Why? I think thats the case now i wasnt planning on creating another video right now, but ive been researching, researching and researching and, to be honest with you, i think i need to make a video explaining to you guys everything in one simple little overview, all the crazy Stuff all the understandables ive tried to round it all up, so make sure that you press the like button on this video right now, not only because almost nobody is going to be getting a notification for this video im going to be releasing it a little bit Silently but its all fine, its all for my local for my core viewers, i suppose, but also because we are hosting a 2500 xrp giveaway right now and if you want to enter all you have to do, is make sure you press the like button. Make sure you are subscribed to make sure you comment something down below or just check the link down below for our giveaway five winners. Gon na be picked in the next three days. Lets go down the rabbit hole all right. I have about 20 different articles open here, im going to try going through it as rapid as possible, while explaining everything that you need to know its crazy out here guys. It is really crazy all right im, giving you guys full screen here, so we can hopefully see it a little bit better plan b earlier today said. The reason why you are not buying bitcoin below 30 000 now is the same reason why i did not buy bitcoin at 4, 000 during march 2020 and 3 000 during december 2018.

Bear market bottom fear fear that bitcoin could drop to twenty thousand, but three thousand four thousand of five thousand does not matter now. Nor will twenty thousand thirty thousand of forty thousand in two years. Remember guys if youre looking at the crypto prices right now thinking. Oh, it could drop more weve had this exact same scenario, a lot of different times and usually its that fear that keeps you from making a huge amount of money in the crypto space. Then again, right now, a lot of people are selling their crypto at a massive loss. Rand nooner, also posted on twitter realized losses, are always a good indicator for capitulation when people are so scared that they actually sell and take the loss. The data from yesterday shows it was a capitalization event as at this point, a lot of people are not convinced anymore, that, from this point of forward, the crypto prices are going to be going up. No theyd rather take the hit right now than sit with their crypto for even longer they basically gave up they gave in you guys understand. One thing, however, that is not showcased in this chart is the people that are actually taking a realized loss, so selling the crypto to buy back cheaper and that i understand, but for the most part you guys understand that people are too late when it comes to Buying back in cheaper, they decide to sell their crypto because well, they are afraid and then they buy in when the prices are back high.

Regarding the price, if youre wondering what the next most important zone is going to be right now we are hovering at 29. 000, after a very negative shift in the crypto market, the more you zoom out, the more it becomes apparent that were not really in any danger zone whatsoever and the price is actually not really doing too bad. Weve just come back to prices from about a year or so prior from prices in july of 2021 and depending on how this week closes. It could actually be that we get a close if we do get it above 31.5 thousand that weve actually not even made a lower low from all the way back there again, it depends a little bit on how the rest of the crypto market is going to Be playing out, though, over the next couple of days going into the weekend. What i will, however, tell you – and this is just my opinion – is that right now we are at a very important reversal zone because weve gone to this area so many times prior there will most likely be a little bit of a battle that takes place right Here and thats, actually, what weve seen over the last couple of hours here as the price just keeps pumping and dumping and pumping and dumping within this 31 000, to, i would say, 29.9 or 29 000. Actually, a thousand dollar area, then again, if were looking for the most big resistance, the most interesting, the most proponent resistance, or, i should say, support for that matter.

It is all the way down here at 27 000, which is the 200 ema over on the weekly chart. A lot of people are expecting this level to at least get a very nice bounce on, but, as i put over on twitter, which youll see shortly the moment we do get below it, itll most likely be a heavy spree of liquidations to showcase you guys. What im talking about right now we got ourselves at about 1 billion dollars liquidated over the last 24 hours, but this is mostly due to the bitcoin price falling from either 34 000 or something like that. All the way down towards 29, but specifically last 24 hours, is about 31 point something thousand to twenty nine thousand. If we look back the most permanent proponent, whatever you guys understand, uh support level at that point was thirty. Four point: five thousand. If you look back a couple of a couple of weeks know a little while ago, uh the most repo. The most interesting lets say like that. Support was right at that level, or this specific ema and its kind of clear logical to assume that a lot of people were not expecting the price to go below. I would say about 36 or so thousand dollars in the moment that it did. They had a little bit of leeway, but lets say a lot of those stop losses and liquidation points were at about 34.. Then again, some people had low leverage and did not expect the price to go below 36 000.

