Talk about what they might do, because dokuan did say that he has a method that he think will restore peg. We have some leaks coming out about it, hes supposedly going to tell us the official plan later today, but i think i know why its being put off a little bit. So i want to explain that to you, if you guys dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button. I appreciate that if this is your first time watching, the channel feel free to hit subscribe. We talk about crypto every single day, theres, also a link down there to blockfy to get up to a 250 dollar bonus on crypto when you start depositing up to 250 in bitcoin its also a link down there to unstoppable domains to get a readable wallet address. You can also resell these for a higher price in the future on something like openc. Now, the crypto market has been pretty much sideways. Today i mean its its up on the 24 hour we bounced off of about 30 000. This morning i talked about what this meant for the market. Key levels, ive talked about so much over the last day, its been a crazy last really 30 hours or so, and we have cpi data coming out tomorrow. So its going to continue to be crazy, but the main thing in the crypto market, thats, causing volatility and causing fear right now, is ust. This is an algorithmic, stable coin that fell below its peg down to 66 cents yesterday, depending on where youre looking at it.

Still at 91 cents now its gone back and forth between about 90 cents, even 88 cents and about 93 cents coming back and forth over the last 24 hours, and do kwan said that he is announcing a recovery plan for ust soon. He said he didnt mean to be so quiet, he needed razor focus to deliver and he thanked everyone for the support. Now yesterday they deplored they deployed capital, looks like they sold all their bitcoin, they withdrew it all from their wallet at least, and it looks like they use that to buy back ust thats why they were pushing for 10 billion dollars in bitcoin reserves. Now there was a coordinated attack on them to try to drop peg. People were shorting luna its been crazy. Now he hasnt come out with his actual plan, yet or at least he hasnt. He hasnt made it public yet, but there is some word about whats happening. This is coming, ive actually seen it from a couple different people. So it is speculation right now, but it makes sense to me what what theyre trying to do and why he hasnt exactly given the exact plan yet because its not finalized. Yet the details that theyve heard uh are the jump capital celsius and jane street committed already almeida hasnt theyre, targeting a one point: five billion dollar raise. Maybe one billion dollar raise theyre going to give a 50 discount to luna spot with a one year, lockup and monthly linear vest over one year.

So they have to wait one year and then a year from now theyre going to get about eight percent 8.25 percent. Over the coming 12 months over each of the coming 12 months, total of 700 million in commitments as of this morning, so some people are giving their thoughts. On this i mean this is how it breaks down 14.5 dollars, basically right now and actually lunas falling down. So that would be like 12 is the discount price uh luna luna circulating supply 371 million funds to raise 1 billion dollars so theyre looking ahead, possibly making it so that we inflate the supply by about 20 percent. Now i think this would do a couple things. First of all, it would most likely restore peg. It would give people confidence that hey, they have one to 1.5 billion dollars, theyre going to go back and buy usd off the market, push it back up. Maybe it doesnt hit exactly where it was before. Maybe doesnt hit exactly a dollar, but it brings it pretty close. I think there would be a little bit of selling pressure with people that just want to get out of it, as it nears so be on the lookout, for that might be something that maybe you dont want to wait for it to hit exactly a dollar thats. Going to be up to you im not telling you what to do so, i think it would restore peg. It also, i think, piss off the luna community.

A lot of them think that the mechanism to bring peg will will work and it will come back to peg and they dont want to be diluted, which makes sense. I mean when you talk about how much selling pressure that would put on luna in a year, because theyve already done a raise like this before theyve, already locked up some tara, given it a discount that was at a much higher price. But this would cause a lot of selling pressure in a year, so i think a lot of people would sell tara. They would not be happy with this and i think it would be probably bearish for tara overall over the long term. I think a lot of people have lost faith and ive seen. Actually, i should say ive seen a variety of different thoughts on this, and i think it kind of boils down to it depends how you perceive things like some people think that this has been terrible for tara and for the ecosystem. They think all of their credibility is gone because terra uh ust is not a stablecoin, it falls, it can fluctuate a lot and in times of need where you want to buy something like bitcoin, you might not have enough uh. You might not have the peg to a dollar, so it might hurt your ability to do that. Other people are saying hey if this gets back to peg. This is battle tested. All you have to do is hold on to it, and you can still make 18 to 20 in anchor protocol.

All you have to do is hold like dont look at it. If it falls down just it will come back to peg dont make it come back. Personally, ive been using this as a form of cash, so for me, im not trying to spread fud or anything like that, but for me using it as cash, i want to have access to it and have it not break peg im, not using it. Well, i used it because it does give passive income, but its not like. I really care to hold on to ust for the next 10 or 20 years and just get 18 interest uh if that works out, thats fantastic for you, but ive been using it to store some cash for market downturns. So for me, as we get closer to peg, i will sell into usdc and then ill have to decide whether i want to keep in usdc ill, probably move some to my bank account as well, but thats just my opinion. I think that this probably is one of the only plans that could actually work to bring it back to peg uh in a short period of time sounds like its pretty close to closing now, and maybe by the time that i release this hes already come out With his plan ill give an update on that in a future video, but i want to give this update, because this does make sense for what theyre going to try to do and ive seen it in several places.

So this is probably what theyre trying to do. Of course you have to do your own research. This might not be true. This might be just speculation, but i think this would be helpful for usts peg, like i said to a lot of people are playing this differently. Some people shorter luna. Some people are buying ust when its de pegged, because they think its the easiest trade ever. They think it will just restore peg and theyre gon na make a ton of money ive seen a lot of different things happen. I think in the end, you have to realize that this is the wild west. Right anything can happen in crypto, top 10 kryptos can drop. You know, 50. In a day top 10. Our top three stable coins can lose peg. 30. 40. So just make sure that you have money in here that you are willing to risk even in stable coin, which is something that i did not do. Well, i thought of my stablecoin as pretty much cash right. I thought worst case scenario. Anchor maybe gets a little hack or something like that, a small percentage of what they hold actually gets drained, but i didnt think that the peg would break this violently and for this long but of course you live and learn. Let me know your thoughts on this.