The markets dumping its getting a little bit out of control. I said cardano was going to hit these price points. It looks like its playing out on for, unfortunately, because they were kind of negative. The price points were pretty low, but it seems like a lot of you are woke and you understand whats really going on in the grand scheme of things. So excuse me, if i make these videos rapid, like this im trying to educate as many people as i possibly can in real time as quick as possible, i mean, if you havent, noticed its 8 p.m: its 8 p.m. On a wednesday, i usually go to sleep at 9 00 and i already dropped two videos today i did a live stream and i dropped another video. So, as you can clearly see my energys higher trying to provide you guys with as much information as i possibly can on my my time, basically um its scary out there guys its scary out there and im trying to help as many people as i i can By giving you perspective, because its not bothering me its not bothering me at all and im trying to show you guys how to deal with it, you will have to deal with it for the next couple of months, its not over its not over, and that shouldnt Scare, you, you should get excited flip. Your energy recognize it for what it is. People are going to leave the market.

Weekends are out, youre, not weak. This is the goal here. So lets keep our eyes on the prize, and let me let me condition you a little bit. I want to show you how it feels to live in 2018 when the market was dumping, im going to show you what it looked like, so that when we see it again, you guys are prepared. So what i did here is, i pulled up last years dump and, as you can see, we have in the seven day it looks not that bad actually its down 18. It doesnt look that bad, but as we progress negative 58 on the seven day negative 54. This is last cycle: negative 50 percent, like theres multiple coins down, look at how scary that is lets keep going negative 93. Oh thats, big connect, haha thats, big connect, look at the loss. The loss is outstanding, so again keep going. This is not out of the ordinary. This proceeded for weeks and weeks. The dump continued continued, so price points im making not out of the question i was talking to people in my group. We even have concerns for stable coins guys. This is what a bear market looks like. This is what cryptocurrency risk look like right. When i was conservative, i told people that ethereum bitcoin my bedrock cryptocurrencies people said that i was not trying to make money because bitcoin and theory moved too slow. When i said you know all these things and tried to be conservative, the way i invested people thought i was a joke.

People thought i wasnt taking a serious people when i, when people asked me to day trading, i didnt want to day trade people thought i was joking when i didnt leverage trade people thought i was joking. The reason i say what i say is because ive been in the market for a long period of time, and i even lose grasp of my own principles. People will even change my mindset because its just the way it goes human pressure right. So some of the things you know you hear me say on the bear run. I think you should just keep it the same way throughout the whole cycle and again, like you know, even im a human right, so ill get emotionally caught up thats the way it goes um but like bringing it back to square one like look. This is what high risk high reward looks like, and i think everybody – and i think i told my audience that this is what we need to prepare for look negative 36 like we can keep going its gon na its going to be pretty rough um, and i Want to prepare you guys, i want to prepare you for the worst, so you understand whats going on so if we bring up cardano, specifically, okay, but first, let me look at bitcoin. I mean we got this little free fall here we broke guys. We we broke below 30k now. I talked about in my live stream earlier today, but let me kind of just re say it for the people that watch my live stream look were we have lack of liquidity, guys theres, all that attacks.

We just lost a stable coin, peg ust, which nobody would have ever thought. No one would have ever thought this could happen like even me like i. How do you prepare for something youve never seen before the last time we had something as bad as this. It was big connect, bitconnect was kind of a clear scam to a lot of people and it had a lot of uh people fighting it. In this case you know with luna. There was not that many people calling it a scam. I dont think like theres, a very small minority of people, calling it a scam or saying something uh negative about it, so its kind of scary to see billions of dollars evaporate from the market cap like that. So the point im trying to make is, like you know its get its a little bit different. This is foundational shifts in crypto, so ive always told you guys, when you see a foundational thing like this um that you have to change your narrative, so i just saw something foundational this. The stablecoin thing is no joke and a lot of people are questioning other stable coins. I do want to talk about some of my concerns on stable coins towards the end of the video um, because you know were diversifying. I talked about in fundamental secrets. Um. You know im diversifying my stable coins for different reasons: ill explain that um but cardano price points. I specifically made this video multiple times the past couple weeks, ive been saying: cardanos likely gon na come down um.