So most likely. The liquidation points were all the way at about 32 31, something like that thousand and the moment we broke towards that and we kept breaking breaking thats why the price kept on moving down further as more and more bulls got taken out of the market. Thats, honestly as well, why we are thinking right now we can definitely get a nice little bounce from this area. 27. 000, but the moment we break through its not going to be looking too good. Then again, if were wondering why this is all happening, please refer back to some of the previous videos ive made. I dont want to cover the basis of the basis, but i want to take it a little step. Further digital asset investors said i just saw a coindesk tweet, where they said. The luna attack was a soros, a style attack. Just a few days ago, gary gensler referred to finding out who was swimming naked when markets crash dont forget what we had a call with. On the 20th of august 2021, i believe, while gary gansler – and this is a little back – sues ripon attacked crypto innovation in the usa. This is who hes on the phone with again a call with george soros, chair of open society foundations. He wont address the sixty thousand innis xp holders at all. Look a bit further, though, as this theory gets a little broader ron. Hammond was sharing that on may 10th and may 12th sec yellen secretary yellen will be testifying in front of the senate banking committee and house financial services committee.

This is an annual hearing on the fsoc report to congress, while crypto isnt the main focus point theres a decent chance, stable coins will come up and this is on may 9th. So this was a little bit before stable coin started to kick the bucket the day. Afterwards, ust started to go pretty damn crazy and it was said that jenna yellen the treasury will issue a report on crypto stable coins shortly, which is kind of coincidental and xrp. Here this specific guy said, i bet blackrock crashed ust for the banking system. Yennen coming out with a report on stablecoins is too well timed. Then again, we can take this ball a little bit further xrp crypto, wolf shared. Why are people spreading fud about tether and trying to make the crypto market crash even more? If you guys do not know right now, people are really going heavy on whether or not tether is not going to crash as well or whether or not mostly a couple of the other algorithmic stable coins are not going to crash dont. You get it thats exactly what they want to shake you out and youre, giving it to them on a silver plate once more guys, we do not want any other stable coin to crash, not usdd, not usdn, none of them. If that happens, then i can guarantee this was absolutely a coordinated attack by some higher parties. Now that i do not want to say mostly because even though we got ourselves all the table pieces its hard to draw conclusions out of that who exactly made this move, we cannot point the finger towards one direction.

All we can say is theres a very high likelihood that some bigger parties that were very biased towards letting usdc survive and let a ust fail actually exactly got their way, which is why mason for slides is so on point. If it comes up and – and what comes out is that algorithmic stable coins that are mostly decentralized are just really messing up, but the actually banking system you stable coins like usdc, survive. Well, then again for how you think about them. That does not matter if you think oh used, to see my crashes well, even though its not going to happen, you just thinking this might result in them having even more benefit as the higher likelihood there is of you to sell. Then again, you most likely have watched my video from early today, at least hope. So, honestly, im quite happy. This luna situation is getting so much attention right now, because people are finally starting to notice some of the bigger players like citadel or blackrock having their own skin in the game. Usdc versus ust. Now, for example, as blackrock is heavily invested in circle, which is the issuer of usdc, and you can obviously understand why they would want ust to fail as its overtaking, more and more of usdcs volume in similar fashion, as well as the ethereum enterprise alliance versus xrp. A lot of people are not noticing that this move right now is actually very positive for all the xrp holders.

As the i would say, conflicts of interest, or these hypocrisys or big player moves versus the crypto space moves are becoming more apparent now thats exactly the mission i had in my previous video at the end of the day. One thing you should understand as well is that the crypto market right now is being extra moved down, mostly by the stock market, being in a very negative position as well. We can see the s. P have gone down from a whopping. 4 800 points all the way towards 4 000, and the nasdaq has done some similar numbers akin to it again going down from about lets, say: 16.5 000, all the way towards 12 000.. So from that perspective, it is also not too crazy that bitcoin has fallen down since its, not basically gotten its own inverse correlation just quite yet. The only thing i think is peculiar to this is that the inflation numbers were so positive at a low 8.3 percent and the stock market didnt pick it up positively, which is why i said in one of my previous videos theres a good chance that tomorrow, theres Going to be some relief rally and again guys remember this very often when these numbers come out positively things still crash, because people are trying to get you out of the market make money on you its kind of like an inverse psychology. However, the day afterwards, they cant hold on to it anymore, and the price does actually go towards the area where it should.

