You in show you whats going on put it in perspective. I want to talk about some of the projects that just went on heavy discount. Maybe you can help us in the comments section which coins are worth accumulating and how much do you need thats? What i want to talk about in todays video, of course, first things. First, what happened over the last 24 hours make sure you subscribe, because we do stuff like this daily over the past 24 hours. Several things happened, which sent the cryptocurrency market into a great state of fear. Bitcoin dipped below 30 thousand dollars stocks, especially tech stocks, were tanking, crypto is tanking and of course, probably the biggest one. Taras ust, their stable coin, lost its peg despite loans from the bitcoin reserves, so terra stablecoin peg supposed to be pegged at a dollar slipped below 70 cents, despite the fact that they had those bitcoin reserves. So this is what it looked like in real time yesterday. As the peg went from a dollar dipping to 90 cents, 80 cents, 70 cents in the 60 cent range very scary. Since then, it did reclaim itself a little bit into the 80 cent range. Now the 90 cent range nature is healing, but yesterday – and hopefully you follow us on twitter, because we were talking about this in real time as it happened at a certain point. Yesterday, the luna foundation was selling tens of thousands of their bitcoin from their reserves to try and maintain the peg and it wasnt being maintained a very scary time in the market.

This is the luna foundation, bitcoin balance its only really been going up up until yesterday, when we saw this sharp decrease, as they were, trying to maintain their peg was not working and the market went into a state of great fear. One billion in fact was liquidated from the cryptocurrency market. Yesterday, 24 hours 1 billion. This is a huge number crazy times, but with all this craziness there are plenty of takeaways lets go over some of the takeaways and some of the coins which are worth accumulating. Please comment your thoughts on that below. First, one of the major takeaways is that the beauty of this market is that no government is coming to save any individual or project from liquidation or implosion. This allows the natural process of creative destruction and enables the space to grow forever stronger out of each bust. The protocols that survive will get battle tested like bitcoin, has been battle, tested and developed. These scars and strength over the past 13 years and the space you know everythings open source. So we can all learn from every single project in their trials and tribulations and the whole space is going to come back stronger. Another takeaway its important to remember for every seller. There is a buyer. So lets take a look at some of that data. There is clear evidence that bitcoin whale addresses are viewing yesterdays drop below thirty thousand dollars as an event to accumulate sentiment. Feed saw the highest amount of transactions exceeding one hundred thousand dollars since january, and their supply of bitcoin held is rising again.

Listen ive made the most money in my cryptocurrency life from times when the market was exactly like this, when prices were down sentiment was down screw ups were happening, fear in the air – and this has happened plenty of times before in 2018, 2015. 2012. The best advice i can give you today is whatever you do: do not leave the industry. Countless people left in the deep bear market of 2012, 2015, 2018 and never came back. I simply cant imagine the psychological pain they are feeling now, if you left, when bitcoin was four thousand dollars and now bitcoins dipping to thirty thousand. The point is stay and you will be rewarded. I agree with this, so who else is excited about the future of crypto? Let me know if youre excited about the future of crypto in the comments or if you will be leaving the industry, in my opinion, theres no putting the genie back in the bottle. Theres. One direction that this is all going forward. I know it seems crazy. Oh in the future everybodys going to have bitcoin in the future, everybodys going to be playing to earn and using nfts and crypto is going to be a part of our everyday lives. That seems crazy to me just like a computer in every home and office. This was once a crazy idea to watch bill gates be questioned on. This is a failure. A computer is not in every home and office.

At the moment. Cut to today, a computer is in all of our pockets. Listen to this. I think youve been quoted as saying that the original aim of microsoft was a computer on every desk. Now the thing is that really projections we used to get in the 70s, whether by around about the end of the 80s, every house would have a personal computer. Now it hasnt happened and the reason it hasnt happened, i think, is because theyre still too difficult. You know youve still got this computer language, that puts people like me or over 30. It puts us off and you know when youre completely illiterate. As far as these things go, i mean theyve changed a lot computers, but are they going to be accessible to even an egypt like me? Well, i think we will get one uh in every office uh in every home. That was our original vision. To do that. Were gon na have to make them very familiar yeah and were gon na have to draw on things people understand uh, for example, everybody knows how to talk, and everybody knows how to write. In fact, i brought uh one of the latest machines here because for the first time were coming out with computers that understand handwriting. Well, this speaker, you see what i want is something that i can just i dont have to type anything. I just write a thing on the screen. It says, send us me bank statement or whatever you want.

