So turn notifications on make sure you select all um. You guys already know. Dont fall for spam in the comment section and anything i say is not a suggestion for you to buy, hold or sell. I just want to go over a few things now at the time of this recording um, i believe uh, coinbase and roblox have not reported, but theyre supposed to be reporting at closing bail. At the time of this recording uh, we got about 30 minutes left and um. You know the safest thing for me to do is to wait until after their report, but i decided not to because the message, i believe is more important. So im just going to read a few things and show you a few charts and just try to get right to some information, so uh people are looking for what they can sell now, rather than what they could buy in this market. We all know by now that there is a looming recession. We also know that we could be in a recession right now. We will know, in fact, when the next gdp numbers come for q2 right. So what im gon na tell you is, you should be looking for good stocks, fair evaluation stocks, if youre going to be buying, but im also going to say that it is best right now. This is what im doing to remain mostly in cash. You can just look through all of my videos: youll youll see that every month ive been saying, ive been around 68 to 73 cash, so lets just say: 70 cash right and for those of you, thats been following me and staying in cash and youve heard me Say it please leave a comment uh below im, going to get to that.

The reason why i asked for that at the end of this video – and so you know, were in this downward spiral when i made the video yesterday, stocks and crypto are a falling knife and they are and im gon na show you why all right, all right, If youre gon na be buying right now, you better be buying value, just google. What value stocks are remember its up to you to do your own due diligence because were human were trying to figure this out. If the fed doesnt have uh hes got all of the data, if he doesnt know whats going on its difficult for us to know, whats going on were human, i mean even us, youtubers were human. All we do is get data its extrapolated and then we reverberate it back out to you to try to break it down to where we can continue to make money. Just remember that, right, so the stock market, all of these companies are just selling off, but i also want you to know that all of these companies, not all of the companies in the stock market, are going broke. Thats not happening all of the companies in the stock market are not going to zero uh, but i believe uh, coinbase and roblox are going to be uh reporting at closing bail, which is about 30 minutes at the time of making this video. So what i want to show you is this: we are uh really simply im.

Sorry thats still up. We are going through this uh situation, where over valued stock are selling off theyre, simply selling off. So lets look at coinbase since theyre reporting, so we have whats called uh retail uh stocks all right. So all of this week we got a ton of re retail stocks that are reporting the roblox, the sofi uh alibaba uh coinbase, the only one thats, not a retail stock really is, is disney and what i mean by retail stock. These were stock that were mostly hyped, but they were overvalued. Okay, they have re ridiculous multiples and ridiculously uh lets look at this coin base. For instance, we see where it is right. 73. 73.83. At the time of this recording – and we see the pe, which is reasonable but heres the problem with a lot of these companies, okay lets look at where coinbase ipo that coinbase on wednesday afternoon, when it ipod right it ipod at 381 dollars a share. That was a 52 increase over the 250 reference price. Remember remember back when i was saying im never buying these high ipo overhyped stock im never buying them, because this changes the multiple right here. So when you go from 250 to 380 right and so now remember, the stock was trading at open at 380. and right now, its 73. So you are talking about a ridiculous loss. Look at here look at the years range from 72. down from 368 uh dollars.

In a year, thats insane thats, a lot of that means that this was just operating on pure hype and it was forward earnings right, meaning the forward earnings sometimes are ridiculous and we were paying a ridiculous premium on the forward earnings uh, i never bought it. I told you guys when it ipo, i wasnt gon na, buy it because of that fact, and then lets go to roblox, okay, roblox right now, at the time of this recording 23 right, what did roblox uh ipo at look at this shares begin trading at 64. 64 on roblox 64., and where are we right now, a third of that look at that 23 right, and so you you, the the market. Caps of these stocks were ridiculous. The the the uh what youre paying for forward earnings was ridiculous. So what happened? Good people was, we were paying you and i, the retail investor, were paying a premium on these companies and they just kept running up and running up and running up on nothing. Now, if you were smart, i didnt get in any of these ipo stock, but i did get into some retail stock. I did get into some sofa and what i did was, i ran them up and then i sold them, because if you look back about january of this year, um um – i forgot when i made it, i think it was january. I was talking about all of these over hyped stock that they were going to be called on the carpet back in november.

