My name is matt stoner. We have seen the broader crypto markets slide in a big way, and a lot of you have been reaching out to me asking what you should do now. So i put together this video of six different coins that i think will be running as soon as the market turns back around. Some of them have slid way below their fundamental value, which gives them a great and unique opportunity to drive upwards at an astronomical rate. So be sure to stick around, but before i get into it, please make sure to smash that thumbs up for me and subscribe to the channel, and i want to give a huge shout out to ftx for sponsoring todays video now guys if you trade crypto, you Need the ftx app you may have heard of them through their sponsorship with the miami heat stadium, steph, curry and tom brady with ftx you can trade, crypto and nfts with no fees, and they are planning on launching stocks in the near future, but guys that is Not all, if you sign up using my link in the description, you will get free crypto on every trade you make over ten dollars check this out. I got free solana just for trading with ftx, which means that if you are not using them, you are quite literally leaving money on the table, so go ahead and check out the link in the description and sign up for ftx all right guys, just starting out Here it has been an absolute bloodbath in the broader crypto market.

Take a look at this bitcoin once again dipping down towards that 30. 000 mark. We were at 40 000 just a few days ago. So again, this is a very dramatic downfall. Broader market is down about 11.34 ethereum down below 2300.. If you have watched my channel before, you will know that i predicted that bitcoin could again fall back down to this 30 thousand dollar level. If we fall below 30 thousand dollars, please be prepared to drop all the way down, possibly to 22 000. This, of course, will have enough support to get the whales back in, and then we will have ourselves on a nice bit of a bull run, but for right now it does look like things are continuing to slide. So the question is: what are some of the best projects that you can invest in in order to make sure that you are covering your bases and having a great opportunity now? The first one is: tara, now goes under luna. Of course, we do see that it has slid 29.03 now, given that this is one of the top projects in the market ranked at number 11. The fact that it is slid close to 30 at this point does mean that when the rest of the market does turn around and starts to run again, this of course, will move up at an absolutely spectacular volume. Again we do see their market cap dropping down. They are a relatively medium cap coin, of course, still close to the top 10 projects about 28.

75 down to 16 billion, fully diluted market cap about 34 billion, and one of the reasons we have seen it drop is because of a downtick in volume. In the last 24 hours about 5 billion about a third of that total market cap down 12.58, now, of course, we have seen this in the broader market, of course, a massive movement downwards, taking a look, even in the last seven days, they were holding strong above 82, now down to 46.99, so we are going to see some great opportunities, as people are saying here, hold the damn line. This is one of the best things that you can do right now. Of course, losses are not losses until they are realized, so make sure you do not sell any of them, because, of course your losses will go down. Of course, they brand themselves as programmable money for the internet. Their hope is that you can spend save and stake. Like never before they are a public blockchain protocol developing or deploying a suite of algorithmic decentralized, stable coins that underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings defy to the masses. Now, of course, any stable coin is going to react to the market a little bit more strongly because they are pegged at one dollar. So, of course, anything that has these stable coins associated with it will potentially be problematic. So, once again, as we continue to go on a bull run, this will actually increase much more strongly than the rest of the projects.

But, of course, now that we are in a bearish cycle, it is reacting differently on the other way. Second, project we are taking a look at is apecoin now guys. This is another one that is down pretty far about 19.15 in the last 24 hours close to 75. In the last week we were trading close to 27 uh, just a couple of days ago, about 10 days ago, whenever they were doing the other side. Metaverse release ranked number 33. They have slid down three spots just in the last week and of course, i still think that there is a little bit left to go now. 880 is as low as weve traded in the last 24 hours as high as 11 58.. I think that this coin has a lot of support at the seven dollar level i am not going to buy in quite yet, i think 921 is still just a little bit high. I did get my first holdings just over ten dollars. Of course, as we started to move our way up towards that 27 dollar, for that other side, metaverse launch and, of course, at that seven dollar target – i think that were gon na be on the low end, so im gon na start buying in when it drops Back into the eight eight fifty range, and then of course, as it drops down to seven, of course, dollar cost average just a little bit more, but i do expect everything to go back up.

