We have a liftoff Music, hey everybody. This is the digital asset investor and i have a pest control guy coming over any minute, thats. The only thing that could get in the way. Temporarily of this video well lets get this thing going um, i want to remind everybody. One of my sponsors cava go, give them a follow on twitter at cava underscore platform. These guys theyve got the kava 10 launch giveaway going 250 000 and kava prizes go check them out um a lot of stuff going on there. Now i put this video together. Ive shown you the video part of this video of mike novogratz before, but what i wanted to show you is this video, in conjunction with two things. First thing is this: remember, empower put out the freedom of information act list. These are all records relating to communications. From may 2017, through december 2020, between william hinman and any personnel from the enterprise ethereum alliance, including calendar entries notes and emails between hinman and any email address from the domain at enterprise ethereum alliance – and these are the people on the list mike novogratz – is right here. The next thing is procoin news.com, if you remember, and they are the official sponsor of the digital asset – investor hunting and fishing club um. They had provided us uh with these the um emails where the guy named stuart had um. I think it was stuart young had filed a freedom of information act request to the sec.

He eventually got these emails, which are all redacted, but it shows that bill hinman was emailing amongst it. Looked like 15 to 20 people within the sec for days leading up to the ethereum free pass speech. Whats important is when those emails look at this one. This is june 4th 2018. june. This is june 4, 2018. june 4th 2018. This one up here is from the 7th june 7 2018.. Well, why are those dates important? Well, while back remember mike novogratz in this video, it is talking and hes talking on june 5th 2018., he correct im going to show you the video, because you got to see it to keep this in context, so those emails i was just showing showing you, i Believe ive got these dates right. Those emails of the draft of the hindman speech were going around the sec. We know that mike novogratz was one of the guys on the list that had communication with bill hinman or possibly had communication with bill. We know that those emails were going around the sec about the hinman speech from the 3rd of may through the 12th of june okay thats. When those drafts were going around then novogratz correctly. We find out later predicts that the sec, what they will do, what the what basically bill hinman will say in the speech, then, on the 14th just nine days later, hinman gives the speech and mike novogratz is exactly correct in what he says here: okay, but ethereum, They havent they havent ruled on yet i i i bet dimes dimes to to to donuts.

They will say ethereum probably was a security thats, not anymore. Why would i want to get in front of the sec or the doj right now? Thats, a great question. Listen! I started by saying the first three years were 98 or 95 retail regulators. Dont come from retail. Their job is to protect retail, but regulators come from institutions right jay clayton worked at the sovereign cromwell uh, so theyre talking to the guys they knew from the goldman sachses from jp morgans desks regulating mortgages, they call their guy, and so they missed this completely because There was no one playing on how does he know that they missed this completely and so all of a sudden, its late last year – and this goes from small market cap to all of the trillion dollars worth of you know, market cap and you know, uh paris, Hilton out there pitching coins, uh and everybody in the planet. Talking about it, uh theres, a guy worried. I mean it was interesting. How does he know the regulators got worried not to pick on cbc? I think against them here. They literally had a show where they were one by one walking people through how to buy the ripple the xrp coin. You realize that not a show, but cnbc has had nothing but shows on whats great about bitcoin and ethereum for literally years, and he takes issue with one show where theyre talking up xrp takes issue with one literally when it was trading at 3.

20 cents. Having moved from 20 cents eight weeks earlier from the day of that, show the thing plummeted: uh we were short so now we know hes short xrp, so he almost like he has a crystal ball right around the time that theyre throwing around whats going to happen. In the speech hes predicting it and then the speech is given and hes also at the same time bragging about how he was shorting xrp back in the day, is there any smoke rising off of this? For any of you, because there is for me a lot. Look folks ill, tell you point blank, i cant say anything for mike novogratz, but i can say this. I believe a lot of this stuff in crypto was decided a long time ago and i think a lot theres a lot of people that have known for a long time what was going to happen, and i think, inside of those a lot of people that knew What was going to happen, in other words they had information. The public did not have, i think, theres a lot of real real shady stuff that went on by some of the people im not saying mike novogratz is one of them im. Just saying. If you piece all this together, its kind of like everybody, a lot of these people knew that there was a long term and they they were playing the game with with some knowledge. Inside of that plan of what was going to go down.

Thats, the thats, the vibe i get im not saying that mike novogratz knew or didnt know, im just saying, heres the timeline all right, john deaton, do you understand the nonsensical argument the sec is making? This is a library tweet. These are the guys that are being sued by the sec. The sec told us that if we had simply kept the money and quit rather than continuing to improve the protocol, then what we did we would be complete would be completely legal, very perverse incentives and john deatons saying this is crazy. Is it the essies position that no ethereum is being sold to help update the network as money moves to ethereum 2.0 and proof of stake? What a sham and then, of course, weve got the official cool guy weighing in again hes? He, the official cool guy, has been activated. This guy is out there, hes hes, not afraid see. You need to be cool, like mister cool guy. He knows whats up hes hes even driving. Today we dont even see him in cars but hes driving today, which makes me think hes even more common. Let me see if we can rewind that whats up fam. Are you shaking in your boots? I know the xrp army aint shaking because they do the work they put in the hours and they know about the utility. Remember what you hold it all has to burn before the new system can come in before they hit that switch before the odl saves the day that liquidity is drying up, people are gon na need money, people are short, banks need money, know what you hold stay.

