If you are a long term holder. So in this video i want to go over what im seeing in the crypto market regarding hbar, maybe some other altcoins as well crypto.com btc, mostly btc. We will touch on all coin spell, but the point of this video dudes is damn. Prices are getting cheap. Can we keep following sure i want to go over what i see potentially happening in the next month to six months, but overall, what you guys should be doing? I cant give you guys financial advice. Unfortunately, i can only tell you what im doing and for most of you guys following the channel you already know, but in this video i want to go over a couple things. I see a couple of things that i found out and really to give you guys some kind of advice on what you should be doing. If you are a long term huddler, because if you are a trader, chances are youre getting wrecked and ill show. You liquidations right now its not looking pretty its actually getting scary high, but thats good for long term holders. We need to flush some of that weak money out the market, so we can get fresh money to come back in and well see what happens so lets jump in screen. Show you what im looking at so time, recording bitcoin has just wept below 33 grand. It is now 1 22 may 9th in the uk, so bitcoins less than 33 grand damn man.

When is the last time youve seen these prices getting getting juicy getting juicy really well talk about support levels, because i can see in the chart. We see all these wicks at 32 when we zoom out – and we really put this on the the weekly – well – have a look a better. You can see, like i said, the 30, the 30 29 29 29 blah blah. I think these are the lowest. We can potentially go. Can we go 20 sure but theres huge, huge, huge volume here, and i really want to just touch that right now, because i found this article here nexo. Obviously i compared to celsius crypto.com and blockfi, etc. Co, founder hes, confident at 30, grand as bitcoins for price, and these guys know more than us guys and because pretty much he has a lot of confidence in btc remaining above 30k. The first factor he outlined was that there are a lot of institutional investors who are ready to step in if btc should drop below the 30k 35k mark and were below that 35k mark. But the point of this post is the 30k mark is the bottom in terms of nexo, and he knows this because he sees all these institutional buyers. They have. You know uh overflow desk. These institutionals, with big money, can do and theyre really setting their lows at 30k. So these guys know more than us can i drop lower sure, but he obviously predicted the bitcoin to 100k by june 2022 or before this time runs out.

He noted many of these companies continue to adopt bitcoin, as price will increase its obviously still uncertain, where bitcoin can trade at 100 grand in 2022. Many companies and institutional investors will continue to get on board so long term. This is fantastic but short term. You know we could go to that 30k, and this is why its so so important dudes, if you havent, got any cash, really stack your cash man, because this is where you want to be buying and if you arent buying and if you are selling dudes. Ah man, it just pains me: it really really bothers me, because you dont understand what youre missing out in the next two three. You know heck even ten years man, it might even take five years to get anything. We might go sideways forever, but i want to accumulate as much as i can and if i can accumulate sub 30k, not bitcoin itself, im not interested in bitcoin right now. Ive got enough bitcoin, really my h. By really my all coins really krypto.com other all coins. I believe in you dont have to believe in mine, but these are the coins i want to get because if btc is under, you know, 30k whats hbar going to be like whats ada, going to be at whats omicron going to be out theyre going to be So so cheap, even if theyre might get you know, sub 1.5 k game like i would probably buy some of that thats.

You know thats a juicy and you know easy double or triple in that trade right there, but well talk about that later on. But if youre in grade dudes were at extreme fear at time, recording 11 yesterday was 18 last week was 28 last month was 30., so dudes its getting getting getting scary and we can see – and when i say scary, i dont mean scary as in, like you Know its scary for me, its scary for people that are selling because a lot of these people cant handle bitcoin dropping another one or two k because they put the last 1 000 bucks in. But for me personally, hopefully you guys at home. This is where i want to be: bang like we are off. The charts here were almost the lowest that weve ever been. I mean there was a 10 there. Obviously, in the crash i mean were pretty much at the bottom of the bottom of the bottom. Can we drop lore, hopefully because im stacking cash, but this is this – is off the scale man if somebody were to recreate this, put this at like death, because its pretty much bottom of the scale so liquidations last 24 hours, 419 million 12 hours, 279 million and Really the last one hour you can see theyre starting to go up even at moving their last four hours. 152 million so were seeing the majority of it in the last four hours.

