That is rare to happen. Its only happened a few times in history and its about to happen again now lets jump into the charts. Make sure you hit that subscribe. Button lets jump in all right. This is very serious. Were in 2020, weve got the death cross approaching right were on the three day chart. Now a lot of people will talk about the death cross on the one day chart, but that has a lot of false signals. All right, theres, some death crosses that really bounce up in prices right this one on the three day, its never had a false signal all right. Well, the last time we had a death cross on the three day was back in 2018 and guess what we were covering it right here on our channel and guess what nobody wanted to believe that we would go further down in prices, so were in the same Situation, the only other one besides 2018 that we had was 2014., so in bitcoins entire history right this 12 year, history weve only had two death crosses on the three day, thats it and both of them ended the same exact way. Now there is a difference, because in 2018, what we did right when we had the death cross is we plummeted in prices like right away, like so fast now, thats scenario, one is bitcoin going to do that where we fall off a cliff right away, or is It going to be more like 2014, where we have this death cross on the three day and prices fall, but not devastatingly quick.

It was more like a slippery slope and then capitulation, and then we went sideways for a while. We built beautiful market structure. We had another slight capitulation here and then we were ready for our upward movement. All right, so is it going to play out like 2018 or 2014 2018 was pretty devastating fell off a cliff 2014 was a little more doable, not so much of a roller coaster. Ride straight down into the abyss so thats, what i want to cover today is how is it going to play out? Is it going to be more like 2014 or more like 2018? In order to do that, weve got to look at the facts in the charts. We have to be open minded about the facts in the charts, so we can make sound decisions, because what your biggest question right now is look if weve got this death cross coming steve. I want to sell now and buy back when we go lower. Now ive been in markets, i started in the stock market 20 years ago, a little over 20 years ago. I made every mistake in the book because of my ego and youre, probably in the same boat. You may not have realized it yet, but youre losing a lot of your trades and your money because of emotion, emotion, is a money killer and success is a series of small wins. You dont try to hit the home run. Every time you dont try to throw the hail mary every time, if youre thinking about selling right now you are in the herd.

You dont want to hear it because your ego is telling you youre not a part of the herd, youre smarter than the herd. You know more, but i was in your shoes i got beat over the head year after year when i started trading when i was 16 because of the ego. You probably dont want to hear what im saying to you right now, but if youre thinking about selling you are a part of the herd, this is a buyers market. You need to be thinking about when to buy. If youre thinking about selling, you should have thought about it up at 50, 000. 55. 000. Not now. This is not the time to sell. This is a buyers market. The herd is selling to the small group of people that will become successful. You have to realize that, and i know im telling you what you dont want to hear, but i guarantee you respect it and you probably just subscribed, because theres not a lot of channels that are telling you really the honest truth based on experience its not like. I started trading last year right, ive been covering ive covered tons of bear markets in all different spaces. Back to this one right. What weve done here is were very similar to the 2018, where 2018 we were coming down to this red line. Bouncing up to this green line back down to the red line back up to the green line back down to the red line, and when we broke our red line with this candle, this was our first candle in october that actually closed below.

It was about 21 days before we had the actual cross and whats very fascinating about that is right. Now, with the 2022, we bounce from this red line up to the green line back down to the red line back up to the green line, and we just breached and right here. If we take a measured move to when were projected to have our cross. Its 21 days, meaning once we went below this red line just like 2018, it was 21 days until we had our actual death cross. Are you seeing what im seeing in the charts here? This is pretty phenomenal: okay, its pound for pound, move for move and, by the way, this three day, death cross. This is something that nobody was covering back in 2018 and something that we started covering here at the beginning of the calendar year when we breached this green line the end of last year. We breached this green line and we held it as resistance. We said hey: this is a major sign. Why? Because thats, what we did before thats, what we did in 2018, so weve been covering this three day: death cross on this channel all year, preparing our community if youve, somehow missed out and youre just finding our channel hit that subscribe button, because all the other channels Were calling for us to be very bullish this year, except if you look at our channel, it looks like like a bloodbath all year because were just preparing folks for what was to come and now were in the midst of it right.