True to yourself and keep encouraging others there you go official cool guy, then we had perry, ann boring from the chamber of digital commerce, which does not show any support for ripple or for john deaton in his lawsuit on behalf of 66, 000 plus xrp holders, but They do claim to support the crypto industry as a whole, just not ripple or john deaton or xrp holders. Let me hit the refresh button because shes on cnbc pitching bitcoin once again, whats whats your sense here and uh whats whats your low whats, your high. What do you think is really happening? Look bitcoin has only been around for 13 years, and this is the first time that bitcoin is experiencing a fed tightening and what were seeing is bitcoin, as well as the larger crypto markets respond like the stock market, at least in the short run, uh. Looking andrew everything is down, the stock markets down the bond markets are down cryptos down. This is the wall street mantra at play. Dont fight the fed, the feds raising interest rates, its unwinding, its balance sheet. Investors are selling their assets, including crypto, to get more conservative but whats different about the crypto markets is theyre open, 24 7. They dont close so theyre more liquid than traditional assets, and we saw crypto sell offs throughout the weekend and throughout yesterday. I need to retweet that and say when brief you know, chamber of digital commerce, perry anne boring said that they are filing a brief in the um in the ripple sec case they just cant seem to get it finished.

I think a dog ate their homework thats. A tweet in itself, okay, then weve got this michael saylor lost. He once lost 6 billion in a single day during the height of the dot com bubble. Is he going to uh beat that now and he has tweeted. Microstrategy has 250 million dollar term loan and needs to maintain 410 million and as collateral mstr has 115 115 0109 bitcoin and that it can pledge. If the price of bitcoin falls below 3 562, the company could post some other collateral c. Slides 11. 12. Q1. 2022 presentation, i cant imagine being michael saylor right now now. I think that digital perspectives must have been vetting dimes to donuts on this tweet because he correctly predicted this morning early this morning, lets see when he, when he tweeted this out, he was retweeting james rule and it was at ten, no last night, 10. 28 p.m. He says imma image of the us treasury coming in to drop the hammer on stable coins soon and in other words, the mark. This market is all horrible and everything, and these guys i dont – i dont, just think that they use it as an opportunity. I think theyre, the ones that create these market conditions in order to drop the hammer. I think that theyre behind, i think that the government is behind so freaking much of this. It would shock you image of the us treasury coming to drop the hammer on stable coins.

Soon their quote will be theyre doing it to protect us its for our own good. Remember its a matter of national security and just like clockwork, who shows up today, but janet yellen. Listen to this with respect to digital assets, new products and technology may present opportunities to promote innovation, increase increase efficiencies. However, digital assets may pose risk to the financial system and increased in coordinated regulatory attention is necessary. On march 9th president biden signed an executive order calling for a comprehensive approach to digital asset policy. The council is drafting a report that will identify financial stability risks and regulatory gaps. I look forward to working with you on the issues and opportunities posed by digital assets were also eager. You want me to tell you a little secret folks. You know why im so confident. You know why i buy these dips xrp xlm. You know why my dad told me a long time ago, hes, the official father of the digital asset investor channel. He always made money when he did what makes sense. You know its. Never made sense to me im a 48 year old man and ive been studying this since 2013.. Whats never made sense, is bitcoin and ethereum and proof of work. What has always made sense from day one till day now xrp and xlm, and you know the other dirty little secret. The reason im so confident why i buy these dips is because i can see it a mile away.

I can see around corners now. This has been a government thing that theyve been working, and i i mean including, and i can prove i can prove – that the government is the one that tanked the market in in january of in uh back in 2018, ive shown you the article christian carlo. He said he had a meeting with gary cohn and somebody else from the trump administration and they initiated futures on bitcoin in order to he, he called it uh to bring what did he say to bring um some discipline to the market. It was something like that, but it was to tank the market. That is what they did, and this so make no mistake, all this stuff youre watching that you think they didnt know that by raising the interest rates it would crash this. But my point is: is the reason im so confident in buying these dips is because theyre behind it all folks theres a reason that none of these people, like the chamber of digital commerce, will speak about xrp during this lawsuit theres. A reason that that it doesnt make any sense that youre constantly seeing this bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin and cnbc its never made any sense and thats. Why i buy you just got my secret now. Okay, now were not finished. Yet. Look at this one sec. Note that there was a report just this morning, um in the wall street journal that a stable coin, known as terra usd um, experienced a run and had declined in value and um.

Well, so it i. I think that simply illustrates that this is a rapidly growing. A product and um that there there are risks to financial stability and we need almost like its appropriate almost like. There was a setup for her to come and speak on this today and then youve got this heres senator toomey talking to her. So for your point, i hope you will agree to work with me and my colleagues who are interested in getting something done almost like. This was all a setup to create the political pressure and environment to get this stuff done. I think we could shoot for a goal of getting legislation done this year. I i think it would be highly appropriate um. The outstanding stock of stable coins is growing um at a very rapid rate, and we really need a consistent federal framework. I really look forward to working with you and um members of congress to um devise legislation that would accomplish that great and then there was this. I like this tweet, they control everything problem reaction solution. I love that thats, a thumbnail and a half right there, retweeting the crypto well janet yellen, mentions ust crisis at capitol hill and discusses why we need immediate, stable coin regulations and then linda p. Jones hits it out of the park with this. One yellens purpose is to point out risks to the economy so far they are pushing the narrative around stable coins, cyber attacks, lack of crypto legislation, teed it up perfectly for crypto laws coming and then from the a team.

One of my favorite shows as a kid. I love it when a plan comes together, im the digital asset investor im, not an investment advisor. This is for entertainment purposes. Only please subscribe hit the like button and tell your friends and family that i do love it. When a plan comes together because im, an a team fan not as big of a fan as i am of dallas, the tv show, but i liked the a team growing up – i actually went to universal studios. They had a. I remember when i was a kid. I went to universal studios, they had an 18 van. I thought it was the coolest thing ever they had the 18 van. It was a blow up atm van, so you could pick it.