We do need to remember both the crypto and securities markets are having some trouble right now, so were going to see a lot of stuff here as well. But again, eight coin is one of the larger projects out there, especially because of the fact that they are associated with yugo labs, who has board ape yacht club as well as mutant navy yacht club under their wing, so again great opportunity here. And i think that this is another one that will run very quickly and if we also just take a look at the people that are associated with this project as well, alex ohinian the co founder of reddit, andy wu, head of ventures in gaming at ftx, maria Barge was principal at soundventures, yatsu, uh, co, founder and chairman of animoka, and then dan steinbeck or dean steinbeck, president and general counsel at horizon labs, so again massive massive opportunity here of whos on the board. I think that this is a great project, especially as they continue to expand their offerings. Next one is going to be solana now guys everybody has heard of this project. They have been incredibly undervalued as an ethereum killer for quite some time currently sitting in number. Seven. In terms of rank down about 15 over the last couple of days, trading as low as 64.28 as high as 76.98, so again, massive spread were on the lower end of that once again, volume in the last 24 hours up about 47.

35 percent, as people start to Profit take and panic. I hate when people panic. It is mind blowing to me that anybody would try and sell at these low levels, but when it comes down to it its their money, they can lose it as much as they want to market caps sitting about 21.7 billion dollars fully diluted about 33.5. Once again, we take a look here as well. We have seen a general twin at some point about you know: 6 ‘ p.m. On the 8th of, may people started to freak out and then just fly back downwards. Absolutely frustrating weve seen the exact same thing in the week in the month, charts kind of staying, relatively stable, tanking right back down so again, entire market is in a bit of a downswing. Do not sell only buy positions, take out loans against your positions. If you really have to when it comes down to it, do not realize these losses, because once again the market is going to turn back around now. Solana is a powerful concept for developers its fast for everybody faster than ethereum. You take a look at these transactions per second 1790, look at the number of transactions and how completely uh you know rapidly. They are moving upwards cant even keep an eye on it. Here validator knows 1740 and then you take a look at the average cost per transaction, really really small, a point: zero, zero, zero. Two: five: everybody! If you have heard about the other side, metaverse launch to mint a singular other side, nft at times was costing between six and fifteen thousand dollars worth of ethereum.

So again, solana would have been a great choice for them, but unfortunately they did not do that. Well see what ultimately happens now guys. Everybody knows that this is a good one, ethereum sitting at number two in terms of projects down 12.18 in the third quarter of this year, ethereum 2.0 should be rolling out. They will be moving to the proof of stake model. I think that this is a great opportunity here. All of my ethereum right now is staked. We will go ahead and see how soon we are able to go ahead and transact with it once again, but hopefully ethereum will be able to work out some of the kinks and the bugs that have ultimately been out there and when it comes down to it, Everybody knows enough about ethereum, but i just wanted to let you know you know we are very much going to see some incredible things and again, as we continue to see their volume go up and people start to sell it im just disappointed that people are just Being dumb at this point guys last two projects we want to talk about. First, one is polygon sitting in number 20 down about 19.15, so again, still doing a little bit worse in the broader crypto market. But not terrible volume is also not up as much as well, so we know that theres not as much profit taking less than a billion dollars in the last 24 hours market cap sitting at about 6.

2 billion. Again we have seen this steady downswing. This is across the broader crypto market. So no reason we should be moving downwards and then finishing up here as well, with avalanche number, 13 trading under avax again down just under 20 43.22. We are seeing a bit of an increase in volume just over a billion dollars about 23.19 up market cap is down about 18 to 11.6 billion, with the fully diluted at 17.4. Once again, they have stayed relatively below their support in the last 24 hours, so fallen. A little bit quicker than others, which means that it is a great opportunity to buy into any one of these projects because when they turn back around, given that they have fallen so much further, they have that much more room to increase each. One of these are heavily vetted and very, very strong, so i do truly believe that each one of these will make you a ton of money. The next time the crypto market goes on a bull run, anyways thats gon na do it for todays video. Thank you all again so much for joining us. Please make sure to smash that thumbs up for me and subscribe to the channel. While you are down there check out ftx get yourself some free crypto. I am matt stoner. Thank you! So much and well see you.