We had a little bit of a pump there and now things are starting to come back down a bit ben again, and i just wanted to make a quick video to discuss exactly what im doing right now everything that ive done in the last. You know 24 hours and what i plan to do going forward, also where i think were going next and some of the news that you need to know to be fully up to date. So if you like, this sort of thing smash, the like button hit the subscribe button and if you havent already remember if you havent already, if you havent been here already remember, i am not a financial advisor because hey im, just a random guy sitting in his Room so lets jump straight into this video and, as you can see here, we still have luna down 50 gmt down 17 8 coin down 10 regaining some momentum. Since yesterday we got xmr monero down 12 and a bunch of other coins down a lot. Today there is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt in the morning, the overall market cap sitting at 1.43 trillion dollars down four percent from yesterday, which is pretty bad. Considering weve had six straight consecutive red weeks in a row here on bitcoin. There has currently never been a seventh one here. We go, theres, never been a seventh one. The last time we even saw six was way back in mid 2014, so this could hopefully be the last red week before we head on further, but its really hard to tell at this point right now, at 31 180, we are sitting right on that line of Support very much on it now this is really make or break for this uptrend weve been watching here.

If it breaks, i would not be surprised for us to go down lower, but i wouldnt you know get too excited too quickly about it. Dumping super hard. I do, however, think that wicks down to the 28 29 000 region are very lightly, simply because people are gon na have stop losses, sat right here and if you were someone who was manipulating the market itd be very easy to know that so thats. What im watching yesterday, we had a very scary thing happen with ust and the anchor protocol and the terra luna ecosystem people were panicking, the stable coin, actually d pegged down to around 60 cents. It was very scary, and i made a big mistake right. I had a lot of my money in ust. I was way too overexposed and honestly. This was a really good wake up, call to remember that all money in crypto is not safe, even if it is in stable coins, whether its an algorithmic stable coin like ust or something like usdt, which also has a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt around. It is it really backed up by the dollars we really dont know, so it was a good wake up call something that is paramount. That weve learned now is to make sure that you always clear profits into the real world. Yes, its going to have tax implications. All of that sort of stuff, but thats. What were here for were here at the end of the day, to make money right so dont keep all of your money on platforms like this dont be silly like.

I was and keep more than 50 of your staple coins on a platform like this, because when you drop 40 on your stable coins, youre not even able to buy the dip. That was the worst part about yesterday. Most of my money was locked up, so i couldnt even buy the dip as heavy as i would have liked to. I did in fact buy the dip. Ive been buying bitcoin all the way down here, right all the way down to the low 30 thousands. I managed to get some yesterday im very happy with those buys ive bought more today and im simply just going to continue that going forward. Now i want you guys to prepare yourself for the possibility that bitcoin goes to 19, 000 or 11 000 right. I dont think its very likely that it does but prepare yourself for that. That way, you wont be buying too heavily. Now you just need to slowly dollar cost average into the market thats. Simply what im doing ive been buying, essentially every day since weve been crashing, but its very slow, its a very small amount in comparison to my full portfolio. So with that said, when the market is in situations like this, we need to have the opportunity to sell when we want to sell and to buy when we want to buy, and for that we need really deep liquidity, so a lot of liquidity, so the prices Dont fluctuate too much and we want to have access to the best price as possible.

So i do use one inch and one inch over here. You can use basically all of the networks here: ethereum, bnb, polygon, avalanche and phantom now, and you can buy and sell whatever coins you want here, using this decentralized, app and whats. Interesting about one inch is its actually a dex aggregator, so a decentralized exchange aggregator. So what its going to do is its going to go out and find you the best possible prices. So after youve selected your chain, and then you choose the token that you want what its going to do is go out and find the very best price. It can, and that will be displayed right here now. This is super important, because if you are trading on just a single exchange, this is both central and decentralized exchanges. You may actually be given a worse price, especially in a time like yesterday, when the whole market was panicking and trying to sell if the exchange only has access to a small amount of liquidity. This could artificially inflate the price, giving you a terrible exit price and exactly the same, the other way around when the market is super bullish. Anyway, moving on to some news today, we got good old, peter schiff, telling everyone that bitcoin is going straight to 10k and hey. He might be right, but you better know that im gon na be buying that dip. We also have russia admits its facing economic collapse over putins war.

This could result in them pulling out. I really hope that does happen very soon, be very good for the market, especially with the cpi meeting coming out tomorrow. If good cpi data came out, russia pulled out of the ukraine. That sort of stuff would be very, very good and bullish for the market, and a nice thing that we are seeing here on that bullish note is bitcoin retest 30k support, as data highlights bitcoin whale accumulation. So if we scroll down to here, we can see as the price is going down wallets, holding ten thousand to one hundred thousand bitcoin is going up. This is very good to see and very interesting to see that whales are still buying. Of course, im not a whale, but we can check this whale out. This is the third largest bitcoin holder here, who has simply just been buying and buying and buying and buying and buying with a few sales here and then buying again check out the bitcoin rich list, and you can see what these whales are doing right now. On that note, what am i doing this? Second, what have i been doing today so, first of all, of course, ive been buying some bitcoin, because that is my long term hold that i want to keep on top of that. Over the last few weeks i have been de risking from my more risky investments. Now these are smaller cap coins. These are coins that maybe have lost conviction in that sort of stuff.

Ive been de risking from things like that. Just so i have more money and more capital to put into ust onto anchor protocol and therefore i cant access it. No, so i have more money to actually buy the dip. Now, on top of that accumulating stable coins, i have today actually removed some of my liquidity from anchor protocol. I havent yet sold my ust, but i do plan to get rid of some of it and move it into usdc or busd for now, and also i have taken some liquidity off donkey. These are both the protocols that i was using for my staking, but as we are in a market condition right now, i do not want to be in the situation i was in yesterday, where i dont have enough liquidity to actually purchase big amounts. When i want to so thats the reason why ive taken those off, i still think both projects are good and i do think theyll stand the test of time, but were gon na have to wait to see exactly what happens with them. So with that said, i do hope that provides you with a little bit of insight into exactly what im doing. I am still fully bullish on the cryptocurrency market. I still think were gon na go up, but i do think well see a little bit more blood from here on out, but im, okay, because ill simply dollar cost average into the market.