I think its going to start slowing down but bitcoin. You know back at 30k, but you can really look at it: its a big whoopsie dupesy, four grand loss, pretty much wiped out in 24 hours, its fantastic right, um, a lot of sites being liquidated here. You can see here where their longs have been liquidated, um by nance sure its always buy that right, because they give you that stupid get four thousand bucks. I hate crypto people that can promote thats, not personal big, but stop promoting that to your fans, man, it just hurts and you get four thousand bucks for free, but you have to lock up. You cant send up these guys, like casino bookies. In my opinion, they know you guys are gon na lose, so it really boggles my mind that you know legit people that ill watch and follow still promote this crap. So just stop it man, it just bugs my happiness. To be honest, but anyways we can see gala. A lot of people are taking out lego john gala. Getting wrecked 15 k 100 was that 15 000 gala being wrecked and then binance again we can see trx getting wrecked and ill go blah blah blah, but what we can see is its mostly ethereum, 48 million for ethereum bitcoin, so its behind dodge coin. People are taking out leverage im guessing because of btc teraluna as well. This new coin, i think its gmt or something stefan, i cant, remember the name trx solana as well, but yeah dude.

This is constantly probably going to keep going up. Hopefully this can start going down, but this is just flushing out old money and we want that new money to come back in. So what i want to talk about is a couple of bullish things here, if you are in here for the long term, because hopefully you are because this channel is not for short term investing man, some of these crypto currencies that ive got in this wiper behind Me theyre touching on you know maybe two years soon right, not two years exactly, but you know october august august september october 2020. Some of this was bought so its not quite the two years yet, but its going to be probably version that, because i dont plan to sell this stack behind me in a while. Obviously i had in h5 recently and i bought a bunch of that live in front of you guys, and you know once i show you, i dont show you everything, of course, because i like to keep some privacy to myself. But the point is dudes im holding this long im holding this ball and im trying to accumulate as much as i can, but im trying to stack cash anyways want to talk about these stuff because tech, dev etc always gets me super super bullish, although i dont Want to be a little moon boy, but this just gets me excited about stacking cash as quick as possible and buying them down and buying and buying, obviously keeping cash on this side.

Because if you buy everything, the dip could keep getting dipper and then youve its almost like that meme, you guys have got cash left because i spent on the last step and then the dip becomes the dip of the dip right. What you can see is 2010. 2013, you see the one two three four five and obviously the five – and we are 2016 to obviously right now and three weeks ago, are just the cameras. Recording the wave summary and we can see. Wave 35 was simply extended the way, possibly due to rail, of having him blah blah blah. I didnt expect this wave to be as extended as of the 2013s, but i do expect one and what you can see is history does repeat: you see the two greens, the one two. Then you go one. Two three four were in the four right now heres, the four now below the three not saying this is going to happen, definitely not somewhere around the 300 grand bitcoin by 2023. But you know these guys are not messing around. These guys know way more than us, and these are experts in the field and they look at data. They look at analytics, constant and constant constant and it does look pretty. It looks like a pretty picture, so i thought i was super interested next one. I want to talk about. Is the exact same thing shared by this guy, the clean wave 4 triangle for bitcoin? This is almost the same thing, but on the abc theory, instead of one two, three four five and what you can see, but right and e, or the e right here and then you see the c then a here.

The constant thing of this just breaking out, like i said to that you know 300 grand by 2023 sure it can happen. But can we drop lower, always keep your tap dancing shoes on its just great to see that these charts to me and you guys at home? Hopefully they make a lot of sense to you and because they do for me, this is a guy ive been following. Quite a lot recently and he an analyst and hes talking about bitcoins fifth historical bull run and its almost the same thing here we get these big arrows and you can see them down here and every time weve had you know a green arrow. We get that going and we get it again and were right at this lowest of the lowest of those. This can still extend a couple of months according to this chart and keep that in mind we can draw blue at 30k. We can drop the 25k whos to say we cant blow below the 20k, but once we get confirmation of this every single time history repeats and then it goes. Obviously i use my garden gauge indicator and we are still you know on the weekly very, very bullish, but on the daily you guys can check on description right below. If you want it pretty much just you know times entries pretty pretty good and it has done pretty much everything not spot on, but its always going to have, you know, missed timings.

