What i cover on my channel and i post content every single day, all right so crypto panic, weve got a lot of crypto panic is crypto crashing is, is, are we in a crypto crash event? Um? The answer is, in my opinion, no were not in a crypto crash scenario. Here uh we have had a panic event uh as im kind of considering it, and we do have some more downside, uh potential here. Okay, so with that said, we have fallen to 1.47 trillion in the overall market cap. Quite frankly, i dont remember the last time we were here: okay, uh in the last year, plus for for sure all right, and so this is a significant. You know panic event. If you will also, i need to show you this. The fear and greed index is at a 10 again. I cannot remember the last time we were at a 10. We were at 11 yesterday, all right, so this is extreme fear. If you dont know what this fear and greed index is, it goes out and measures social confidence and social sentiment and social behavior around crypto. Are we fear, or we greed were in extreme fear right now, which frankly doesnt really surprise me, given the overall market conditions that we are currently in? Okay, now, the dow and the nasdaq futures? As of recording, this video are looking up, so maybe that might lift us up because weve been in a situation where uh, crypto and stocks are are effectively tied together and you know, and they are and theyre married if you will as of right now.

But we have had a lot of panic and a lot of selling and crypto and frankly, quite ever. Quite honestly, everything is is on a really nice discount right now, so bitcoin in ethereum, respectively bitcoin did drop below 30 000. It did touch 29.944. That was a pretty significant emotional line that we did cross, which shows me that we still have some downside risk now. Some technical analysis that im looking at and people that im talking to who really know what the heck theyre doing are absolutely saying that it is still a very, very strong possibility for for bitcoin to fall to 25 to 28 000 somewhere in that range ethereum to Fall, probably in the neighborhood of 1500 to 1800 somewhere in that range, is still our downside risk. We still have that we still are. We still have the biggest fear of all and that and that fear is one word recession. We still have the fear of a recession, and is that going to happen or not? You know the federal reserves doing everything they can just to kind of fend that off. It might be a little bit too late ish to to do that. Okay, quite frankly, but what do you think drop in the comments below wed love to hear your opinions? So weve got a panic event: thats thats happened and and continuing to happen. Now the stock market might help get us back to even today, um, which would be a good thing, but again look for some possible downside, more movement down in bitcoin and ethereum, and if they do move down, everything is going to move down with them.

Okay, because i mean youve – got a situation right here, where you know, solana is at 73 its down 17 overall, in the last seven days, everything is down pretty significantly uh tara, luna steppens down ape coins down 34 to 10. uh you, you know, youve got quite A bit of downside movement here, okay, um north of you – know 20 30 aggregate average out there uh, you know youve got that playing out right and so bitcoin ethereum if they do flow down to 28 1800 respectively. As far as the price points of those two coins then again be looking for more movement down in all of your major altcoins, because that simply will happen. They will follow bitcoin and ethereum down, because bitcoin ethereum make up about 70 plus percent of the overall market cap number okay. So they are the big huge ones that move every single thing else, along with them, so thats. What ive got for you right here as far as kind of crypto panic, um, my advice is simply this not investing advice, dont panic, dont sell if you dont have to in fact um just the opposite. These are good buying times to get everything on discount again. The smart money buys on the red days, pausing for dramatic effect, all right ill see you later. I appreciate your time thanks for giving me a few minutes of your day if you havent done so, please consider subscribing hit that subscribe button.

Wed love to have you. Stick around and uh because i genuinely want you to make more money in crypto and thats.