So lets get started and with dokwan the founder and creator of the tara luna coin and ecosystem, announcing a recovery plan for both usd and luna im very bullish. On this token, and have no doubt they will recover from this. Information has already leaked about lunas game plan to salvage the ust stablecoin and luna token, and that is to raise up to a billion dollars worth of capital by venture capital firms for the luna foundation in order to prop up the ust stablecoin and maintain its peg. So very bullish on this developing story, so tara luna has had a massive sell off the past month and is down over 80 percent from its previous all time high. We did reach a previous all time, high of roughly 120 on tara luna and were currently trading around the 13 mark. So, as you know, were in the midst of a giant stock market and crypto sell off with a lot of fear in the market. Investors are feeling very bearish and are beginning to sell off all equities and cryptocurrencies and dont forget ust stablecoin has also lost its peg of one dollar and its now trending around the 83 cent mark. So this is another opportunity you can take advantage of because, as you know, stable coins tend to lose their pegs, sometimes, but always recover to the upside back to their one dollar price point and lets not forget. The biggest crypto of all bitcoin is currently trending at roughly the 30 000 price point and, judging by the rainbow chart, we are in the green area here, which is the accumulate area.

So definitely bitcoin is on sale as well and, as you can see, bitcoin likes to trade in this range and usually bounces off the bottom here and recovers and continues higher so with bitcoin being the leader of all the cryptocurrencies every other altcoin underneath it will follow Its price action, including tara luna. So this is the daily chart on tara luna, and let me zoom out here so since 2021, tara luna has had a massive run upward and during the 2021 year it was trending at roughly the four to five dollar mark and it was trading sideways for months And finally broke out to the upside, and, as you can see here, a well defined trend and this line running across can be seen as support and luna was bouncing off of support every time. It would bounce and continue higher balance and continue higher bounce and continue higher, but unfortunately, the scene of the crime. Here it broke support, and now we are trading around the 13 range and you can also see tara luna formed a head and pattern shoulder here, but with head and shoulder patterns you either break out to the upside or you break out to the downside and unfortunately, Luna was unable to hold support and it broke to the downside. So when it comes to technical analysis, what we want to pay close attention to is the rsi, which is your relative strength index, so on here, your rsi.

It shows you two different levels: everything above the 70 point mark is considered overbought and overvalued thats when you want to take profits and anything below the 30 point mark down here is considered oversold and undervalued and thats the time you want to buy. So, judging by this chart over the months, tara, luna anytime, the price falls underneath the oversold conditions, guess what recovery to the upside, and that corresponds with the chart up here, dip and recovery to the upside same as here we cross the oversold mark this point here And soon after recovery to the upside, and it corresponds with the price up here as well now. Finally, this is where we currently are today at the current price point of 13 and guess what each and every time without fail luna likes to recover to the upside, and the same thing goes for the ust stablecoin as well right, so the ust stablecoin likes to Maintain its value up here of one dollar running across pretty consistent throughout, but we did have a selloff here and we did reach a low point of 71 cents and judging down here oversold but recovery to the upside recovery to the upside and again today, oversold but Recovery to the upside it dipped here and nowhere else to go, but up back to its one dollar price point. So what im trying to illustrate here is luna is definitely oversold and been taking a lot of hits with sellers selling.

Off this token, but judging by the charts luna is on its way to recovery, and if we remove these drawings, another level of support can be seen by using the volume profile tool so on here you have your volume nodes on the right hand, side on the Y axis – and this illustrates at which point investors were buying the luna token and also by the amount of volume, so each bar here can be seen as a line of support, so this giant volume node here this is called the point of control. So this would act as a support line so with this giant node here, that means a lot of investors were buying the token at the five dollar price point. This is back in 2021 and above that we do have a second volume note here and thats roughly at the 16 price point right, which corresponds here. So anything between the five dollar and the 16 price point is a great entry point for you to buy the luna token, like i said, definitely oversold and i think its done selling. This is a great opportunity for you to buy at such a low price point and eventually revisit its all time high of 121 dollars up here. This is definitely a long term hold and a way you can 10x your money in a simple swing. Trade and the same idea applies to the usd stablecoin. We know the luna foundation is doing everything they can to maintain the one dollar peg of ust.

So this arbitrage opportunity is a perfect day trade for you at its current price point of 80 cents here we know that the peg will revert back to its one dollar value soon, so 80 cents to 100 is a 20 gain. So again, this is a beautiful swing trade for you to jump into with potentially 20 percent gain to the upside, simply for taking advantage of its de pegging, and i do recommend you act fast, because stable coins on sale, dont last very long. They usually recover back to their one dollar price point within a couple of days, so you only have a limited amount of time to take advantage of this price difference again for american customers, both the luna token and ust is available on the kraken exchange. I highly recommend you sign up for kraken its a great exchange, its my preferred exchange. I actually prefer kraken over coinbase or you can also buy luna on, but just be aware: does not have ust stablecoin only the luna token, and one last thing. If you were to buy the dip here on luna, i highly recommend you can also stake. The luna token on kraken for up to 4.75 apr a year in rewards or you can also stake the luna token on for three percent apr and stake in rewards. But if youre looking for a higher return on your investment, while you hold, i do recommend you use the anchor protocol on the terra luna ecosystem.

So the website here is and simply for depositing the ust stablecoin, you can earn up to 18.6 apr simply for depositing the ust stablecoin. So, for example, if you were to deposit 10 000 stablecoins into the anchor protocol here, a 10 000 deposit will earn. You 1 800 ust per year, and this is a very easy process, its a set it and forget it. You only deposit once and its auto compounding for you. You dont have to do any more work. After that, i do have a complete video on how to use the anker protocol so definitely check that out ill link it on the top right here, its a very easy interface to use. You can set it up and have it running within five minutes. So, im very bullish on the terra luna token. I definitely think this correction in the market is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to buy this name at such a cheap price and potentially 10x. Your return on this simple token, the tara luna foundation, has a ton of upgrades coming to the network and 2022 is going to be an explosive year for them, and dont forget to take advantage of the usd stablecoin arbitrage opportunity here, another potential 20 upside, and while You hold your tokens, you can also deposit this ust stablecoin into anchor protocol and earn your 18 apr. So definitely keep an eye out on dokuan official twitter at stablequan to see all the latest luna and ust updates.

I have no doubt in my mind that the luna token will recover from this. So, even though terra luna has fallen out of the top 10 and is now ranked number 23 with a 5 billion dollar market cap, i have no doubt that tara luna will revisit the top 10 soon and multiply its current valuation. So i hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a question in the comment. Section ill be happy to respond.