We got a lot to talk about in this video. All i ask is that you give me a smile smash that, like button lets, try to get 750 likes on this video im gon na give you a chance and the song of the day lets see if you recognize it. Let me know in the comment section down below Music. Let me know in the comment section down below and lets get into it, so its going to become your favorite part of the video im telling you this game that were playing so shiba inu coin is currently at 0.0001608, pulled back a little bit. It was up there almost at 18 level, but there was a pullback here of the whole crypto market and shibainu as well, but still on the 24 hours. Shiba inu is up five percent last seven days: minus 21.5, but its down five percent. I was reading before about tara luna. I dont know if im gon na make a video about this, but this is wild. What is going on there if you havent, heard, go read about it, its just a very uh, not great situation, whats happening there, but were here to talk about chiba, inu and theres, a lot of things to talk about chiba inu. But i want to give you some memes right. Uh yesterday was a hard day. Today was a little bit better, but i have some funny memes for you uh, so so lets get into the meme.

So how people think its like to hold whats actually like to hold right its not easy right, youre gon na have uh youre gon na go up, then theres gon na be a dip, and youre gon na have uh some uh trees here that are going to Bother you then youre going to go up fast, then youre going to you know be in the valley in the in the sea and then maybe finally right youll get to the the finish line, but its going to uh. You know its going to be hard and and its not going to be easy right. Next, this one we are no longer hiring thanks, crypto community yall awesome right. Even mcdonalds doesnt want to hire crypto of people from crypto because everybody lost all their money yesterday and they want to go work at mcdonalds. So that was just a little bit a little bit funny a little bit sad right: stock market traders, minus three percent everybodys uh, depressed crypto market traders, forty percent, ah its nothing right and last but not least, is is, i think, the best one of them all. People who started investing last year are crying right: people who went through 2008, 2018 and 2020 first time, huh right. So its really like that you know its when its your first time, uh going through this a big dip like, ah you know, whats gon na happen. I lost so much money and asterix.

You dont lose until you sell right. If we take a look at the past 20, 30 years, 50, 90 years, actually in the stock market, it always goes up. Doesnt go up all the time like it did in the last 10 years right. This has been a very bullish market, but you got to think about what was going on right in the last century, how people are investing in the stock market 20 years ago. You had to call up some, you know a broker say: buy five shares of apple right and ill transfer money from my account and buy me some apple right now in with a finger swipe. You bought right and so its its a totally different ecosystem. Its a totally different world who knows whats going to happen in a few months in a year, in five years and 10 years and theres an article that i saw kind of pissed me off a little bit right. I usually dont show articles from this website, but im just im going to show you the headline and then well talk about what theyre saying here in the middle and and thats it, because it makes me angry a little bit about how im all for the clickbait. You know me im a great uh baiter right im, the master of the basin of the raiders right. Can i say that i dont know uh but uh its, but its its just a little bit too much so shiba inu could hit five dollars by 2050.

According to this crypto analyst, okay, so uh – who is this crypto analyst trevor trevor uh and trevor – is basically saying that its going to hit five by 2050, its a 26 million upside right? Is it possible? So basically it goes about. You know a shebarium and whats happening with shiba inu and whats happening with the burn mechanisms and at the end here he says well, if the market cap at that price would be 1.05 trillion at that level to reach 5 per token, the supply would need to Cut to 210 billion tokens that means 99.96 of all existing tokens would need to be destroyed, thats still, a very unlikely outcome. Now, listen weve been talking about one cent, that is a very low outcome right and here five dollars now by 2050, its another 30 years. I mean, could it happen? I dont know maybe right people that when bitcoin was uh a 100 did they think its going to be 69. 000. 70. 000.. Now people are talking about 2 million 5 million right um no, but this is like really far fetched. Okay and if if we do get 100 trillion tokens burning every year, like uh, queenie anticipated or predicted, then yeah, maybe we can get there a lot faster than 2050.. So i im kind of i dont like this article, because people are going to see it and theyre going to think. Oh yeah shebain is going to five right and if i invest uh one thousand dollars by next year, im gon na have uh five million.

No right, it will take time 30 years. So if you want to start investing in chiba inu and maybe it will get to five dollars and you havent – you can put that money for 30 years into your ira account. I have a partnership with. I trust capital. You can buy shiba inu, you can buy other cryptos once you sign up ill. Get a commission and youll get 100 reward. Once you fund your account, so once you sign up ill, get commission and then, when you fund your account, youll get that reward uh and you can put an roth ira where its money that was already taxed and then you take it out without tax. So that can be a huge amount in 30 years. Just think about it now, a little bit more shiba, inu news. So remember the ck uh situation uh that people were talking about um, so there was a medium that just dropped from satoshi. I didnt want to cover it in this video because its already a long video lots to talk about, but its apparently some lawyer thats, going to start working with them. So there was no partnership with calvin klein im sorry, but that was just the update on that. Shiba inu gains over 15 000 holders. Despite losses, will he climb back up? So i think what happened is a lot of people were buying the dip? I think a lot of people are shifting back from apecoin, too shiba inu uh the people were buying a coin selling shiba inu.

When apecoin was going up now a coin is going down and chibane is going down too so theyre. You know running away from a coin, coming back to shiba inu, so thats, why, i think were seeing that return of the 15 000 uh that we had uh seen there so something that um is a little bit concerning for tomorrow, right its like, we dont have Enough uh, you know in yiddish, theres a word its called suris. It means, like you, know, problems uh. We dont have enough problems with interest rates going up and now tomorrow, theres a cpi uh consumer price index coming out uh. Maybe inflation is going to go up huge, maybe its going to go down well see it can affect all the markets. Even more um. Well see we had a nice bounce here, but if tomorrow were also going to have the cpi data, who knows whats going to happen with the crypto market, with the stock market were already in extreme extreme fear. Uh so well see how thats going to play out for shiba inu its important that were able to hold the 1600 and not find ourselves back in that 13 area that we saw there. I wanted to get back to 20, but this is going to be a few turbulent days. I dont think this is time to do anything rash right. This is just my opinion. Not financial advice always do your own due diligence before you decide to invest.

I think its going to continue to be very, very volatile. I i i its great to buy the dip right. Anybody that thought it bought it. 13. 14. uh! Congratulations right! A nice uh returns there. I was sleeping when that happened uh, but its gon na be a very volatile few days and well see how we can get out of this next week or so and where well be in the future. Guys dont forget to smash that like button. Let me know what song was in the beginning if you havent yet already. Thank you for watching dont forget to smash that like button.