My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video and today is, of course, a very strange day where um many people dont really know whats going on um, but yeah. The title is true: i actually lost 1.6 million dollars worth of um luna because i held well 1.6 million dollars worth and now the price has gone down and it seems like were going closer and closer and closer to zero, which means that i very soon have Nothing left of those um luna um yeah. So essentially this is the luna chart right now. You can clearly see that this is a um yeah. It looks almost like bit connect to be perfectly honest with you so yeah i lost 1.6 million um. I just got a call from another guy who also lost money um. I think many people out there are in the same boat. Many people lost a lot of money on this um in this fiasco. So you know. Sometimes these things happen personally im fortunate enough to to have assets elsewhere. This was just a a fraction of my my my net worth, but i do understand that some people may actually have had a significant amount of their net worth in luna or ust and for those people im very, very sorry, its very, very tough. I hate when these things happen, because of course you know, money is just material things but um. But when you lose money like this, it really feels really really bad.

So i i understand guys um and even though this was not a big part of my portfolio, i still felt sad about it, of course, because thats 1.6 million i could have bought you know i dont know 10 cars i could have. I dont know i could have done so many different things. With that you know i could have um invested in a business. I could have um bought bitcoin with it. I could have. There are so many things i could have done with that money and now its gone so its not nice, its, not nice, but um, but i am not bankrupt, guys thats for sure thats for sure um lets take a look at the um ust. This is the stable coin of luna and uh. Well, it was stable for a while here, but now it looks almost like um any other coin out there, and this is of course, incredibly sad because um yeah again, this is this – is how people lose money. You know um right now. This stable coin quote unquote is down at 44 cents. Some people are speculating that ust will eventually go back up and get re pegged to one dollar, so people some people are buying here but um. You know thats a risk, thats, a casino thats, a gamble, because i have no clue whats going to happen in the next few days here. If you do want to buy or sell ust or luna you have my binance link, uh down below this video and uh.

You can also go to buy bits because buy. It is, of course, my favorite place for such things, um, and what else lets take a look at bitcoin? Maybe so bitcoin is right now hanging by a thread here holding above this support, um and you you guys know that ive been you know, kind of bullish here, im not bullish, but you know i feel like were getting correction, but the support might be able to Hold, however, we have to pay attention to the fact that something like this luna ust, this big fiasco when something like this happens, a big black swan event, thats the kind of stuff that that could make us break support so um. You know it is possible for sure that we break 30k if bitcoin breaks 30k, then the next support is down at 20 000.. Is it gon na happen guys i dont know i dont know um technical analysis can only take you so far, but when it comes to these black swans like luna and you know, scams and stuff who knows you dont remember when bitconnect blew up? Who could have ever knew that that was going to happen at that exact time? Um, you know so yeah things can happen and thats thats the thing but regardless, let me talk to you guys, uh from my normal perspective that i usually talk to you guys about bitcoin is still the most strong, fundamentally um solid bitcoin uh money in the world.

Bitcoin is the best form of money in the world. By far, i still hold my almost all my wealth in bitcoin um and when you hold your wealth in bitcoin, you can sleep at night, because this means that um, you know nothing can ever happen to bitcoin bitcoin can never get um. You know scammed or hacked. So then youre safe thats, what im doing guys uh, but when it comes to these other altcoins out, there well theres risk theres risk, but i keep holding my bitcoin. Even if we go down to 10k im gon na keep holding my bitcoin just keep accumulating more thats. What i did in the previous bear market i mean right now were entering into a massive bear market. It really seems like that, but the the previous bear market. I was accumulating every single day: every single week is accumulating, accumulating accumulating and thats. Why i hold such an incredible amount of bitcoin today, because i took advantage of the bear market. I created business cash flow and just pushed everything into bitcoin. Now this is your opportunity to do the same thing. If bitcoin starts sailing down towards 20k, buy, accumulate, create business, create cash flow and keep accumulating. I think thats very, very important um and um yeah. What about ethereum ethereum is still holding above this very, very important support line, not sure yet if its gon na break or not, but if we do break the support, then ethereum could get its big, fair share of correction here as well.

