That first link in my description then download the patreon application and the discord application to your phone. Send me a screenshot of your portfolio ill. Take a look at. I get your rebalance to. Let you know what you should do over the next six to 12 months. Also make sure you stay tuned to the end of the video were going on my top five stocks and top five cryptos you should buy and which ones you should be getting rid of and selling and im giving out free bitcoins as well right, hashtag bitcoin in The comments section down below and dont forget to smash that, like button lets break this video through that 500 likes resistance, and if you want to follow me on twitter or even buy a cryptocurrency miner, those links are also in my description. All right lets talk about why stocks have now hit 11 year lows and why this is probably one of the best buy opportunities you will ever have in your life and also talk about cryptos lets talk about why this volatility is most likely going to continue to At least next week, tuesday, and also talk about why bitcoin under 30 000 is very, very risky and then lets talk about, can luna actually get down to zero. Tomorrow we crashed from 120 dollars to 50 cents. There was a bunch of fools, they were buying the dip. This thing went up to about three bucks and now its continuing to sell off remember when hurts went through a bankruptcy.

We had morons run that thing up from a dollar to five dollars, and then they lost all their money and a lot of times. You know if you see a falling knife, you do not want to catch it, and you know not everything. Rebounds back and well talk about why this was one of the biggest rock poles i have seen since the squid game token and since safeway and a couple other ones, theyre literally lost 99 of people. Money now lets also talk about stable coins. Are they stable at all, remember the luna coin became highly unstable to the point where 99? Actually, everybody lost money on luna all right if youre brand new to this channel consider subscribing down below as long as youre subscribed, and you have that bell notification, icon turned on youll, get daily updates seven days a week on the stocking crypto market and again, if You want to get live, buy and sell alerts. If you want to talk to me via audio video chat, get your portfolio reviewed, sign up for the 10k 200k challenge and see how we took 10 thousand to a hundred thirteen thousand dollars last year. You can do all of that via patreon, very first link. In my description. We have less than 50 spots available. I believe all right lets get into it all right. Everybody lets take a look at where bitcoin is, since yesterday, thirty one thousand six hundred thirty one dollars yesterday and twenty three eighty four ethereum two thousand dollars down another two, almost three hundred dollars down for ethereum whos, our worst performer in the last seven days, kind Of curious over here, tara luna down 98 – oh my god! This is why, in the last two years of massive crypto buying ive told everybody stick to our top winners.

Remember i told you never invest into anything thats brand new dont, miss the dogs, cats, crap, who dont invest into apes or monkeys or kitties or any or kitty litter. Okay, dont, invest into any of that. This is why apecoin has crashed from almost thirty dollars to five bucks. Are you surprised you shouldnt be some new coin that gets created in the last two or three weeks? Is that an investment? Do you wan na say i threw my life savings into something named after a monkey, probably not a good idea: tara luna! You know its an algorithmic based uh, stable coin. So what it really means its uh unstable coin – and you know when thats coin lost its stability right and it fell so heres how it works. Im going to kind of quickly explain it if you had usdt, if you had their, if you had their coin right, their stable coin go under a dollar lets, say: 98 cents. Well, if this thing is supposed to be worth a dollar but its not 98 cents, youre not gon na actually see computers, say you know what im gon na buy at 98 cents, because this things worth the dollar right. If you buy millions of dollars of it, and then you sell at a dollar or slightly higher, then youre gon na clearly make money right. Its almost guaranteed its gon na come back to a dollar almost guaranteed. If it doesnt, you know, youll have this, but and then computers as soon as it slightly goes above a dollar those computers will sell off and when this coin, when this liquidity didnt exist for it and it crashed down to 70 cents and it continued crashing, it Collapsed, not only that stable coin, creating it highly unstable, but it also crashed luna the cryptocurrency, and this is how you basically get one of the biggest rock poles ive ever seen, and you get a cryptocurrency to crash from 130 dollar highs, 130 dollars to 50 cents.

Now, weve just seen a bunch of people buying the dip, but you do not. I dont even explain this to people. You dont buy the dip on a coin created by developers that did a rock pool and betrayed everybody that invested into this. You dont do that right. If you know, if you go through a dark alley and theres a bunch of people in there rob you right and tomorrow morning you go through that exact same alley and you get robbed again. Is it really their fault? You got robbed that second time, no, no! You! You literally chose to make that same mistake twice, so i just dont get the people that bought the dip on something that literally scammed everybody out of money. So anyways thats, my two cents worth lets, move on to dosh going here, eight point: seven cents again. Dosh coin has no support till 5.2 cents. If you buy it right here, youll probably end up losing money. Okay, our next support line is five cents and then, after that, it is basically under a penny. So really, hopefully we hold on for dear life. At that five cent mark, we will see bitcoin almost thirty, two thousand dollars yesterday down to twenty nine nine we broke through this support, and this is kind of our last stop here. At 29, nine we could very easily dump. What is our next strong support line for bitcoin? Well, its at 19 800, which actually weirdly enough is not.

You know. We went from a good support of 32 to 29. Unfortunately, the next strong support is ten thousand dollars down, not just one or two thousand like we usually are so if we dont hold on which i dont think we actually are, as you can see, were slowly down trending even more. We could see a 10 000 dump in bitcoin, so be very careful dont be buying in a massive downtrend massive sell alert here. Obviously, for bitcoin massive sellers for ethereum, okay, we do have a massively strong support line at 1780.. Okay, so you know at 1780 lets kind of do a little bit of math here. Well, pull out a calculator 21. 78 minus 17 80.. So we do have another possibility of dumping about 400 bucks. So thats going to be a strong support line. I dont even want to think about the next support line underneath that which no its almost again another thousand dollars, so we could see a 50 dump if we go down past. That 400 mark, which i do not think will happen – ripple 52 cents. We have zero support for ripple at this point. Okay, and if you go back in the last year, you can see right here. You know we kind of bounced off of 52 cents. Okay were not 42 cents. So if you go back all the way lets look at this chart, you can see that we do have a very strong support line at 15 cents and then, even if you go back right before that massive pump up in 2017, we really did have a nice Support line between 15 and about 18 cents.

