After that, we have seen this buy signal appearing in price action on bitcoin, and we know we know in the past price action if you look at this from 2017, when this indicator flashed us the buy signal after that right after that, the price of bitcoin searched Almost like around 2077 percent here in 2018, after this buy signal appear, the price of bitcoin rose almost like around 350 percent in 2020, a similar scenario – 1579 percent here in 2021, 135 percent. And now, if you look in our case, you can see this indicator has. Finally, flashed this buy signal, but here is a twist guys, because i just want you guys to understand what this actually mean. It doesnt mean now im going to take a heavy leverage right and look for this long opportunity, no guys, because we have seen in the past bitcoin price action. Also lets start this from here in the past price action. Whenever this indicator has flashed a buy signal, what has happened in price action – a bitcoin from here you can see when we had this buy signal of this drop. The price of bitcoin finally started accumulating so thats. Why guys thats? Why, after this buy signal, what we could also expect is more of a accumulation type of scenario. It doesnt mean the price is not going to go lower from here on. No guys it could be right, it could be even like a bigger pullback and then price.

Finally, consolidating, but we know in the past price action after this indicator has flashed this buy signal. The price of bitcoin has started this actual accumulation, phase type of scenario, and you can see here we even went bit lower, but anyhow right, the price remained around. This range and also started this new impulsive movement here from 2020 right. It was shortly lived. I mean this buy signal after this bicycle, we directly started this new impulsive movement, but if you go back here from 2000 right, you can see after this buy signal. Price went even lower, but we knew after this buy signal, which appeared here right, the price after that started showing more of a consolidation, right, consolidation and finally, starting this new impulsive movement here from 2017. This was also very shortly. Leave i mean after this buy signal, appeared. You can see here right. The price directly started this new impulsive movement. So, in our case, since we are aware of the price of bitcoin, has not tested this 200 weekly moving average, which we have been all the talking since couple of days in my video, because we know in the past price action whenever we have lost the support From this 50 weekly moving average, the price of bitcoin has always got gravitated towards the 200 weekly moving average and same scenario has unfolded again and again and exactly guys exactly if you look in our case now, we are approaching towards this 200 weekly moving average.

So if this is going to be our accumulation phrase from here on right, then you can see guys. The price of bitcoin could be showing a move here in this manner. Slowly, consolidating price also testing this 200 weekly moving average and slowly starting this new impulsive price movement, because this is exactly what could be happening here in price action bitcoin, because we have finally got this buy signal from this indicator. So now i am actually expecting right. More of a range bound, i think, between this 24 27 000, is where we could be starting accumulating and then finally starting this new impulsive price movement, so thats, why guys? Now things might be slowly? Turning into our favors when most of the people are turning massively bearish and not just only this example today, we are also going to talk about this cpr indicator. The central pivot range indicator, which is a leading indicator, and it gives us information beforehand and right now, if we look in our price action in a daily timeframe and use the cpi indicator right, what can we see guys you can see for this month right for This main month, the worst case scenario price target – is this one here this is the worst case scenario and this worst case scenario is lying somewhere around 24 400 price area, so thats. Why? If thats going to happen, then you can see guys, even though we have seen a buy signal here.

The price might test this lower area right around 24 25 000, and that will also trigger a buy signal here from this 200 weekly moving average right, its making sense. So if this is going to be the worst case scenario, then let it be because we know now around this range is where the price of bitcoin could be starting accumulating and slowly starting this new impulsive movement from here on, because we know guys, i have shown You with so many different examples. Let me also show you quickly about this. Why curves market cycle, and also guys, if you havent, destroyed that like button yet then please do it right now. So if you look at this example from this y curves accumulation or redistribution, or even this re accumulation phase, we want the price of bitcoin to find a proper accumulation, and only after that start, this new impulsive price movement, because, according to this example also, you can See the price of bitcoin was actually around this redistribution phase, and now we have clearly started this new move here to the downside. So if the price of bitcoin according to this indicator, is going to show this consolidation from here on right, then you can see. According to this white house accumulation phase, you can see, the price of bitcoin could be finally could be. Finally, starting this actual accumulation phase before starting this new markov phase from here on so thats, why guys, as you can see things arent looking that good, but it could be ending very very soon and also beside this example.

The reason why we could be seeing some more consolidation before price starts, this new actual markov phase is because we also can see, according to this bf flag, the probability of pricing. This lower movement is higher than the upper movement and now its also heating towards the slower line area. We know this pullback might be ending very very soon and all these scenarios, what i just showed you will be lining up perfectly with one another, so thats. Why guys right now, as you can see later price, so more for consolidation and after it has consolidated properly, i will start buying bitcoin and im being very clear with you here, because you can see this range right. This price range, the consolidation, lasted almost like 65 days. Here after this price drop, you can see price started directly. This new impulsive move in here after this buy signal. The price of bitcoin showed more of a range bond like around three four months, right, so thats. Why guys thats, why this coming this upcoming month is where we should be focusing? I mean this june july month bitcoin. So this are some of the interesting scenario i thought sharing with you in todays episode and before i conclude this video guys. I want to make you aware: please do not over leverage yourself at this current stage and use proper risk management.