You know, rather than having to interpret it in a language now. Can you do it with this pretty much? Let me not my bankster. I dont want the world to see my bank statement. I want you to show us this. This is fascinating, so you write it recognizes your handwriting. Does it thats right first im going to just point here and ask it to start up a notebook application and we we can see here my monthly calendar uh lets point in at this one specific day and see whats going on there now. This is just a normal pen. Im writing right on the surface of the screen, and didnt have to learn anything special. So here ive got this daily calendar lets say i want to change something: ive got a dinner down there, but if i want to get rid of that, i just do a simple gesture gets rid of it and im going to monte carlo tonight. So i just write that there you ask you probably own monte carlo, so you put that one yeah. I want to say: okay and now the computers uh understands that and its got it on my schedule and it actually will print it out. Sure look. People are realizing this problem. People are realizing this problem fact. People are realizing a whole host of problems. The cryptocurrency can do better at the good news is that one bitcoin is still attainable. Yeah thirty thousand dollars is a lot, but everybody expected it to be around a hundred thousand dollars.

At this point accumulating one bitcoin is still attainable, theyre, not making any more bitcoin. I mean think about it. If you believe that bitcoin will hit eventually 100 000 plus price point as i do, then this market correction is legitimately a gift. So what is worth accumulating? One bitcoin, i think, definitely worth accumulating 32 ethereum, i think definitely worth accumulating, or at least building up your eath stash, maybe 10 eth 100 cardano, if you believe in the future of cardano, definitely worth accumulating 50 soul. If you believe you know, soul has been getting integrated into so many different ethereum based platforms, coinbase open c. If youre a believer in seoul 50 soul is still very much in reach. A hundred matic still very much in reach 75 dot. You tell me which coins are worth accumulating. I think im personally ive bought bitcoin ive bought ethereum ive bought sold. Ive bought some low caps. I like mina, i like theta, but this is not financial advice. The point is one bitcoin. Yes, its worth a lot, but if you believe that bitcoin is going to be around in 10 years, one bitcoin still very much attainable accumulating eighth one. Eighth 108, still very much attainable, 100 cardano very much attainable. Maybe you like xrp, you know what im not here to evangelize every coin. What i am here to evangelize is bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general, because just like the computer in the 70s and 80s, its only going to get easier its only going to get more ubiquitous now.

The good news is that mcdonalds follows us, and mcdonalds has actually been following a number of cryptocurrency holders. This is real, so if you need to earn some extra money to buy the dip or cover your margin, whatever it is, mcdonalds is hiring just poking a little bit fun at sailor, the guys a genius. I definitely agree with him in other news. Mimblewimble live on litecoin in two weeks, nfts on instagram instagram has made it official to their millions and millions of followers and billions of users were testing ways for creators and collectors to share nfts theyve created or own on instagram, with a shimmer effect whatever. That may be the blockchains they tweeted this out. The blockchains that will be supported are ethereum, matic flow and solana. Congratulations if you hold those to go along with news in nft land azuki. That was another thing from yesterday: azuki suffered some fud and all nfts and all nft blue chips took a hit. You know a highly speculative market, but these are blue chip quote unquote, nft projects all a lot less than they have benazuki at 178 mutants at 18. Clone exit 12 doodles at 15.. The news about azuki the other day is that azuki nfts, plunge after founders, confess past failures. One of them did this whole write up, saying that we were behind such failed projects like funks, attendees and zonks, and you know they said they learned a lot from the process.

I really liked k money did a parody video on this really explains the situation watch. This and you tell me if, if you would like to have an azuki at these prices or tell me your thoughts, watch this hilarious, okay money. So the market is down yeah its one of the worst days in web 3. History and i have an idea of how we could capitalize on that. What is it lets announce that we were a part of three rugs? Why would we do that? That doesnt sound like a good idea? Well, i think the community would be appreciative of the fact that were being transparent, okay, but what? If people view that as fud, especially on a day like today when the market is doing so poorly? Well, we make money on royalties right yeah. So that means we make money when people sell right. Yeah people are gon na love. This article, its gon na, be great people are gon na love. Reading this, especially after all, weve had to offer, is doing an air drop when people are drunk and exploiting anime culture. Wait i have an idea: can we peg an azuki to ust thats a great idea? Oh and then el salvador bought another 500 bitcoin. Yesterday, small nation buying the dip pretty cool to see in that weve never had something like this before and surely other nations are taking the hint and seeing this when bitcoin pops back up theyre going to realize that oh man, theyre 500 bitcoins worth double triple.

Maybe anyways that remains to be seen. My name is aaron at altcoin daily. I hope our videos give you value perspective information. You tell me what youre buying you tell me your thoughts on the market and your thoughts on my assessment of the market and with that being said, i will see you tomorrow.