One thing you have to note is that this is not something which happens not so often it happens all the time. Take a look, for example, at this fudd article regarding coinbase coinbase, says: if it goes to zero basically goes bankrupt, it might seize users crypto, understandably everyone hates it. So what basically happened right here is some people completely took it out of proportion and thought you know what coinbase is dead and were gon na steal all your money, because their earnings reports were pretty low. That is not what they said. That was not what they meant to say: people all of a sudden went hammering on to that narrative, which is odd. Then again, people like drama so im not really surprised, but this is a little bit too coincidental midas shared no, we arent imagining things. This is no conspiracy, theory writing your eyes, theyre attacking tara, taking a look at all these articles, which are negative towards terra and ust and theyre all exactly the same spammed over on twitter. Now, the only explanation i have is that theres either one party which really wanted to promote their own crypto news article. However, it was not tagged, but it does look as a really easy quote, coming from a crypto article that a lot of people like to repost or so, but it could mean a lot of different things. It is, however, pretty coincidental also note guys that, even though this video might showcase as to why terrace luna are in a bad spot, similar to xrp, because theyre being kind of targeted by these bigger institutions, im actually buying a lot of ust, and i bought myself A little bit of terra luna as well the reason for it being the lfg, the the luna foundation guard actually is most likely going to save ust and give up luna.

For it then again, luna right now is only back to prices. It was at about a year and a half ago, as january of 2021, lunas price was also at about a dollar. Its been said, however, that theres a couple of proposals that the ledger foundation guard has put up, or basically that thats out there for luna and in one of these um posts, somewhere agora, terra da money. I guess so in in the little marketplace of of discussion. Slash talks were seeing even the lfg has 3.5 billion uh dollars worth of bitcoin in capital. Current market value, probably like 2 billion running against the market, will be dangerous for tara. However, in extreme situations like this, tara cannot save both ust peg and save lunar price. At the same time, but in theory they can most likely just try to save ust as much as possible stay as true as possible to the peg, and from that perspective i do believe theyll pick themselves back up and that this is like a real money. Glitch then again, i am being honest and i do not want to acknowledge that all the money i have in ust, all of a sudden is worth about lets, say a fourth or so, and its not gon na be coming back up there. Its kind of hard for my brain to accept that truth, and so yes, i am a little bit biased in saying itll, most likely just come back up there, because its honestly, what i want from the deepest point of my heart uh, but it is also what I believe, because its too big in a sense, they will not kind of make it itself its way out there.

It might take some time, but i do believe ust in that sense will surely find its way back. Luna will probably find some way back. However, it could be that theyre going to try save ust and mess up luna in the process. This is again because of some attack against them. Do, however, not fear that crypto as a whole is just stagnating right now or anything like that. Weve seen multiple different articles about latin americas largest digital bank, that is allocating a percent of bitcoin, for example, offering crypto investment services every single day. Crypto is growing, you might just see the bad side and see all the dumps and whatnot. You might see all these negative regulation talks, but just know things are really getting out of proportion with how theyre trying to uh expand. The expansion is going on a massive scale of a look back to when i was making videos about this stuff in 2017 as well. Things were going really slowly right now, things are moving really heavily with all the major banks in the world, and that always makes me think about ripple and the connections they make to the traditional realm its funny to me how a lot of people used to call Xp, this shitty bankers coin and whatnot and right now we look at banks and say: oh those banks are going against the crypto. Whenever a bank is getting into bitcoin or whatnot, we all applause it or applaud it.

Just remember its not actually a battle, one versus the other, or so a lot of banks will not give up the money they can make joining crypto its about finding the best connection and making the best money off of that, and i honestly keep sharing with you Guys that i think ripple has found the best way to get that done with xrp. But again that is just my thought. This is everything that i think is going on in the crypto space right now, however, we talked about ust. We talked about coinbase about some of the fud thats, been going on a little side note about that. Their earning numbers were really bad, so a lot of people got worried. Then the stock price crashed a little bit uh. We talked about xrp. We talked about everything i think right all the most important thing. We talked about plan b, so yeah. I would recommend you guys to go ahead and check out my giveaway. A link is down below also follow me over on twitter and youtube.