You guys know, i told you guys that we were heading to a bear market. I literally said trees dont grow to the sky. Now here we are in a bull market, you could get away with it, but, like ive been saying on this page, the problem that most of us had was, we did not know when to get out. We got greedy and we thought that trees were just gon na continue to grow to the sky and they dont everything has a limit and thats what happened to the stock market that, along with all the liquidity, all of these stimulus checks that the fed pumped into The market, a lot of you, got over robin hood alone, had over 22 million new users. So now you have all of these uh new money. All of this new money coming into the system that dont know the fundamentals about how the market works. Dont know what a price to earnings is and start paying a premium on these stock. Now i benefited from it. I i did a lot of in and out, because i knew that there was a lot of new retail money in so i traded the stock market. Just like you guys did, but i was wise enough to know when to take profits and the only reason why i was wide enough to know when to take profits, because in 2008, at on 2007, i wasnt i learned from hard, knocks i learned from losing money.

I learned from bumping my head on the same pole, and so what im saying to you right now is you dont have to do that. So what im going to say is going to be very controversial right now. What im going to say is pray for the influencers and im going to tell you right now, because there is going to be a wave of negativity because the truth be told you didnt, do your research and no one person is right right. No one knows, like the fed said i remember when i was saying i didnt think the fed was going to raise the interest rates four times. Everybody was saying that cnbc fox yahoo. They were all saying it fox business, and now here we are and its just. We are human and no one hits a home run 100 of the time right, but i learned from my mistakes when i rotated into oil when i rotated in the finances, i told you guys back at the top of the year back in january. This is what im doing right when i got out of neo. I said: hey im getting out of neo because i am just sick of the chinese food and i got out and im glad i got out im, im, im and – and do i think, is a good company. Yes, but the fud, the the you know, i just didnt, want that song and dance anymore, and so there are people making money and im just going to tell you theres people making money in this market, people that know how to short the market are making money.

People that are doing put options are making money um every day, even in this market. So the reason why im saying what im saying is is this is the time to slow your dip buying. I im not other than my dc8, my dollar cost average long term for the next five years in stocks, which im sharing with you guys publicly. All right and ive been doing a little of that in here in the last 24 hours in crypto. Right now, though, theyre both a falling knife right, um, um, im, saying its time to cash up and ive, been saying that im gon na continue to say that just like uh last november, when i said hey a bear market is coming, and i took that flag And then here we are so thats what im saying pray for these influencers and um, and and and so that the negativity that will come – and this is what im gon na end with a lot of you are new. Most of you that are listening to all of us are new. What you need during this time is to not tap out what you need during this time is someone with a level head, thats been through this and theres a lot of us out there to lead. You through, and you also need to know that i want you to think about this. If you are just getting into the market and youre, just gon na say, hey im gon na learn this market for the next three months and then ill get in just think of how much better off youll be.

All of us have red in our portfolios. Okay, i got rid of my portfolio so im im, no genius but im still winning okay, but i also know that when the recession hits, i will make more money doing uh past the recession by dollar cost averaging and buying at the bottom thats. What im excited about im excited about the opportunity that the recession is going to present its gon na be tough? Its gon na be job losses. Uh uh housing market is gon na fall, but im excited about the opportunity and thats where i dont want you to tap out on so just hold your money. If you need to dont, go dollar just dont go in heavy. I you know, i really dont like it when people leave that on my page, the other night i says, hey, i got theres some crypto. I see that im literally gon na put pennies in oh im, going all in dont. Do that its not its a falling knife, i want you guys to win. I want you to cash up and when we know emphatically were in a recession which we could be right now then were going to not dump all in were going to dollar cost average right through the recession. Okay and then the further you get away from the recession. The better off youll be fine, good, solid companies and look for the ones that are at fair evaluations or are oversold and prepare to dollar cost average through with those, because those are gon na.

Be your winners, okay, so listen! Im gon na tell you. I got two links below you already. You guys already know about weeble. You guys know we do our swing trading there crypto in stocks, but where were cashing up right now, were cashing up in the moo moo deposit. It theyre gon na give you some free stock put a hundred dollars in there to get going. What were gon na do with this this money right now, absolutely nothing were going to wait for the recession to be confirmed and were going to build generational wealth. The right way: okay, im going to leave it right there and um. I dont know: if were gon na, do technical tuesdays. We may or may not uh uh with stocks with josh uh and if so, we will probably post it on his page and youll see later on, see a link back uh. You know a link in that box. Okay, all right, good people make sure you check out the links below and well talk to you later. I love you guys.