Technical analysis really isnt something thats viable here, and but i am going to go through my thoughts and processes here when it comes to luna guys as i get into this video, if you find it useful and informative hit the like button. I really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, then why not go ahead and subscribe tap the bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with everything that we do here at cheeky. Crypto, obviously guys uh, we are not afraid to put content out during times of extreme volatility like this. We are here to support you. So if you havent yet joined us in discord, links in the description down below its a fantastic community talking crypto uh, 24 7.. Its completely free and i dont think youll be disappointed by what you find down there. So why not check it out if youre looking for more from the crypto space, everything from strategies in the bear market through to project reviews and trading uh check out the patreon services as well um, but lets get into this right. So obviously this is just luna on the daily chart now ive, obviously hidden all the analysis that was trained. It was working um previously and basically we hit an all time high 120 dollars. I think it was 119 dollars um and actually its a little bit. Let me just bring this back up here for a sec and because we can see that i havent quite got this right on the nose there.

Let me just go ahead and put that right there. There we go um. So, basically, you know a lot of people were giving you some warnings ahead of time. I think i you know some people may be putting content out. You know around kind of like the 14th of of march or around that kind of range down in this. Fourth wave low um telling you to kind of get out, and you know it in hindsight that looks really good right now, but also they were missing the all time high and just bear in mind that um there were a lot of flags kind of indicating to You this quite early on right and if you got wind of that you you could have potentially pulled out a little bit earlier, but obviously uh you are potentially where you are right. Now you might be in luna uh you might have sold. You might have just huddled this entire thing down and seen 99 have lost the uh 99 loss on your. You know your investment in luna and thats really really unfortunate. Um, and you know i do. My sympathies are with you on that scenario. However, if you were able to get out, congrats youll obviously be able to protect your assets, uh or your portfolio on the way down. Here now i was not in luna at these points i had been newton trading on luna, but i had not actually bought any luna into the huddle bag at this particular stage.

I know chris had bought some on this way down and i actually managed to get some yesterday at a pretty good rate um, but there is high risk, in my opinion, okay, so there is a true possible scenario here where luna does actually go to zero? Okay, we should be open to the idea here that this is uh. You know this is not going to end well and therefore, if we were to jump into something like luna uh, we should be considering um. You know that anything you invest there. It could just completely lose it. You completely disappear right any and that this is something that you know. People, a lot of people are familiar with the saying right only invest what youre willing to lose as cryptos high risk, its volatile blah blah all their usual kind of stuff, right, um and and for terra luna here. This is exactly that. However, i do look at this slightly differently, its all about risk reward. Right now i can put minimal risk up for absolutely massive rewards if the protocol is able to resolve its issues and is able to kind of move forward. Okay, so im crashing down 99 percent uh. There is only really if they are to survive. One way that this is going to go and thats going to be up in a significant way, but theyve got a lot of work ahead of them, so theres high risks and but those risks, those high risks could have great rewards.

Okay, so just keep that in mind, as we start to think about where luna could potentially be going next right now, at the point of recording this video its 15.8, i thought yesterday it was a pretty good deal when i scooped it up at 85 and so Right now, im looking at this and im thinking, do i want to ex put more exposure into it or not, as i said, high risk, high rewards and so thats something im going to be looking at today as to whether or not you know im going to Look to throw any more into this or whether or not im just going to be happy with the risk. Ive got exposure to at the moment, and so just keep this in the back of your head guys, because, essentially you know it is going to be one of those things where it could fail, or it can turn things around. Okay and its going to be hard to turn it around its easier to fail at this point and to just keep that in mind, obviously im not a financial advisor, i cant give you financial advice, um, but the risks and the rewards here. I feel that the rewards are greater than the risks if we have proper risk management strategies and all that kind of good stuff, so um thats kind of where it is right now, 99.87 and its probably going to drop down even lower um than this.

So you know i cant do technical analysis, because this just is not natural. Okay, this is just manipulation of whats been going on with the uh with the ecosystem and the advantages that some people have been able to take with it, and so just keep that in mind now. The other thing i wanted to kind of talk about, though uh was more this one actually and so basically its uh, its obviously the d5 protocols that are associated with the stable coin, which obviously makes perfect sense right, um. They are going to struggle, and these are also 80 declines now for these d5 protocols. The same issue that you have with luna exists here as well: um and theyre. Basically, what im trying to say here, i guess, is that if terra luna goes down and – and you know, ceases to exist and goes to zero, then these d5 protocols that are running on this ecosystem might not necessarily go 100 to zero and but theyre going to Have to rebuild on maybe some other kind of ecosystem right, and is that isnt something that is viable to them, maybe that some of them will actually have to go to zero right. So just keep these things in mind. Think about what is being built on there. What is using the stable coin? All those kind of things right, really important, and so obviously its a knock on effect right of the collapse of lunar is how they kind of stay there.