So it looks like we could have this kind of fall off. The cliff capitulation like we did in 2018, but theres still not enough facts to differentiate from 2014 because 2014. If you look, we breached below here on also on october, and it was quite a while until we actually had our death cross right were talking about 78 to 80 days with being under this red line. Before we had this cross, meaning it was again more methodical. A little bit more slow moving where 2018 was pretty fast, 21 days boom below here cross plummet. So right now the facts in the charts are were a little bit closer. Now, if you want my honest opinion on what i think is going to happen, i want to cover a couple other charts so that you can stay level headed now. What i want to show you is the gaussian channel, okay, and i do have a surprise for you in this video with something that i think is looking very nice at the moment for the long term, its something that will surprise you, something that i normally dont Show on this channel, but i do have the chart and i want to show you the gaussian channel again. We need to remain level headed. This will tell us when the turmoil is over. We have a cheat code to know when this bear market is finished and thats when the gaussian channel will change from red back to green.

If you look at the 12 year history of bitcoin anytime, we were in a bunch of turmoil and we changed. We were obviously in red during our turmoil during the bottom of the bear market and the bear market was finished when we changed from red to green thats when the next bull run started. These are the big moves that we cover right here in this channel. You do not want to miss these big moves. Hit the subscribe button. Now you can see also in 2018 and 2020. You can see 2020 right, the change from red to green. It was the start of our bull run. Unfortunately, we just changed to red. We do not know how long we will be in red, but we do know when it changes from red back to green then were in the clear now lets unveil this trade okay, this potential trade. Again, this is not financial advice, im, not your financial advisor, but we talk a lot about the herd on this channel and what i want to present to you is something quite interesting. Okay, this is netflix now netflix. The reason i wanted to pull up the chart is the herd is screaming at the top of their lungs. That netflix is dead. You know the numbers from their earnings call was horrific. They lost a couple hundred thousand two hundred thousand subscribers to their platform and its dying its over and and you can see a subsequent fall of 74 in prices.

But when you look at the full history, you say to yourself: oh weve actually done this with netflix. Two other times, both of which had a beautiful rebound and a full recovery. So when you think about putting your money into an investment heres, what you want to ask yourself right? How about this space? Are people going to stop watching movies and consuming content? Its highly probable, the answer is, no people will continue. Okay, whos the market leader. Are you hearing a lot of the younger kids talk about you know watching on hulu or amazon, prime? No, you hear netflix, and then you ask yourself: well has how about these other platforms? You know apple, hulu, uh, amazon, prime. Are they solely focused on content? Are they solely focused on movies and consuming content and providing the best solution? No, the market leader, the innovator in the space has always been netflix. I mean they started with little discs that you got in the mail right and and thats when things fell apart here, people like oh thats done. You know this little mail thing yeah. That was fun for now, but thats done and it plummeted in prices, but its just a market cycle. You know this people will say the same thing about bitcoin. Oh, my god. Bitcoin fell from 69 000 and now its all the way down here its done. They when they say that its time to put your money there, so they are saying it loud and clear about netflix.

I just wanted to present you the facts. You can do with the facts as you wish, but i will say when it fell down here in prices it rebounded over the next handful of weeks to months. It was a 50 rebound right. This one here was a hundred percent rebound, meaning it fell all the way down and prices hundred percent rebound, and then you know over the subsequent years it turned out to be probably the best time in history to buy when we fell in prices all the way Down here, so i just wanted to present you the facts in a clear and concise manner. Do with them, as you wish, and you know, on this channel, we just present the facts now lets get back to bitcoin, real quick and give a quick explanation of what we think is going to happen with this death cross, so the death cross is coming and What we have is another leg down its likely were going to have another leg down in prices before we do that its likely, we may have a nice rally. People will get excited unless i see i told you, bitcoins rallying were not going to have this death cross and then well have the death cross right. So, in the coming two ish weeks look for a small rebound. We could even rebound all the way back to this red line right. That would not surprise us at all. We talked about that is our new ceiling.

How do we know that? Because the entire calendar year this year, its been our support and when you break support, it becomes resistance. You know the charts are pretty simple: if you break support, it becomes resistance and look no further than all of our recent candles. Boom resistance boom resistance boom resistance boom resistance, its that simple. So could we rally back all the way up to here? People get excited and then have our death cross. We absolutely could so just be mindful of this and ill see you right back here on the next video peace and love to the fellow underdogs theres.