You know to this price point right here, so we have the first one at 52 cents. I know like again: people want to have hope, um, but bitcoin will likely come back down to its very likely. It comes down to 20k. I would not be surprised actually. Um but look look its all risk to reward perspective, like i dont think anyone has a crystal ball um, but im trying to prepare you so, like i said, were gon na get a 30k bounce. We kind of got a 30k bounce, but then it fell right back down and theyre attacking stablecoin pegs so and uh we have janet yellen coming out there, chiming in on stable coins. It looks like in a coordinated attack, somebodys really trying to take crypto down uh thats, what it really looks like um. So in a normal environment, you know a 30k bounce, not out of the question in this environment when its complete and total flood fear. You know people are panicking um, you know janet yellen is attacking. We have people attacking stable coin, pegs um and like its really crazy at top ten coins, another ones – a ponzi scheme, i mean look, come on theyre orchestrating the the bear run, guys theyre, orchestrating the bear run and likely. You know, theres two opposing opinions right. The first one is the one i explained to you: guys is like hey, weve, never came back down to previous. All time highs right.

That would be devastating, because if you look in the history of bitcoin, we never went back down to previous cycles. All time highs. So its never happened. Well, okay, if you really really think about it, we also have never had a cycle that has not gone down at least 80 plus percent. Let me show you what i mean by that every single cycle top we have had at least an 80 drop in bitcoins price, so its two conflicting things. One of them has to get invalidated either we do drop 80 plus um and we do pass previous all time high or we dont, for both one of them has to give um, but yeah weve dropped in this case 85. You know in this case 86, so you know were only at 54, its very likely we retest this 20k level just to be clear with everybody. Maybe we dont drop 80, but i think its becoming more and more likely with the certain conditions that going on right now and the coordinated attacks and all this crazy madness regulation. You know they want their stable coin guys. The banks want their stable coin to work, not ours, they want theirs. They want centralized stable coin. Okay. So now all this foot around stable coin things people are trying to pull their money out of the market guys. So you know this. This luna thing uh, is really big its foundational, and i want people to recognize it for what it is um.

So you know you know cardano coming down, bringing it back over here. Cardano coming down to this. You know 15 cent, like i explained to you. 10 15, maybe like theyre, calling in my group more uh worse than 15, probably around 10. but like at least 15 im gon na start accumulating, and i think it probably is likely in the next couple of months, maybe im wrong. I know it sounds crazy, but i do want to keep updating you guys on the cardinal price prediction, explain my thoughts and reasoning behind it, because cardano will be one of the many coins i will accumulate during this bear run its just really a question of when Im gon na going to accumulate um these coins and again im just trying to gauge the market. A lot of people are saying: 30k bounce on btc. Maybe we do that. I have a little bit of exposure to crypto ill. You know ill be happy about that, but guys foundational changes in crypto happening right now and i will continue to update you. So i think it is more likely we probably come down to 20k btc and then ill reevaluate. Maybe it doesnt happen if it doesnt great. You know im not making a decision to sell anything right now: im, not selling anything um at least right now, and until something changes, if theres, nothing, something else. That foundational comes out like that, if theres something else very similar to the the magnitude of we just experienced in luna, then we have to just re.

Like you, cant just be a sheep. You have to recognize it for what it is right, so um yeah. If we see something big like that happen again, then you know ill, be updating you guys, im making two to three videos a day im with you guys all day. So you know: stay tuned, subscribe to the channel for sure hardest working youtuber now at least right now and the better one hardest working bare runner youtuber, i dont know um. You know im pretty excited about these deals. I dont know about you guys, but you know, if youre, if youre, mirroring kind of the energy that ive been talking about in my videos, this is by opportunity. You know this buying opportunity, one on one people get rich and bare ones. You want 100 x. This is the time to do it. Cardano. Let me get my 15 cent cardano. Maybe it comes back to 35 cent because i saw a couple of cardano youtubers and guys saying that maybe it comes back to 35 30 and then bounces, maybe maybe, but i think its likely bitcoins, probably gon na, come back down to about 20k. I think its very likely and if that happens well, cardano will follow for sure no offense or butts um, so yeah, i think uh 15 cent is more likely now just to talk about a little bit of other concerns. Hey, if you have a stable coin, you have to be thinking about your stablecoin, peg.

