high of 50 000 before we collapse down to 18k, what a bitcoin do extended up 50k along that range there retested and now just completely wiped out for negative 38 directly after that, right Into this support zone, of which we just bought the dip, what are there some other good tweets that we got going on here here? I said: bitcoin will form up this ascending triangle crack through it, and then we see another liquidation event to 20k. We could see a bounce trade here, though, at 28 to 28 to 30k levels, short term that was before bitcoin started, bouncing and now bitcoin is ripping up. Ethereum is up, eight and a half percent salon is up. Fifteen percent avax seventeen percent lunas up eighteen percent, a lot of bounce plays, and if we look at my trading gown here, we got long in luna. We got long and dot. We got long and enj were up significantly on all these positions. Im getting ready to already lock in some gains here on luna, we just locked in gains and i have more take profits levels. Here we got in between 32 all the way down as low as 23.70 on luna, and if we look at the wolf pack telegram group here guys, it was a hectic day.

Okay, cause ill tell you what ill get into it in a minute, but i was down very, very big, not because i was exposed to the market, because i was exposed heavily to ust, which was scary, okay, but we started buying luna. It said long luna buying the dip in the red box. Okay lets take a look at where the red box is. This is the part chart that i posted, i said were getting in here. Guys were gon na, buy the dip on luna at the current price of 37, all the way down as low as 23.70. It doesnt mean you just buy the dip all in right here. I started buying in five to seven percent at a time throughout this whole entire range. What happened with luna after that, okay buying luna long long, luna next five to seven percent, is at thirty dollars. Next, five to seven percent on dot was under 10, and i also said no. These are seven percent positions, meaning if my full position was 100k im only buying 7k worth so im being very, very cautious because theres such a wide range. When we have this kind of volatility, you cant go the balls deep. Okay, you have to go very, very small and leave your stops very wide, open and position yourself. You basically have to dollar cost average within a grid and then start buying in so added seven percent at luna at 30 added four percent to luna at in the 26s, then again added to five percent to luna and the 23s okay.

This is all time stamped and you can see it all happening in real time and thats where we got into luna off the lows here for an average buy in in about 29.. You can see what was the red box there. It was between 37 right around here in 23.70. This thing had a low of 2302. We added again one last buy in at 23.70 and just started, locking in profits here at about 35, and it went up as high as 40. per coin on luna. You can see, i got my sell orders. I moved my stop into break even i already locked in two thousand dollars profit and unlocking games at 37, 40 and 42.. These dips have been crazy. Okay and the thing with with luna is is crazy. If we look at ust, i have a big position in anchor protocol, which is a little scary right now, because this dropped to 60 cents, which translated into me being down 800 000 on my anchor protocol. Bear market strategy position: okay, thats, not cool ill, say it again: thats not cool, because what the okay – and we saw this actually happen. We saw a d peg with usdn, which was the waves right remember. When waves made a massive epic run, win on a full scale, bender also, they got the usdn coin attached to it, that you can use virus finance to earn very high yield and look at lets. Look at just look at what happens when things depend okay and it looks like it tried to de pegabit again today, but also usdn didnt, even drop as low, but it dropped to 79 cents before coming back up to stabilizing.

Okay again, when i, when ust, was down at 60 cents and im just sitting here watching on the intraday chart like what the is happening. Okay and then dokwan came out and said, theyre chill out, everybody were were securing funding, putting more funding back in the box. Okay and then trying to stabilize it, but that was even before it did all this okay. A lot of this happened because luna went on a shows, trajectory and is absolutely a of which we bought the dip on luna. We actually have a people in the wolf pack buying the dip on ust at 60, something cents bought ust at 61.. I said who would have thought you could pull massive gains behind the dip on stable coins. Crypto has got so far to go its still. A disaster, okay, so the whole crypto space i think, cryptos stupid. I think its like the worst one of the most scary and danish places to keep your money just because theres so many opportunities to get hacked stable coins deep pegging, its the wild west. Still its not a safe place for your money, obviously were all here because theres a shitload of money to be made, but theres also extremely high risk from so many different angles. I think were gon na go back to a dollar on ust. The problem is luna and anchor just lost a lot of trust from a lot of different people: okay, including myself, im not that excited about anchor protocol anymore.

Just for the fact that deep egging is a possibility to see. Okay. Do i think theyre gon na take this as a learning experience and prevent this from happening in the future 100. You dont learn anything until events like this happen, you stabilize the product and make it better. So is there going to be higher security and better security? In a different way that this algo might work going forward because they learned through this experience, is it gon na be better than it was before most likely? But that doesnt mean that this didnt scare, the out of a lot of people, including myself, so reputation, is gon na, be something that needs gon na be needs to be built back after an event like this, and now this also ruins reputation and gives you a Lot more fear, based on a lot of other stable coins as well. Okay, so theres always been the risk of de pegging of stable coins, and so this definitely causes some problems when it comes to trusting stable coins and having your assets in there right, because the likelihood of this happening is pretty low against the dollar. But you know look at the ruble. What did the ruble just do, even though the ruble is back to all time highs pre invasion once the invasion happened, the ruble against the us dollar also dropped. So no money is safe, anywhere, guys 52 drop in the ruble, but it re stabilized.

They are now the gold standard on the ruble and now its up 144 back up from the highs making 144 on forex currency pairs is insane. So this is kind of the current situation of whats going on right now right we bought the dip, and i will admit also that we were in the dip early. I stopped out on several positions. We were getting into the dip initially in the wolf pack in this box right here and we stopped out as soon as we failed to hold these lows at about 33 000. Okay, once 33 washed out, i said i said, hey guys this isnt holding stopping out of all positions. I took my losses with pride, which were on relatively smaller positions and the next support level to buy into was between 30 000 and about 27.7. The lows of the previous and thats what we just traded today got in here small on some of those positions, just buying small seven to twelve percent, accumulated more luna on the dip and now were up. You know seven percent on bitcoin and ethereum and now im blocking in gains right. I just locked in 50 and ill move my stops into profits and from here again my projection for bitcoin is still 18 to 19 to 20, 000 and potentially even lower. What i think is going to happen now. Is there gon na be a continuation of this forming on the descending triangle? That ive been talking about for a long time that this is going to come back down.

Re test support potentially come back up into another resistance level. Maybe you know this level here. The pivot between 34 5 to about 37.5 would be kind of like the ideal area. To potentially short into right around here is where i think that could be a potential short re entry, trade, the bounce here lock in gains potentially re short and then as soon as this makes a little bit more time to form up. This were probably just gon na eat right through this level, slice some freaking cheese and then were gon na see a real, real, big liquidation event and pure pure panic across the board, where we just instantly collapse down to 19 to 20k on bitcoin thats. What i think is going to happen guys but anyways its a quick one, its probably going to be my last video for the next couple weeks. Going back to see my family in the us. Well, be there for two weeks going to a wedding, i dont think ill be making any videos for the next two weeks. This is the last one, but look at this pattern. This is gon na happen. Okay, some sort of remnants of this bounce into resistance eat through 28 to 30k right into 19k. Its gon na happen mark my words. I dont know whats gon na happen, but best guess. Anyways, like comment subscribe, see the next one during this bear market. Guys trade small until were under 20k, then start buying the dip balls deep, all the way down to 10k or lower buy in huddle thats.

The only thing i can think of to be a good huddle position once there nobody wants to huddle anymore.