I kind of say this right, but these are things like anchor protocol. Uh weve got astro ports, weve got mars protocol, for example, and these are things that you should really understand that you know if youre invested in them, youve seen significant. You know reductions already um how low they are going to go. It probably will be very similar to luna uh. Obviously, the entire crypto space is bleeding out heavily, and you know weve had that kind of level of uh significance uh in the altcoin market. Right, many of those altcoins now are are at that optimal um dollar cost averaging locations right if im doing technical analysis on an altcoin theyre, pretty much all for doing very, very similar things like theyre all right down there, 85 90 from all time, high and thats. Exactly where you want to do all of your dollar cost averaging in my opinion, because that is essentially where youre going to see maximum, you know gains in the future right youre, going to see new, all time highs and youre going to be in so much profit. Its going to be absolutely ridiculous, this is what chris and i did way back in 2020 after the pandemic crash were buying prices when they were all the way down there, when fear is at its maximum, whereas maximum amount of blood in the streets is when you Are buying and when youre seeing discounts at 90 of their previous all time high and as a retail investor.

The best strategy that i found is to basically just dollar cost average slowly. Okay, as that price, maybe pulls down from 90 to 95 lets say, or from 85 to 90, just dollar cost averaging okay, slowly laddering our way into the market. Building a number of coins or tokens rather than looking at the dollar amount, expect the dollar amounts to go down during this particular phase, and essentially just dollar cost averaging over a period of time within that uh. You know that range anywhere kind of between anyway but lower than 80. In my mind, is a really good place for dollar cost averaging for the average retail investor. If youre throwing bigger money in then youre really looking for a different strategy, dollar cost averaging, really isnt. Necessarily going to be the one that youre gon na want to do, and so, if youre, throwing in ten thousand dollar uh ten thousand dollars into the market, you know dollar cost averaging is going to be fine. If youre throwing a hundred thousand dollars, you could probably do a mixture of a couple of different things, but if youre doing any more than a hundred thousand dollars, youre probably going to want a different strategy than dollar cost averaging. In my opinion, and so just keep these things in mind, and so just with uh back to tara luna and these protocols obviously are in that sweet spot as well um. But obviously, if you are looking at dollar cost averaging into anchor ashtray or mars, we should be really considering whether or not they are going to survive in the same way.

That luna would just be so, you know, look would survive. So i think its important that we understand risk and we understand the rewards, um high, rewards, high risk and all that kind of thing right now is more of a time to be dollar cost averaging into projects and protocols that have longevity. Okay, it doesnt mean that you can just throw money at anything, um you, there are going to be many projects right, and we talk about this all the time in the live amas with the patreon members uh, when we were doing uh live streams on youtube, which We might go back to occasionally uh. We talk about one very simple thing: uh. When we started this channel, there were only three thousand altcoins uh or three thousand crypto currencies. We are now approaching twenty thousand right. Not all of those are going to survive a bear market. They only propped up and cropped up during the bullish times. They will not survive the bearish times and therefore throwing money at just anything randomly does not make uh for a good strategy. Essentially, what youre going to find is that youre going to push um youre, basically going to lose a lot of money as these protocols fail, they do not have the cash reserves to be able to survive a long, sustained downward market. So just bear in mind: you really want to spend this time now doing solid research, the stuff that chris does with patreon members in discord, essentially that research is absolutely vital in understanding what projects have got.

A fantastic team have got great cash reserves to survive. Bearish times like this – and you know, have a serious good use case that people are going to want to use uh when the next upward market starts okay. So these are the things that you really want to be focusing in on on my, in my opinion, okay, and for when you have anchor, you have astro, you have mars here. These are obviously higher risk. They are associated with ust, um and obviously theres some fun. Fantastic fundamentals on some of these, and some might not be so so great and so really think about what you want to be throwing your money at and where you think that is likely to see significant gains for us. We obviously lean on high utility, fantastic teams. Fantastic technology and all that kind of good stuff, but join us in discord if you want to know a little bit more about it um. So the point of this video, though guys, is that we are seeing a significant decrease with luna. We all kind of get a good idea as to why this is going on at this point um. Obviously there were some loopholes or exploits, depending on how which word you want to look at when it comes to ust and as a result of that, what you are going to find is that that got exploited with bitcoin bitcoin pulling down drowning the market. Now, when it comes to btc, we are seeing more in uh outflows now than we are seeing inflows and so do understand that there is actually an accumulation that is going on its still ongoing.

It has been ongoing since february, although we are starting to see a little bit more green in terms of net differences between uh exchange addresses, and so essentially this is starting to bottom out. I do expect bitcoin to pull back down further, though towards 23 000, and in doing so i would expect many of these altcoins to continue to bleed out and so dollar cost averaging. If thats, your strategy could be done and that im pretty much happy with dollar cost averaging pretty much most things right now, uh. However, we should also be aware that, if were throwing big money, that we want to potentially wait for a bit of a reversal and get confirmation of an upward trend before we actually throw big money into the market. But if were just a regular retail investor, dollar cost averaging is a fantastic way of doing it and in case of luna here i would not be surprised if we start to go down blue below well below 10 here and maybe even lower than that um. So the risks are uh with luna. Will they be able to turn this around? Are they going to survive and are they going forward or is this going to zero? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below guys im going to leave the video there. If you have found this useful and informative hit the like button, i really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, then why not? Go ahead and subscribe tap the bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with everything that we do here at cheeky crypto with all that said done out of the way.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day and ill catch.