But the point is it gets you on the right idea, but, as you can see, were so so so oversold so im not expecting anything like this soon, but just keep in mind, and you can really see it again once we have that higher low higher low Higher low, where do we go? We explode back up and the last one i want to talk about is bitcoin huge bill run for the next months. Its almost proven sorry for the bears and historical breakout leads to directionally thrown back and then the bounce never break up close in time, and what you can see is the nasdaq and compared to btc, and you see these little hours, you see these little wet arrows And thats, like obviously falling as we speak, but then you get the breakout you get the same on btc like i said this is just something to keep in your guyss mind of the future, its never going to be turf, perfect timing. But if you look at these past charts, they always always always happen, like i said, dudes im not interested in bitcoin, im interested in bitcoin dropping and dropping and dropping because then i can accumulate my cheaper altcoins, because this really just goes back to you know. Are you in this for the long term or are you a little paper hand? I dont want to use the word pansy. I dont want to be ridding this channel but, like i said it bugs my happiness when i see a lot of people selling, because when i look at cryptocurrency in general, just on coin market cap and just looking at prices, i get excited when i see stuff, Like this, i was you know away at the weekend: um adventuring.

I guess you could say, but the point is when i checked my phone and i was like whoa dude, i got ta stack cash fast, but going down 14 again when its already down like 10 15 and then last week, ive got to stack cash so so Fast, because what you will see is guess what theres, xrp, bluetooth and xrp going to go: sub 30, its up sub 50 cents, hopefully, solana, 18 for the week carolina down 29 back at 59.. This is absolutely insane dodge coin. Sure, if youre interested in that shiba sure down 20 percent, im surprised, sheba and dodge arent falling as much im guessing by the time today finishes are probably going to be getting like 30 percent. Maybe 35 drops krypto.com, obviously getting towards that 20 cents. Im going to have a huge, huge shoot to probably buy if nothing else is cheap im, probably going to ape into that one. But the whole point of this video dude is what coins do you believe in what coins you trying to stack, do not go 100 and and theres a lot of people asking my patreon. You know you can dm me there if you join and you get full access to me. I think its a super super valuable thing if we all want to connect, obviously on the discord, but the point is people are some people are saying you know. Should i be 100 and on these all coins dudes, even though these are higher higher cap all coins, i guess you could say mid caps, whatever you want to call it.

Whatever your you know, market cap is for that. You should never be 100 in dudes maximum. Five to ten percent, if you want to be a little bit risky, twenty percent and h bar is getting you know not there yet, but its pretty close for me at the time of this recording, but look at hey man down fifteen percent fourteen point: five and Youre looking at sub any second now, this is going to sub 12 cents 11 cents. I havent seen that in a while dude lets just have a look in that just on the chart, real quick. Why, when i got the chart here, give me one second and the overview one year, were you looking at dudes youve not seen these prices in a while? Am i interested in this absolutely, but i just put in a big buy so, like i said, stack cash. If i can get this below 10 cents, probably going to put another 40 grand down 38 grand, i might swap some more ethereum from my trezor i might swap i dont know i might swap a bitcoin im, not sure yet, but anything sub 10 cents. I can stick with some stator im interested in this dude, so i dont have much else to say dude. The whole point of this video is this is where opportunities are made. Can we drop lower sure, but keep in mind dudes? I promise you, i would bet so much money if i could physically wage over you guys at home.

I would bet so much money that were going to be higher than what we are right now in one year, two year, three year time. Of course, we are theres, no question about that. In my opinion, could it be wrong sure, but eventually prices will go up, it just depends.