While i was on vacation and people were just mentioning to me, i saw a ton of things that were coming through my notifications. I wish i should have probably turned those off because i started uh getting a lot of stuff. Saying: hey, you know: youre uh. You know the crypto market is is down. The stock market is down everythings falling. You need to come back and start streaming again, so we could see some positivity and um its, not necessarily because of me why the market was dropping. I that i decided to go on vacation thats, not the case um, but it definitely was unfortunate that everything really started dropping because i i do like to really talk about everything thats happening. You know within the crypto market, so were gon na. Take this time to talk about when we are likely to see a full recovery when were going to start to see that bull run really focus on the positives here within this video, because we do want to know when thats going to happen now. This is all speculation understand that i cant absolutely predict where things are going to be, but i can tell you that i have accurately predicted when things were going to run before, and i want to do that now to show you guys exactly why. I believe that this is going to make a move in some cases um, so anyways uh before we get started in this were gon na were gon na look through the entire crypto market and see what happened over the last 24 hours over the last seven days And were just gon na look at all the different crypto coins and tokens and um really give my assessment as to you know when i believe were gon na see things start to really run again so hit that, like button hit, that subscribe button hit the notification Bell for more videos like this one, also, if you guys want to join my discord group that i created its a free discord group with about a thousand five hundred members right now and uh were looking to grow it more and more, every single day because were Looking to build a shiba inu community, this is for the shibianu community, not for anything else.

So if you guys do really love shibi inu come over to there and talk to us about how we can improve shibinu, how we can decrease the supply of shibinu, which essentially is raising the ceiling. The price ceiling so definitely go over there and check that out. Also, you can check out any of the other links that are down there. If you want some credit cards, i believe there are links down there to that as well. But lets take a look at the crypto market and see what has happened because when i looked at it this morning, things were kind of down in the crypto market and it always goes off of a hard cutoff. So we saw a massive decrease throughout the morning and you know were around 12. It would be 12 to 12, so 12, that day to 12 this day – and you know you can see a difference in that hard cut off versus what you would see in weeble, which is you know, 8 a.m to like uh, whenever they close and then 8 A.M again, and all that stuff and thats, when you could start to see that increase from closing price to open price because um you know, crypto is 24 7 and the stock market is not. So when we look at uh how things did move today were up about two percent over the day, which is really good, but we are at a 1.44 trillion dollar market cap and bitcoins dominance has increased by point zero one percent over the day.

Its up to forty one percent, forty one point: five two percent and when we scroll down here were gon na see that bitcoin today was actually down 1.2 percent over the last seven days. Its down 17 aetherium um is up 1.3 or 1.4 percent and down 15 over the last seven days, which is good to see. I like to see that the reason why i like to see it is because i really want to see the flipping happen now. I dont know if that will happen. I dont know when it will, if it does um, but i really do want to see it happen just because i want something to overtake bitcoin and to show that it definitely can be possible right. Um youre seeing um bmb thats up about three percent down 15 over the last seven days, youre gon na see xrp thats down 13 over the last seven days. Two percent up today, solana is down today down 21 um. What what notable one that you want to take into into uh consideration when you want to buy into um plays that are really hyped: tara, luna tara luna dropped by 52 today, 52 70 over the last seven days. This is a huge drop and a huge opportunity to tell you the truth. Uh. It did end up increasing a little bit earlier today, but then i guess it started to fall back down again, but yeah 52 over the day is absolutely crazy.

It got abs, it got killed today and over. However many days it just its ridiculous avalanche is down 22. Over the last seven days. Dogecoin is down 13 um uh cardano is down 15. We look at shiba inu thats up 5. Today we did see some whales get into that down 18. Over the last seven days, you can see polygons down 13 13 for near protocol. Chronos is 17 or almost 18, its actually up 7.2 percent over the day light coins up one percent uh. So you see a lot of things that are making some positive negative moves, but over the last seven days, really youre not seeing anything really positive. Tron looks like its the only thing, thats positive over the last seven days. Everything else is negative or definitely double digit. Negative as we go along so when we look at how things have been running, if we just want to take bitcoin, for example, and we look at how things have been moving and how this has, you know fallen pretty heavily over the last couple of days. People are still thinking that this can continue to fall. We are currently at 31, 000 uh dollars and people think this can go to 30.. Some people believe it can go to 20.. Well, it definitely can, i would say i would probably be um. I would be wary of that to happen. I wouldnt think that thats going to surpass this low, but anything could happen in the crypto market.

Understand that nothing really holds supports and resistance levels. Well, you see them break through those supports and resistance levels very very easily. So 28 is not safe um. You know, even though we did see a touch point before here uh as we do look at somewhere around here. You have that 30 000, which it does look like 30, 000 and 28 000 to 30. 000 is really that safe zone to where i dont expect it to go below that. However, it definitely could now my prediction for crypto before all of this happened before the downturn really happened. You know six, seven months ago, right um. I expected for us to see a bull run um in the second quarter of you know 2020, so or 2022.. So i expected it to see at the end of the second quarter into the third quarter, and this is where were were headed right now were at these new lows that were creating right. Where we have, you know, cro down at 23 cents, you have um shiba inu down. In the 1600 level, you have bitcoin thats approaching the 30 thousand twenty eight thousand twenty nine thousand dollar level. These are lows or not brand new lows, but theyre lows. As of you know, recent history right so when we look at something like this, we to really understand where were going to see that jump and no way do. I believe that this is going to hold some of these low levels for the next um month and a half, maybe even a month and a half two months or so.

I dont expect that i expect it to start at the end of the second quarter, which is the end of june um. You know we could possibly see it. You know start up in may, but at the end of june is when were going to see. Things really start to run early july is where we will see it start to really take off and start to solidify the the bull run right in my opinion. Now this is all my opinion, its all speculation, um from what ive seen and what i was you know gauging right now were starting to get to some of these lower lows to where were creating that that double bottom triple bottom, creating that w formation. This is a huge w thats forming right now in bitcoin. If you just look at it at a simple view, 10 000 foot view 100 000 foot view and look at it youre seeing a huge w formation right now, and it could be an ascending w that you create here and youll see. This surpass not only the 60 um what 65 000, not only the 69 000, but probably 70 000, as you do see, bitcoin run and youll see a lot of other things start to make those moves as well. Now what i want to see throughout this is, i want to see ethereum move faster than bitcoin right. I want to see ethereum end up getting to 5000 before bitcoin gets up to 35 000.

like thats. What i want to see, however, i dont know if that will take place, you obviously need bitcoin in order to make a lot of these moves and thats what weve seen in the past so um. I believe the end of the second quarter – and you know its all my opinion – im, not saying that this is going to be absolute, but its all my opinion at the end of the second quarter were gon na start to see that run um. You know. Third quarter is where were gon na start to really uh solidify the increase solidify the um. The bull run right so anyways you. Let me know what you think about this. Do you believe that it will keep dipping uh into the third quarter or into the fourth quarter or for the rest of this year? Let me know, in your opinion, im always interested in everybodys opinion. Make sure you guys hit that, like button hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell for more videos like this? One also make sure you check out some of those links down below it does help out the channel quite a bit.