If you will on whats happening in the markets, they continue to hemorrhage. This is a catastrophic fall across, not just the crypto markets, its everywhere else as well. So if youre thinking whats happened to crypto its bigger than that, if youve been with my channel for a while, you understand its much bigger than simply the crypto markets. That is, we explore the macro economic picture, the political stage. We understand whats happening with inflation because we get that it all intertwines with one another and, as i said yesterday, when the cpi numbers come out today, theyre going to look bad and theyre going to spook the market, and it did exactly what i said was going To happen now this isnt about me, saying i told you so its about saying its, not as bad as what you think that is most of you are here in the crypto space and youre, seeing a fall that youve never seen before now. I have to admit this is probably on par, if not harder than what we saw in the 2017 cycle. So if youre new to this space youve most certainly just earned yourself. Another battle stripe and probably a few battle scars as well, but im releasing this video. Now, to give you perhaps a bit of strength and a bit of guidance, because im actually not concerned at all and allow me to explain first of all, im familiar with this emotion, im familiar with how it works and how it dumps, but, most importantly, im now.

Looking at a strategy, so instead of looking at my portfolio and thinking, oh its dropped. This much – and this has happened and oh the world is falling down im, actually just taking a completely different approach and those whove been in the crypto land and in traditional markets. For a long time, theyre doing the same thing, theyre actually now looking and saying right. This is a situation at hand. Now, how do we exploit it to leverage upon this, and if you follow my lead, or at least follow the principles around what you do in a bleeding market, youre gon na be okay, and not only are you gon na be okay, you could in fact make A lot of money so, first of all, im not talking about shorting or longing in the market. Dont worry about that unless youre an experienced trader dont even play that game. If you think this markets going to drop further and then you start to shorter and it recovers youre just going to make a bad situation even worse. So before we dive deeper into my mindset and those who are experienced in the space, their mindset and the strategy that im formulating lets explore whats actually happening in the market, and i also just want to put this in your mind now, when youre in battle, shall We say one of the first things you need to do is you need to assess the situation? So one of the worst things that you can do in a conflict is just run in blind and get yourself into even more trouble.

Youll see some of the greatest warriors, and i use this analogy because many of you are going through a lot of fear and people are taking their own lives, and this is a very, very serious situation and in combat its the same thing, its a very, very Serious situation where lives are literally being lost, but a good commander, and you are the commander in this situation. You are the commander in charge of your own life and of your own money and possibly leading your family as well. So if you are having any suicidal thoughts at the moment, im telling you as your general, you drop those thoughts out of your head right now, because you have a family who needs you. Your team needs you its time for you to step up, and you look after your family. You put yourself second in this instance, because your family needs you. So as the commander in this situation, you will not let you your team, your family or your men down. You will step up and you will fight through this and youll come out the other side bringing everyone with you. So what do you do as the commander step? One assess the battle space and thats. What were doing right now? As we can see, we have got dark red across the battle space. It is hemorrhaging hard and fast, but concurrently we can see that stable coins are getting massive amounts of liquidity, in fact, so much that im, seeing something that ive never seen before.

Usdc is up to a dollar, for it was just at a dollar six, but its up four to six cents g usd is up b, usd is up. Tether is strangely at 99 cents below what the other stable coins are doing. Now. Remember that most of the money is in usdt, that is tether, but that is slightly below, and what do we see when that happens in crypto? That means money is moving out of tether where to theres some big boys and girls. In that space, saying right, how do we make our move, which is what you and i are also doing right now now we move back to the principles of war, that is the principles and fundamentals of trading. What has changed in the market? Is it internal or is it external and as we can see its actually, both weve had uncertainty in the global stage, with inflation numbers going up and money printing getting out of control the war in ukraine, creating global instability, the pandemic that weve just come out of And those are all factors that will and have affected the market. Now lets look within what has happened within the markets to have stimulated this massive sell off, and we know it was terra luna dumping 99 in less than 48 hours, a top 10 coin, with a 1.5 billion dollars in btc holdings that had to be dumped in A desperate last ditch attempt to try and recover that company im telling you now that company is dead, weve lost them, move on, ust is sitting around the 54 cents and terror itself has fallen so far down.

