We saw a top 10 cryptocurrency a top 10 stable coin. Both fall 35. 40. 50. 55. So i want to talk about that. Talk about why things could get better. Today, theres something thats actually happening later today, thats going to affect us all here in the us and theres something tomorrow that can affect the entire market. I also want to show you what whales are doing, because they actually have been buying. They uh the institutional investors started buying again for the first time in a while were going to talk about a lot of different things. If you guys dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button, i appreciate that i should say too were going to talk about microstrategy. A lot of people are worried that theyre going to get liquidated liquidated on their bitcoin loan. That doesnt look to be the case, so i want to talk about all that. Thank you guys for in the like, and subscribe theres, also a link down there to ftx block folio, where you can get free crypto on trades over ten dollars. There were multiple, multiple uh different websites and apps that were down yesterday or they shut down, start uh, different trading for ust and different pairs. So its always nice to have multiple accounts, because you never know when ones gon na either get shut down or stop trading or freeze uh. So just pay attention that, if you guys want that link, try it out underneath the video six million people use it.

You get free crypto, you can trade track a bunch of cryptos as well and trade a lot of cryptos on there as well, so the market its down from yesterday from the beginning of the day yesterday, but its looking better bitcoin touched all the way down under 30, 000 and now has come back to about 32., so this was a great time to buy. If you could buy under 30., i actually bought a decent amount under 30, 000 and uh. The reason that it was so far down was because so many people were worried about the tara stablecoin, ust d pegging and its still d pegged right now, but it is looking better. So i made a video on this yesterday. If you didnt see it and see why it was happening, you can go check it out, but you can see its down to 92 cents. It fell all the way down. In the 60s it was 62 cents on binance, 66 cents here on coin gecko, and this is freaky, because this is a crypto that people have a lot of money in all right. I have a significant amount of money in and i talked about what i was going to do. I did not sell at a loss im still holding on to it, but i am looking to withdraw it because i think theres going to be a lot of people that just want their money out after at this point, and it does make you wonder if this Were to d peg again, it could happen and you wouldnt be able to move money from that to bitcoin or to buy some of the dip somewhere else so thats, something to consider now within mind.

We also saw a lot of liquidation, so this is coming back. Just a few days ago they were talking about how we saw liquidations, but not as much as we had seen back in january. In january we saw about 800 million dollars liquidated over 24 hours. Now we saw a lot more than that, so we actually saw about a billion dollars. It was even higher yesterday over a billion dollars worth liquidated in 24 hours, 330 million of bitcoin. We have uh this over here, 715 million dollars worth of longs liquidated, and you have to remember, too that tara had to liquidate some of their bitcoin position as well to be able to go and buy back ust, so they sold a significant amount of bitcoin. We also had the stock market that traded off 4.3 percent on the nasdaq like these are some of the biggest tech companies in the world and theyve already fallen down twenty thirty, fifty percent, some of them eighty percent theyre still falling. So we have capitulation not just in crypto bend stocks. I mean over the last three trading days, the nasdaqs fallen over 10 combined, so just an insane amount of volatility in the market, but that could change here today. So biden is going to outline a plan to tackle inflation so last month he announced that the environmental protection agency epa would allow e15 gasoline gasoline as 15 ethanol blend to be sold in the united states this summer to help people buy gas a little bit easier.

This is just a mix of 15 ethanol which comes from plants, its fine for newer cars from 20 uh 2001 on so thats one of his plans. They also said that theyre going to release one barrel, one million barrels per day from the strategic petroleum reserve over the next six months. He also is expected to uh ask congress for companies to pay fees on idled wells and non producing acres of federal land. So the company will have so the companies will have to choose whether to begin producing or pay a fee. He also plans on calling congress to pass a clean energy and vehicle tax credit and investment. So theyre going to try to move people away from gas over to electric cars, which would be fantastic im trying to get an electric car right now too, thats actually been pushed back, so this is really bullish. I think for tesla as well. If this gets passed, people will look at that and be really excited. They also are going to lay out ways for lower prescription and drug health care costs and theyre going to theyre going to refer to the federal student loan payments and interest freezes. So this is a handful of things that theyre going to try to do. I think all this is pretty good, i mean. Obviously we need to curb inflation and releasing some oil barrels, i think, is a good way to do it. I mean thats not gon na make a huge difference, but you know if we can lower gas a little bit.

People will be happy theyre, trying to make people happy before midterms and we do have cpi data coming out tomorrow. Remember, thats gon na be what really moves the market i think more than just this, but this might move some individual stocks might make. People feel a little bit better that the white house is trying to do something now. With that in mind, a lot of people were also worried about microstrategy, michael saylor. They were worried that he was going to get margin called basically on his crypto, and he said they have a 205 million dollar loan in the and they need to maintain 410 million. As collateral, so basically, 50 loan to value microstrategy has 115 000 bitcoin that can pledge. If the bitcoin price falls below 3500, the company could post some other collateral and the other collateral is not going to be as volatile. So bitcoin is going to have to fall about 85 to 90 from here, and then they could still get by theyre, not worried about that. This loan is actually really small for them. Now, if, if i was worried about something id, be more worried about ust than michael saylor and id be more worried about them, selling bitcoin as uh to keep the peg but michael saylor is going to continue to hold. I think ust will get back to peg. I dont know if i said that earlier, but i think theyll get back to peg and they have said that theyre going to buy bitcoin forever.

I think theyre just going to continue to go back and forth and theyre going to have some automated mechanism thats. Really what they want so that way, if the government bans a bunch of stable coins, they can still be there. We really need something like that at this point, though, its just really volatile. Now the asset funds report came out yesterday and we actu – we actually saw an inflow, so this was uh. This was interesting to see because the market has been falling, but we saw inflows of 40 million dollars last week and we saw 45 million coming in bitcoin 12.5 coming out of ethereum lebanon, multi assets. Solana, we had some inflows: polka dots, some outflows, cardano and ripple. Some inflows as well, so they say that they believe that investors were taking advantage of the substantial price weakness to add to positions. Flows were lopsided with inflows of 66 million in north america, while europe saw outflows, totaling 26 million. So maybe some fear still because europe has a little bit worse than we do right now now. Let me know your thoughts on all this underneath the video like, i said, i think things are getting better. I feel like that was a capitulation event because, honestly, how? How can it get much worse than that, besides just price like an actual narrative, something that people had literal stable coin in or had their money in that didnt? They didnt think it would change price at all.

Literally fell 40 crashing another top 10 crypto, also causing that foundation to sell out of bitcoin like a billion dollars within hours. Theres, a lot of fear right, a lot of fear. Hopefully you were able to buy the dip. I bought the dip. I still have money on the sidelines: im still looking to get out of ust just because this was kind of a wake up call. This can happen in the future, and i want to have my money available to me in case. I want to go, buy the dip on bitcoin, specifically and thats, how ive always been. I gave a warning to everyone before the price crash that thats what i wanted to do, but i was having a hard time getting out of uh anchor protocol because it was so backed up, but i want to hear your thoughts on this underneath the video did.