Maybe all the way down to 1.2 k where at least 1.6k i still hold my ethereum, though um, but yeah guys, dont, you worry out there bitcoin is always going to be back. Ethereum is always going to be back um. The big question is what about luna and usd um and ill tell you guys. I have no clue. I have literally no clue whats gon na happen to ust or luna im, not gon na. Tell you to buy or sell, because frankly i dont know um. That is something that i think youtubers should say. More often i dont know there will be youtubers out there telling you stuff, like i dont know i dont know, ust is going to be back. I saw some youtubers on twitter said. This is the easiest way to make money by ust right now, because then its going to go back to one dollar, and that was when uh ust was at, like i dont know, 80 cents or like 90 cents, oh yeah, it was 90 cents. I dont, i dont, want to tell you who it was because, of course, i dont want to name any names, but this guy literally made a tweet saying um. The easiest way to make 10 is to buy ust at 90 cents, because youre gon na go back to one dollar well now its at 50 cents. So didnt really work out very well, but yeah im, not gon na name any names because its not so nice is that delivery for me.

Thank you so much my coffee just arrived very nice finished. Thank you all right, guys, um. That, i believe, is it for this video dont forget to leave a thumbs up down below and also um one more thing, one more thing um. Where is my? You know what i cant find it right now, whatever um? Oh you want yes here. Okay lets go to my channel because i want to show you something very, very cool. Look at this guys. One day ago i was on cnbc live in front of millions and millions of people. I was live on cnbc. I was talking about bitcoin and everything. So you have to go watch that video um. I will leave the link uh down below, i believe, or you just go to my channel and you will find it. You will find it uh very, very important, video, of course, um and also very important if you want to claim four thousand dollar bonus right now on buybit make sure to click. This link right now. Four thousand dollar bonus click. This link and sign up with your email. This is only for experienced traders, but if you click that link sign up, you get four thousand dollar bonus and you can use that bonus for trading. You can buy sell if you want to buy luna bitcoin ethereum, whatever you get it right there. Thank you for watching. I love you guys. Uh stay strong out there.

If you lost money dont, you worry you you can. You can make 10 times more in the next few years, uh even hundreds of times, thousands of times more so abundance, guys abundance, um, dont, stare at your losses instead focus on future gains that you will be able to make and just get rid of that stupid Anxiety, because that stupid anxiety is just gon na make you keep thinking about these losses that are frankly, just um. You know temporary corrections in your net worth. You can make it guys um yeah, but dont. Let these negative thoughts go around in your head, because they, they are extremely unproductive, extremely unproductive. Um ive lost a lot of money back in the days actually, like i said, i think i made a video before like a few months ago, when i lost 100 million dollars in just a couple of days. Um did, i think about it. No did i care? No because i knew that its going to be back, and i also knew that i would make billions and billions in the future so 100 million today, doesnt really matter to me um, but everything is everything is relative. If you lose 5 000 for you, that might be a lot of money or a hundred thousand dollars or whatever it is for you or maybe even just ten dollars, might be a lot of money for someone out there, its all relative and uh thats. The thing you know make sure that you understand that money can be made very easily very easily with the correct mindset abundance mindset.

Actually, you should go and watch my video about the law of attraction. You know what im going to show it to you right now. So you can go and watch it because i think its incredibly important to watch carl rooney. If you havent watched it still, you have to okay. Basically, this is my new youtube channel carl vroon felt you go to it. You just search my name carl vernerfeldt, and then you click this and then you go down here. How my mindset made me wealthy? You can search this also on youtube. How my mindset made me wealthy? If you go watch this video, you can make any type of money you want in any time frame, but this is it for this video leave a thumbs up down below. I love you guys. You are amazing, youre my crypto family and leave your comments down below. Did you lose any money in luna or ust? Let me know guys um we can. We can help each other out, guys and im in it. I lost 1.6 million. Maybe you lost 5 000. Maybe you lost 10 million. Who knows, let me know in the comments down below were in it together, bye, bye, guys.