You need to focus on the men who are still standing and let those go were sending in a medivac to pick them up, theyll be taken to the rap if they make it great if they dont thats, not your focus at the moment. What am i trying to say here, dont, try and cling on to the company thats just been wiped off the battlefield. You now need to focus on the troops that are still standing, so you can maneuver to win this go back to what has changed. What fundamentals have changed in the battle space has bitcoin been hacked, no has ethereum been hacked, no have any of the big coins been hacked or digitally compromised in a way that undoes their ability to fight, and the answer to that is no. So how do you exploit this to your advantage? If youve been applying these trading and or investing principles of the past, you are still in the fight. Those principles are only invest what you can afford to lose. Accept all investments come with risk and diversify your holdings. If youve done that youre in a good position, if you havent done it, take the hit, accept responsibility, learn from the lesson, shake it off and get ready for the next campaign, principles and fundamentals aside, whilst also understanding the strategic and operational space we now move into The tactical sector look at whats happening on the ground, bitcoin down; eight point: zero, nine percent to twenty seven thousand nine hundred and eighteen dollars, ethereum down to eighteen hundred and ninety dollars down seventeen point: two: five percent: nearly fifty percent down over the last week sold Down bnb down avax down xrp down to 38 cents, ada down to 45 cents, doge down to seven ltc down its all down with a few very minor exceptions, primarily those stable coins.

What do we do now? We look at the rankings. Bitcoin one ethereum, two tether. Three usd coin: four bmb: five xrp6 binance usd seven cardano; eight solana, nine and dogecoin ten to ensure were not getting any conflicts in intelligence reports from the field we get. Another data set over dynamics bitcoin one ethereum, two tether: three usd coin: four: binance slipping down to five xrp6 binance usd a stable coin; moving up three positions to position: seven hex up to eight cardano down to nine solana; down to ten, we can see whats happening In the battle space weve now established multiple intelligence sources. What are the troops feeling are? Men are holding the line at twelve, that was down at 10. Last week. It was at 12. Yesterday it was at 12 and currently its at 12.. We can work with this. Now lets look at the center of gravity. What is the center of gravity in the crypto battle space, its bitcoin whats happening youre, looking at bitcoin to us dollar chart at the moment in daily candles. I need a more refined picture than daily its moving too quickly. Ive got to drop to four hours. What do you see? Weve lost the center of gravity. That is, we are not in control of this. We can see that we have multiple red candles. Four hourly candles dropping and huge, sell off volume bars here. This thing is continuing to go down. I need a tighter pitcher drop me to one hourly candles.

We go to one hour and there we have a troop holding the line. Thats bravo company holding the battlefront over there in ao crypto land weve got some fighters. There were going to leverage upon that. If we can, i need more intel back into the ops room, bring me all my intellos here. We can see looking at the space terra luna, its dead 99.8 percent, write it off steppen gmt, down 72.9 phantom down 70.4 percent. Is that one still a fighter well get back to it, thor chained down 65.6 percent e cash down sixty four point: eight eight coin dont worry about that. One write it off down 64.7. If youve been a good commander, youve been attending my weekly intel briefs through the sunday summary and you have a strategic and operational picture for apecoin, and you know why were writing that off moving further down avalanche down sixty four point: zero percent. I see opportunity the graph down sixty three point: six percent fracked down sixty one point: nine percent theta fuel down sixty one point: six percent, decentraland down sixty point: five percent: i cant get bogged down im losing momentum. The fog of war is rolling in. I need to see through this seize the initiative and position myself for victory. I need to look for opportunities where i can make my move scrolling further down theta down 58.4 percent sandbox down 57.9. I need more opportunities solana down 57.1. Not enough.

I need to look for more falcoin, possibly 55.3. What patterns am i seeing smaller market caps with less experience in the market or the battle space they have taken? The bigger hit lets invert the data to see whats happening whos winning in this battle space right off. All the stable coins they dont count theyre switzerland. We can see, as expected, pretty much the top 10 in the biggest gainers are all stable coins usd coin up 3.9 in the last seven days. But what about tether? Its so far down the biggest stable coin and thats negative thats, a massive delta between the second biggest stable coin, which is usdc at 3.9 percent up over the last seven days. Whilst tether is down 0.6 thats, nearly a delta of 5 between the two biggest stable coins, what does that tell you well get back to it, move further down tron the suspicious tron down 15.3 percent, but we look at that, in contrast to the rest of the Markets and the main coins thats actually not hurting too badly. Well get to that later. What am i looking for the center of gravity and there? It is bitcoin at position, 1 down 32.2 percent over the last seven days, but only 8.6 over the last 24 hours, and so oddly. Well, perhaps not if we know whats happening in the background with rap bitcoin rap bitcoin has been sitting at position 17 for so many weeks, and here we can see its now at position 12 down 33.