Okay, you just have to do it. Um. You have usdc and usdt thats the argument, um and theres different opinions on risk to reward. Now, when it comes to usdt its like the wayos launch, is very scam like it was a very scam launch and im not going to go into history ill, maybe make a complete stable coin. Video for you guys, but i just want to update you um, the whales launch – was really bad and then we have uh usdc, which is basically controlled by the coin base and a lot of centralized entities so youre kind of picking uh your risk tolerance, one of Them is completely backed one to one which is usdc um. You know with this company, i think its called circle. Um and coinbase is like their partner and all the liquidity initially came from coinbase, because so you can assume that its, like basically a coinbase entity right. So if coinbase goes under, it can be problems for usdc. Okay, now usdt is the most liquid stable coin on the market and theres a lot of scientific peer reviewed papers that claim that usdt serves as a as a hedge uh or an actual safe haven. Not a hedge, an a hedge and an actual safe haven if the dollar, if you consider the dollar a hedge but its considered a safe haven, because when all of crypto dumps people typically move into usdt, because the most liquid stable coin on the market, its the Most limited liquid, stable coin everywhere, so you got to pick your risk to reward portfolio.

I think the best answer is to diversify so having a little bit of uscc having a little bit of usdt, um and – and i wanted to show you this website, its called curve.phi. You could actually transfer from any coin to any coin, stable coin for very cheap. Its the cheapest website to do this if youre using a web3 wallet um if youre using a centralized exchange, you can do that as well um, but this is what i did. Okay, so im gon na have a little bit of usdt a little bit usdc im gon na have a little bit in my bank account um, so just diversify your stable coins, as well as your cash, because you just dont, know whats gon na happen because remember If its all in your bank account theres, also the risk of there being a bank run and you not being able to withdraw your cash, so theres risk all over. And if, when you buy something like a dollar right, when youre holding a dollar its essentially supposed to be a savings or riskless investment, so the the best way to do that is to diversify it right. Just if you dont, you dont, really know the risk to reward, and if people you know were asking in our group, hey alice, why why um you know, do you keep stable coins in the first place? Why dont you just put in the bank? Well, because i dont really trust the bank um, i dont trust the bank and – and i also want to buy the dip, i want to buy bitcoin and i want it to be available and ready to go um so again, youre kind of weighing out the risk To reward and diversifying that so thats my two cents on that theres, a lot of fud going around theyre trying to take down.

I guess the you know us uh, usdt, uh peg. We see it here. I mean this is not a significant drop, as you can see from the history. Theres been way, worse, drops right here, um, and this was january and the beginning of the year so um i think usdt has like i said the best and look its its 99 cents, its not falling like ust. I think its just fud people are trying to flood the market. Man and – and again i just want to provide this information to you. So you understand my official position and i will have to update you consistently because theres just so much misinformation out there and then just to give you a little bit more confidence on u.s uh usd uh t dominance, you can see. Usdt dominance is increasing. That means people are moving into usdt, but again none of these stable coins are safe and i just want to be clear with everybody. Um banks not safe usdc is not safe, usd nothing is safe and you should definitely diversify your efforts and thats. Just the gravity of the situation, you know um high risk high reward market. I showed you guys the worst effects to try to prepare you for whats going to come. I showed you guys. You know these potential buying points for ada um. I try to provide you with 11 level, headed experience um in cryptocurrency thats. What im here for um you know to give my information, although it might be right or wrong, like no matter which way you cut it ive been in the market for a while.

I think im one of the only youtubers that gives out their public address, not only that, but a lot of people talk. I have video footage on my website of me mining ethereum. I have transactional proof that ive showed you guys that ive been in the market since ethereum was three dollars. So do you want that information thats? Why youre here im giving you im giving you my experience bottled up in real time in these videos? This is what i do it for, and i feel great about it and honestly, i dont know again you guys havent noticed but im getting extra active in a bear run, because this is what im made for. I want to help as many people as possible, and i do know that right now people are panicking freaking out, people need help now they need help now um, and that is my goal and i will continue to spread the good word of crypto and buy the Heck out of the dip and take everybodys bags, like i said i keep saying haymakers in the bear, run im taking hey im taking all you know, ive taken all the negativity to the to the head to the chest and moving forward with the purchasing of dips. Okay, with the purchasing of all coin dips and bitcoin dips, i will be accumulating everyones bags that get scared and just to be clear, it will get worse. So brace yourself, if you want to follow me along in this journey, not financial advice, but i will be showing you exactly what im doing through this turbulent economic conditions that pretty much nobody on planet earth is safe from its just a couple of people and and You guys are it a couple: my community are the only ones willing to face the truth, while everybody lies themselves and pays the extra price for goods going up in price and just okay with inflation, and it just ignores the financial markets.

We have the smartest one percent of the world that chooses to stick around and face the pain and hopes that he can make it better or she can make it better and thats. The beautiful part about this whole experience, thanks for watching this video, if you like, the quality of this content hit like if you dont least constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and, like i always say, if you dont get with it, you will get left behind. I will say it till i die and im here forever. I love all of you.