The knife is trash, whats up guys, streamer tv and first up in the news we have soda popping now soda has been notably absent from streaming at the start of may. Leaving some fans concerned and has now explained its a problem of motivation, fans were concerned for soda popping after his live streams, have started to become a few and far between and streaming only once in the past seven days. Yet he explains in a tweet today to let his fans know sorry, i havent streamed lately, i just havent felt like it and i dont want to force myself to do it might be loved tomorrow might not be not sure shrug just tweeting this out, because people Keep asking me if something is up and that i just dont run along nothing counts so guys. I share your thoughts in the comment section below and lets jump to. The highlights. The key to gain more is to lose more, maybe maybe ive lost so much now. If i double down – and i double when its down its going to quadruple up on the way up, boom, goes down, lose everything boom, double down on the way up and then its its cranking it its cranking and then 29 and then boys first seat. And then the ship first season boom 64 apple, Music yo. The restaurant view is really hilarious, because theyre gon na theyre gon na eat like this, just watching some people screaming over there and then eating shes.

Like i dont know what is this? You, okay, one person, said theres something wrong: welcome to todays stream. Folks, dont, look dont, look! Dont, look! Dont, look! Dont! Look! Dont! Look! Oh god! Oh my god! Austin take this! Are you okay yeah? By the way? This is very second uh. He works here. Yeah yeah yeah and then we go. I can walk. Where can i walk? Oh yeah, i can totally walk so smoothly, uh uh yeah and then here we go uh. We have a gift shop area, Music, a lot of experience, dead, gripping certain things. Oh, what? What? How did you do that? What wait no way, no way, how the did you do that? How are you stronger than me? I got it. I got it its on your leg, oh its in the bed, its on your pants. I cant touch you. I cant touch right there. Yugi dont move its on your crotch. Its on just drive, drive, drive, drive, drive, wait, wait, wait just drive its way way. People crossing people crossing Music, its, not i dont, know it flew away. It flew away, it flew away. It flew away were good. We good holy moly on the door out the door. Dont touch its right there, its right there, Music close the window close the window. Oh shoot, hey! You missed your chance. That was yeah wow vegemite thanks for the five dates in korea. Just in three phrases: one kakojis, hair and second chai and third uh – you will be youll, be kicked out.

100 dont try this okay; 100, no 10k percent, one two, three one, two, three one, two three one, two three one, two three one, two three drink, two on that. Still i lose count. Stick your finger in my hand; oh my god, Music. The biggest surprise to me, honestly, in this tournament and its its a little bit boring for a lot of people, but the way force has been playing counter strike so far has been very, very impressive. The fact that they were able to win both their games quite convincingly taken down here. He watched my story no game now putting himself in a position where theyre only one game away from qualifying for the united states to me is very impressive, Laughter Laughter Music, like i said earlier, its like a great opportunity again because seriously like after i left that Day, remember yeah, i really didnt know who you were yeah and then now like after that day, man bro, like its insane dude yeah, you have some people, people talking to you dude, you dont even know. I actually have clients in my salon. No way come and ask for your haircut chat. You know what i mean like really asking for your haircut. Ah interesting. I did not know that was that rapping yeah so like well. Thank you. You know, like you, did bring me business. You know. Oh thats cool, yeah yeah so like i really appreciate that and even family and friends that i didnt know that they watched you theyre, like hey cooney, were you were you on sqc stream? Im like oh.

You know that guy hes, like really i dont, even know who he is im like well now i do now. You know thats interesting. It was like that. So no, i appreciate you man for just being honest. You got it who you are dude um have fun. You know the other time coming here: oh yeah, it was definitely a lot of fun if you guys enjoyed this video feel free to drop a like, and if you want to keep up with the latest news and clips be sure to subscribe and turn notifications on And ill see you guys in the next one whyd i do this. I cant help it. They call me john danger. I have to do everything dangerously thats.