Okay. So, if we dont hold on at this point – which i dont think we will we could dump to about 18 cents, dont be surprised. Okay, ive been investing pretty much for the last eight and a half years into cryptocurrencies. None of this stuff surprises me and you shouldnt, be surprised either. So lets take a look at cardanos, 66 cents yesterday down another 10 cents. So what were seeing is almost a 10 to 20 continuous sell off and where was cardano really you want to think about. One of these things, youve seen teledoc youve seen arc invest most of these stocks. Most of these cryptocurrencies have sold off to about 52 week. Lows so you want to say to yourself man if everything is selling off to about 52, maybe even 62 week lows well, where was cardano 52 weeks ago, thats a really good question, so lets just kind of go back over here. You know lets uh. Take a look at where cardano was uh lets see here we go cardano uh about you know a year ago, so were now you know, may entering about to enter june. So if we go back all the way to last year, okay, where were we at? We were you know, march april, over here uh, you know a dollar and eight cents right so were not you know. Even going back to may we were as high as two dollars and 17 cents right so wheres our 52 week low um for cardano.

Well, you know it kind of looks right here and weve blown past that so where it would be our next 52 week low it itd be about right may mid may of the you know. You know you have to go back literally 100 freaking 12 weeks back, but two years back we would have to be somewhere here in 2020 and lets go back to about may okay 26th here and you can see if we go slightly back for 2020, where it Was our low here? You can see our low right here head at about one to two cents, so you know if we retrace back okay, just like a lot of these stocks that retrace back to those march 2020 lows, you could that i dont think its gon na happen, but remember A lot of stuff is right back to march 2020, lows: okay, so if that happens, that would put us at one or two cents for cardano kind of you know, scary, but also, i think, one of the best buying opportunities you could ever have in life. So im gon na try and get as much junk out of my house. Uh sell it on ebay on offer up wherever i want to accumulate as much cash as i can in my crypto and my stock exchanges and just get ready. If we see a 50 60 percent dump im going in super heavy and im gon na buy a buttload of carnano, so yeah its possible.

You know if youre, seeing these massive dumps massive dumps massive dumps. You know anythings possible, polka, dot, 1174 get nine dollars wow. One of the best opportunities, if you buy polka dot at nine dollars right now, we get back to 60 dollars youre. Looking at six, seven hundred percent return on your money and youre collecting 12 percent interest on polka dot, its unheard of its unimaginably unheard of. So again, if you want to get that 12 interest rate and 25 of free bitcoin click on the link in my description for patreon, okay sign up for patreon, so you get the live, buying sellers and then use the link right below that for voyager. If you sign up for a voyager youll, get that free, bitcoin youll get that 12 interest, and probably the best time to buy ive ever seen in probably five years is right now: polygon, matic, 93 cents down to 70 cents. Today, solana, 70 yesterday, down to 52 dollars, youre, seeing these 30 40 dumps so dont be surprised if we continue bleeding so small cap stocks have mostly priced in a recession and are at the cheapest in the last 11 years again. This is probably one of the best times to be alive and buying these stocks, because you will probably never see these prices again. Market has overreacted to new levels of stupidity thats the best way i can describe it so reasons why the stock markets so volatile and selling up well.

Analysts say part of the reasons that the market has been so volatile is due to the way the federal reserve has responded to inflation. We have seen year over year over year, the federal government support us. They backed us up. They looked out after the stock market. After retail institutional investors, no longer are they doing that? This is why youre seeing this massive dump, which is actually one of the best buy to dip opportunities, youll ever have in your life again wait for my buy signal to buy dont, just randomly be buying make sure you click on the link. In my description. Sign up for patreon, i will send out those buy alerts. Dont blindly buy until we reach that capitulation and until we reach that zone of accumulation all right so stay cool come collect it. I will send that buyer out, so extreme panic and crypto high risk is bitcoin price below 30 000 well about a ten thousand dollar last risky, because that next support level is at nineteen thousand eight hundred seventy dollars ill choose so bitcoin price touches eleven month lows. While terra usd okay extends declines, one of the biggest rug pools ive ever seen so stable coins dominate and their dominance grows as crypto assets are obliterated now to avoid any possible problems. Okay, like terra usd how that stable coin became highly unstable. What did i do to protect my hard earned cash? I sold off all of my usdc and i sold off all of my stable coins that way, if something horrible happens over the next week or two, and we see a 95 99 dump like luna, my assets are protected.

I dont mind losing a couple of percent in possible interest. Now my funds are secure and i can sleep soundly like a little baby, which is perfectly fine, so i will not be investing into stable coins until crypto becomes stable. So first stock pick of the day tesla one of the best buys you could ever have at 746. A stupid steal of a deal. Amazon is 2100 again. Another stupid deal alphabet, google steal of a deal paypal at seventy five dollars. Youll probably never see this again in your life and then facebook under two hundred dollars, my goodness gracious bodacious. These prices are how you become rich again. If you need your portfolio reviewed what you have stocks or cryptos, you want to talk to me via audio video chat, get some stock advice. You want to join my private discord group chat.