Today. I want to tell you about a really cool cryptocurrency product, slash service, its called dorney. The financial empowerment platform, learn about crypto, learn about investing in crypto access, high quality data and strategies achieve financial freedom. They have a its, not exactly play to earn, although it is gamified its learn and earn, they have a marketplace and they have their own token. Dourny is a sponsor of todays video, really cool platform, so big picture, what is dorney theyre an academy learn to earn with our gamified app gain the skills to become a successful crypto investor, their marketplace. The first investment marketplace focused around the exchange of data and strategies for the cryptocurrency industry, and they are a wallet non custodial blockchain wallet. How does this work number one learn about the cryptocurrency industry and gain and investing edge number two participate in quizzes and challenges to win. Crypto rewards number three access, high quality data and strategies on our marketplace. Number four become a creator and monetize your content on the marketplace. Tons of free information is publicly available online right now. For you to do your own research, they have a telegram. They have a twitter, instagram, tick, tock and discord. I want to give you an introduction on the learn and earn crypto side of it, the marketplace side of it and the token side of it before we get into that lets meet the founder. I think this guys got a really cool story.

His name is dad van youssef had a great write up on dorney and the ceo story. At the age of 21, dad van youssef was considered switzerlands youngest self made millionaire all thanks to his trades in bitcoin and ethereum. The kurdish refugee not only helped his entire family in switzerland and iraq, but also became one of the youngest professional crypto traders. His goal now is to democratize access to financial education to help others achieve their goal quote. I know what its like to live in poverty and be able to take my family out of it means the world to me. Bitcoin has been a huge opportunity in my life, and the good news is that were still early in the game. This crypto revolution has the potential to be a great equalizer and give people opportunities. They never had before bringing us again to dorney. What is dorney dorneys objective is to support the crypto industrys growth by helping investors invest intelligently and avoid the most common mistakes. Dourtny focuses on two features: the journey academy and the dorney marketplace. The academy teaches users different crypto related topics using a very gamified approach. The marketplace lets users exchange and distribute crypto data and strategies lets break both of these down. First of all, the learn and earn crypto academy experience, free, crypto, education, gamified, learning, challenge your friends and win. Crypto rewards want to be the first to try. This join the wait list. All they request is your email.

Our academy defies the educational norm by gamifying. The learning process, our fun and engaging multi level approach, delivers the adrenaline rush to learn about crypto and investing wouldnt that be nice. If somebody could pay you to learn and it would be gamified, unlike the traditional education system, where you pay to learn, we offer a learn to earn model that rewards users as they successfully complete tests and challenges lessons. Our curriculum is curated by university professors and lecturers with the support of students. These lessons give the principles behind key crypto topics such as economics, cryptography, blockchain, nfts, defy and more. If you want to get started, feel free to join the wait list, marketplace a marketplace optimized for sharing crypto data and strategies you get access to high quality crypto data. Dorney is creating an ecosystem where users can freely access and distribute crypto data and strategies. With our marketplace, content creators can monetize their content while retaining ownership and control over it. At the same time, users will have an optimized experience that is tailored to their needs, giving them the right information at the right time. How does the marketplace support crypto investors well gain insights on key market indicators such as whale wallets, smart money movements on chain, analysis, technical analysis, community insights and more. We give content creators the tools they need to optimize, the distribution and monetization of their content, deploying your content on the marketplace. Creators can deploy their content on a smart contract and easily distribute it while retaining ownership and ensuring monetization.

So if this is something like what glass node does or dune analytics or what the block does, if youre familiar with the quality data you get behind their paywall, this could be very beneficial um and would be really useful to have all of this curated on one Page or a series of pages all within this marketplace lets talk about their token. Dhn is now on pancake swap it is a vechain native blockchain. Ethereum, compatible binance smart chain compatible makes sense because they are on pancake swap this is their contract address. Everything is open check it out for yourself what is dhn dhn is a multi chain utility token that allows users to get the most out of dorney ecosystem with a total supply. This many dhns the token plays a vital part in the dorney platform. Why dhn was created? Well, it was created to incentivize all participants to contribute to the ecosystem. We created a compensation framework powered by our very own token, as the core driver of growth. Together with the support of our community, we aim to become the worlds leading empowerment. Token, with the academy and marketplace with our academy, you get rewarded when you complete, quizzes and challenges. Dhn plays a key role in driving growth to the platform. As far as the marketplace goes, the marketplace will allow for an ecosystem to flourish around the exchange of crypto data and strategies. The dhn token will be used to align incentives between participants and ensure honest behavior across the platform public about their tokenomics and team allocation, in which case its only 10 percent token sale.

20. You can see the breakdown right here release schedule. I love when companies are open about this stuff. Dhn is a utility token. Through the doherny platform, dhn will be used to align interests and reward active participants empowerment. We want to encourage people to learn and gain knowledge about the cryptocurrency space. This is why we use dhn as an empowerment token that rewards users along their journey staking as part of the dorney wallet. A staking feature will be available where dhn holders can choose between varying lock up periods and apy marketplace. The marketplace allows users to create and deploy their content on the platform in order to deploy a smart contract on the platform. A certain amount of tokens need to be staked. They have been written up in plenty of many cryptocurrency publications, gamified, financial and crypto education. How dorney is changing the game? This is the 2020 roadmap. You can click on view to see more information on any of these start with the academy, then wallet then token and then marketplace links to the website down in the description check them out. Like i said, theyre on telegram, twitter, instagram, tick, tock, discord, tons of great information out there about these guys. Do your own research check it out sign up for their wait list. What dorney is doing is a necessary product service to offer and theres already varying different crypto companies who offer something like this and theres room for many people to offer something depending on their niche.

I think dorney or a product like dorney can be very successful in crypto, especially when so many people are seeking good information about the cryptocurrency space check them out.