3, something to consider im now looking for other opportunities there. It is ethereum down 37.9 and axio infinity down ‘ stella another one to consider at ‘.2. Dont worry about bitcoin sv, just my opinion, bnb at position, five still holding the line at position; five, quite impressive down. Forty three point: one percent test position – 48 dropping 43.4 percent and xrp also dropping 43 at 43.6 down. Interestingly, i can see that monero has dropped 44.3 percent. Overall, it is an absolute bloodbath. So now i have to make my move. Ultimately, it comes down to this. What am i going to do? What am i going to buy? What am i going to sell, and what am i going to leave now before? I continue to think aloud. I must emphasize, i am not telling you what to do with your money or what to do with your portfolio. I am not a financial advisor or planner and you should not take any advice from some random people off the internet. However, i can share with you how im approaching this and after being in this space for many years and building up this community, i would be failing you as my crypto brothers and sisters by not sharing this with you. What am i doing? Firstly, im looking for tax harvesting opportunities: this is probably the most reassuring part for me. I have massive profits that i must offset and its almost like the crypto gods have given me this blessing by saying youve had a great year, youve made massive profits.

Youve got a huge tax bill and, with just a month out from tax time, were giving you this gift, so you can harvest some losses to offset those profits. Concurrently were going to give you the buying opportunity of possibly a lifetime. The last opportunity where you can get bitcoin below 30 grand this may be the last opportunity and if it drops down to 20 grand even better ethereum, not only the coin itself, but what i can buy with ethereum. This may be a blessing that well never ever see again, thats how im legitimately and genuinely looking at this, i accept that multiple coins are dead and, if theyre not dead entirely, they might as well be because im going to sell them at a loss anyway and Thats, fine, that is the game. Remember if youve gone all in on one coin, you could be hurting, but you only lose on the sell. If you believe that coin is going to recover hold the line, if you dont believe its going to recover cut your losses. Dust yourself off and get ready for the next campaign, but i still hold deep belief in bitcoin, ethereum and ada. Those are the main three ones im looking at the moment and if you havent seen my three coin theory on crypto, i really encourage you to check it out. You dont have to agree with the theory, but i recommend you just consider it its an intel report that could make and or save you possibly millions, if not billions of dollars.

If you have the capital behind you to make these moves. So at the moment, im looking at btc ethereum ethereums competitors such as ada sol dot, bnb, avax and algo im, looking at arguably higher risk high return coins, which is xrp and other than that im, pretty much taking advantage of tax harvesting opportunities im about to cull A massive amount of my portfolio and concurrently im about to deploy all my reserves to those three main categories: bitcoin, the digital gold and global reserve currency of the future, just my opinion, ethereum and its competitors, the digital oil and supercomputer of the space and xrp and Stella, a high risk high return, the tool for the already established global financial system, sure im going to hold on to some other alt coins, but most of them im culling them im, calling them all just before tax time. So i can offset my wins over the year again when it comes to terror and ust im, not telling you what to do but ive written it off ive, already casual act them out of the battle space im, not even thinking about them. I cannot put my energy and thoughts into those coins and because im, not all in on them anyway. I dont really care as an experienced crypto veteran im used to this happening, and i share that with you now, because if this is your first time learn from it the next time this happens and it will happen.

Youll be okay because youll be approaching it from a different angle, and you would have set yourself up differently as well with the fundamentals behind you to ensure youve only invested what you can afford to lose. Youve accepted all investments come with risk and youve diversified. Your holdings, equally, you understand the tax code of your province or country and therefore can exploit that to your advantage in these situations. On a personal note, i give you this be kind to yourself and support each other within the community. Ive been very impressed with some of the comments where we rallied together to support one another for any of you, faceless, cowards out there who hang crap on those who have lost so much. I block you immediately. You are not welcome in this community. You make me sick to the stomach and karma will always come back to get you. We are one community and it is more than crypto. At the moment we are ultimately the canary in the cage for everything thats happening on the global economic stage. I have told you on multiple occasions that im concerned with the global security of everything that is happening around us, and i therefore encourage you to prepare dont. Do anything stupid just make sure you are fit. You are healthy. You have basic reserves in the background and you look after those around you worst case scenario: nothing happens and youre fit and healthy and youve looked after those around you worst case scenario, you ignore what i just advised and when the lights turn off youre in a Bad position overall, its not too bad.

This is crypto and in crypto anything can happen. Bitcoin could drop to 20 grand over the next week or shoot up to a million dollars over the next few months. No one knows, but if you position yourself to deal with either situation its gon na be okay, youre going to be okay, everything will sort itself out. There will likely be some rough times ahead, but youre gon na get through it. I promise you itll, be okay. Now i want you to turn off that computer screen or phone. I want you to grab yourself or a pet or your friend or all three of you and i want you to go for a walk and just look at whats around you. Slow down get present and break away from the markets for a while, once youve cleared your head think about what we went through today, make a calculated and level headed decision, make your move and then get on with life.